Most People Still Not Online

The day when most people in the world are online is not far off according to the UN. And it’s cost rather than logistics that is the main barrier for nearly all the rest. The UN’s International Telecommunications Union (ITU) estimates that 47.1 percent of the world’s population now uses the Internet and that could […]

Virtual Reality Film Aims To Deter Drunk Drivers [360° Video]

An alcoholic drinks company has produced a virtual reality video that lets users experience a car crash from a 360 degree perspective. It’s designed to highlight the dangers of drunk driving. The video from Diageo is compatible with most of the major VR headsets on the market. It also works on the Facebook and YouTube […]

Tesla’s Cheap Solar Roof Plans: Tiles, Not Panels

Elon Musk claims Tesla can make solar-panel roofs cheaper than an ordinary shingle roof, even before taking into effect the energy costs. But there’s a big catch to his claim. The company recently unveiled a design for glass solar tiles that are transparent when viewed directly, but have a special coating that, when seen from […]

Google Earth Goes VR

The promise of the world being at your fingertips has finally become a reality – albeit a virtual one. Google Earth, which covers almost the entire land mass of the planet through satellite and aerial imagery, is now available in virtual reality form. It’s been released through Steam for the HTC Vive system and Google […]

Anti-Smartphone Targets Bizarre Niche

A phone designed to overcome the complexity and distraction of smartphones will soon be on sale. But bizarrely it requires a smartphone to work. The Light Phone costs $100 and was successfully funded on Kickstarter. It’s a device roughly the size of a credit card and does nothing other than make and receive calls. There’s […]

Dungeons & Dragons Enters Toy Hall of Fame

Dungeons & Dragons, which was originally designed by Gary Gygax (1938-2008) and Dave Arneson and first published in 1974, has finally earned its place in the National Toy Hall of Fame. It beat out a diverse set of nominees including Care Bears and bubble wrap. The Hall is housed at the Strong museum in Rochester, […]

Google Music Tries To Read Your Mood

Google says its music tool will get smarter with playlists that take into account location, time and even the weather. It’s an attempt to bring the approach of Google Now to the Music app. While playing your choice of music or creating playlists based on a song or artist will still work as normal, the […]

Oculus Rift To Work With Cheaper PCs

Oculus Rift will now run on lower-spec computers thanks to a feature the company dubs asynchronous spacewarp. It will mean a slightly less impressive experience is available on much cheaper machines. One of the big drawbacks of the virtual reality system was that not only does the headset cost $600, but the original minimum specs […]

Wireless Connection Could Bypass Spinal Injuries in Paralyzed Patients

Researchers have successfully used a wireless connection to transmit signals from a paralyzed monkey’s brain to control its legs. They say it’s now at least conceivable to use such a technique on humans. The aim is to treat people with damaged spinal cords that mean the brain can’t pass on electrical signals that act as instructions […]

YouTube Adds HDR Video Technology

YouTube is to support high dynamic range (HDR) videos. It’s a soft launch to say the least with just four videos uploaded to start with. HDR in video is not the same as the more established technology of the same name in stills photography which involves combining multiple images shot with different range exposures and […]

Google AI Machines To Play StarCraft II

Google’s artificial intelligence system DeepMind is to play StarCraft II to try to hone its learning skills. It’s the next step in a process that began with Atari 2600 titles. The DeepMind project has already made the news with a program that beat leading players at Go. While that was hugely impressive given the sheer […]

Apple Grabs 104 Percent Of The Smarphone Profit Pie

Apple is estimated to be making 103.6 percent of all the profits in the smartphone market. The seemingly-odd figure is a combination of the methodology and the financial bloodbath caused by the exploding Samsung Note 7. The 103.6 percent figure comes about because, unlike with revenue, it’s very much possible to make negative profits. In […]