8K TVs On The Way

Samsung is to sell 8K televisions by the end of the year. Meanwhile some 4K set owners can while away the wait for widespread content by turning their home into a licensed art gallery.

The 8K sets are likely to be officially launched at a tech show at the end of August and then put on sale shortly afterwards. The initial models will reportedly be 120Hz and come in 65, 75 and 82 inch versions. The story goes that a cheaper 60Hz range in 65 and 75 inch editions will then launch early in 2019. (Samsung says it can’t confirm these precise specs yet.)

Whether many people have any real interest in such sets, particularly given the need for giant screens to even begin to appreciate the increased resolution, remains to be seen. There’s also the usual chicken-and-egg situation with 8K content to contend with. For its part, Samsung is said to be working with content producers and rival screen manufacturers to form an ‘8K alliance’, not only to avoid a splintering of technical formats, but also to work on persuading the public that there’s any point in 8K.

In the meantime, Samsung’s using its 4K screens to bring a new twist on the digital photo frame that so many of us bought relatives as a Christmas gift that no longer gets used. The Frame TV sets – which have a design exactly as you’d imagine – not only display your own photos, but can access a dedicated ‘Art Store’.

As well as displaying a free range of 100 images of famous artworks, the store now has 800 pieces available to ‘buy’ individually or as part of a subscription package. The screen uses light sensors to set and adjust screen brightness to more closely resemble the way light affects the appearance of a real print image.

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