Amazon Tells Alexa To Ignore Own Name

An Amazon patent confirms a theory that commercials for Alexa voice control include a secret message to stop Amazon gadgets being triggered. Amazon also says it can now respond to unexpected high-profile mentions. Because the Echo range of smart speakers aren’t specifically tied to a user’s voice, there’s a risk that any audio of somebody […]

YouTube ‘Cable TV’ Comes To Apple TV, Roku, and More!

YouTube’s live TV service is now on Apple TV and Roku. It means most streaming TV devices now support the ‘cord cutting’ service, though still with some key exceptions. YouTube TV costs $35 a month and combines live streams of 40 stations, along with a virtual DVR where you can ‘record’ a show and watch […]

Game of Thrones Comes To Postage Stamps

Brits no longer need to send a raven to get their Game of Thrones delivery fix. A new range of postage stamps celebrate characters from the show. The United Kingdom stamps are valid to use and act as standard first class postage (that is next-dayish delivery for standard letters). However, they are also designed as […]

Rockstar Titles Going Dirt Cheap for Rainforest Alliance: 12 Games for $15!

The latest Humble Bundle lets you get 12 Rockstar games on PC for $15, going right up to the GTA IV DLC. It’s a special offer raising money for the Rainforest Alliance. The offer lets you pay an amount of your choice (starting at $1) and then lets you get the games through Steam. You […]

Cryptocurrencies Causing GPU Price Hikes

Cryptocurrency mining is driving graphic card prices so high that both manufacturers and retailers are looking at ways to make sure gamers can still get them. Polygon’s Samit Sarkar notes that originally the problem was only affecting top-end cards, for example the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 now going for almost double its listed retail price. […]

Government Considers Nationalized 5G Network

White House officials are said to be considering having the US government build a 5G network within three years to make it harder for China to intercept US communications. Reports suggest the idea is still in preliminary discussion so wouldn’t be approved any time soon. The claims come from, which says it has a […]

Politician Asks If Loot Boxes Are Gambling

A Washington state politician says video game “loot boxes” could be classed as gambling. Kevin Ranker wants to force the state’s gambling commission to investigate the issue. Ranker has introduced a bill in the state Senate that wouldn’t affect loot boxes themselves but rather would force the commission to carry out a formal study and […]

Google Offers Mute Tool For ‘Reminder’ Ads

Google is to let users block specific ads for 90 days. It does have some restrictions however. The new feature is designed to cover “reminder ads”, which is where websites can track visitors and then use Google Ads to serve the same ad or a series of follow-up ads (on other sites) to that visitor […]

Facebook’s ‘New Time Unit’ Is No Gimmick

Facebook has created its own unit of time dubbed “a flick.” It’s a tiny fraction of a second and, surprisingly enough, might be genuinely useful. The flick is 1/705600000 of a second. It will take the spot of the shortest unit of time that’s still longer than a nanosecond, but that’s not the point. Instead […]

New Study Suggests Smartphones Sadden Students

A newly published study suggests today’s teens are less happy than some of their predecessors and blames it on social media and the use of smartphones. But the correlation appears much stronger than the causation. The details come from the Monitoring the Future Study, which surveyed more than a million teens in the 8th, 10th […]

Woman Plans To Marry Tetris

A Florida woman says she plans to marry a Tetris cartridge. Fractal Tetris Huracan says she was previously in love with a graphical calculator. Huracan appeared on British television today to discuss how she identifies as objectum sexual, meaning she is attracted to objects rather than people. Despite the name, she says the condition is […]

Blood Test For Early Cancer Diagnosis Could Be Viable

Researchers say a blood test combining two different types of clue could make it easier to detect cancers in early stages. The ‘CancerSEEK’ test combines both DNA mutation and released proteins to spot the cancer. To date, blood tests have just concentrated on one of the two approaches. The former takes advantage of the way […]