Windows To Better Support Leap Seconds

Windows 10’s next major update will add support for leap seconds. It’s designed to make the system compatible with some regulatory requirements The leap second is necessary because of the way we keep track of time. Almost all timekeeping, including computer operations and the internet, is based on Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). That’s an atomic […]

Valve Bans Nearly 100,000 Accounts

Valve has banned a record 95,000 accounts from Steam games in a single week. It seems likely a specific cheating method was identified before the ban-hammer fell. The stats come from a third-party database, which tracks details of Steam activity including bannings. The figure for accounts banned via the Valve Anti-Cheat System normally hovers around […]

Typo Causes Alien Idiocy

A notoriously poorly-received Aliens-based video game has been partially fixed by simply removing one rogue letter in the code. Released in 2013, Aliens: Colonial Marines earned some truly dreadful reviews. IGN gave it 4.5 out of 10, which is of course a far worse figure in video game reviews than any other form of arithmetic. […]

Instagram Confusion Reveals Home Truths

Users of Instagram’s new “ask a question” feature have been surprised to discover it’s not quite as anonymous as they thought, leading to some embarrassing situations. The feature, which openly invites users to ask a question (rather than just having them type it as a comment) is the latest attempt to keep existing users active […]

Family Moves In To 3D-Printed Home

A French house appears to be the first ‘3D printed’ building that’s actually being used as a permanent family home rather than a prototype or demo .The time and money savings aren’t necessarily the main benefit, rather the flexibility and environmental advantages. The printing worked on much the same principle as any other 3D printer, […]