Folding Galaxy Phone A Step Closer

Samsung is said to have developed a high-capacity curved battery. It would be a key part in plans to make its flagship Galaxy phone foldable.

The Galaxy X is widely expected to go on sale next year, with the main point of contention being whether it will be an ordinary level of expensive or eye-wateringly pricy.

One of the main goals of a foldable phone is to allow a screen size similar to that of a small tablet in a genuinely pocket-sized device, making video watching more pleasant and work such as document editing at least viable, if still not enjoyable.

While some previous attempts at flexible phones have involved ultra-thin screens that are bendable (and even rollable), Samsung appears to be going for a simpler design. It appears that the Galaxy X will actually have two screens that line-up perfectly when opened up flat. That has the advantage that the two screens can have independent signals to create a split-screen display as well as a single large screen. (Some contrasting reports have it that the display will actually have three screens in a “gatefold” format.)

To keep the phone balanced, the most likely design will be that one screen will have the battery beneath it, while the other will lay on top the processors and other components. That design doesn’t necessarily require a bendable battery, which is a technical challenge to say the least (and Samsung knows the risks better than most.)

However, the battery would need a slight curve to avoid getting in the way of the screens as they fold together. Samsung has previously created such a battery but only with a 210 mAh capacity, which is pretty much useless for a smartphone.

Now Samsung is reported to have developed one with a capacity between 3000mAh and 6000mAh. Bearing in mind the current flagship Galaxy S8 has a 3000mAh battery, that should be more than sufficient.

[Picture Source: Ithome (Chinese)]

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