Google Gaming System Rumors A Buffet Of Maybes

Rumors of a Google gaming platform are doing the rounds, though it’s very much a case of piecing together a puzzle at the moment.

Since February, there’s been talk of Google working on gaming under the codename of Project Yeti. Now Kotaku has brought together tips from five first- and second-hand sources, but how these different aspects fit together seems to be a lot more “well this would make sense” rather than “this is definitely the plan.”

The main point seems to be that Google would be targeting streaming gaming, with the user’s computer or device being mainly for handling the input controls and the bulk of the game processing and image creation being done remotely on more powerful servers.

That approach has had mixed results so far, with data caps, connection speeds and lag all being barriers. Kotaku implies Google could tackle this in a couple of ways. One is that it has servers all over the place, which could cut down on lag. Another is that gaming would be a good selling point for its Google Fiber broadband service, though that seems like a long-term solution.

Another suggestion is that the gaming service could be integrated with YouTube, for example letting players quickly access a walkthrough video without having to close the game or open up another device. That would certainly be useful, but hardly seems like a primary selling point for a gaming service or hardware.

The report also specifically suggests Google is looking at creating and selling some form of hardware (possibly cheap and low-spec to work with the streaming service), and that it would bring game developers on board, even to the extent of buying companies outright.

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