GTA VI Release ‘Announcement’ Is A Prank

An in-game message from Rockstar revealing GTA VI is coming out next year has been confirmed as a hoax.

Several people playing GTA V online spotted a pop-up message just above the mini-map, supposedly revealing the news.

While it might seem plausible for a sequel to be ready six years after its predecessor, the message was greeted with justifiable scepticism. For one thing, based on past experience, it’s almost certain we’d already have received some form of official or leaked news of a GTA before getting to a maximum of 18 months before its release date. For another, it’s very unlikely Rockstar’s development schedule would make it viable for GTA VI to come out within a year of Red Dead Redemption 2.

Suspicion of the message also grew when people figured out it was only appearing for players on PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, the three platforms where it’s possible to play online with mods.

Rockstar confirmed the message was bogus in a tweet noting “This is a hoax made with the use of mods, and not an official message or statement from Rockstar Games.”