Life After Lost (and 24): Day 5

So here we are on the fifth and final day of our group rehab. If you still haven’t found something to ease the pain of the post-Lost/24 world, it’s time to take a completely different approach. Instead of looking for more examples of compelling action, crisp writing, finely-honed characters, and great special effects, let’s try […]


Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man

Whitestone Motion Pictures presents Heartless: The Story of the Tin Man, a short movie based on the backstory of The Wizard of Oz. Featuring magnificent visuals and outstanding storytelling, Heartless is truly one the best short films I’ve ever seen online. If you’ve got a bit of free time today, make sure you watch every […]

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 4

Whatever your response to the ending of Lost, it probably centered on your approach to the flash-sideways sequences of season 6, both in the way everyone turned out to be connected in some manner, and the fact that it all took place in some form of subconsciousness and imagination. Those themes show up again in […]

AWESOME: Graffiti Light Warfare

Enough with the rainbows and flowers – it’s time for guns and missiles! This is the true power of light painting: every weapon at your fingertips.

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 3

Yesterday we looked at examples of Lost-style non-linear storylines. Today, in honor of 24, we’ll run down some examples of real-time TV and film. The most obvious for Keifer Sutherland fans is Phone Booth, in which a man answers a ringing telephone and comes to regret it. Sutherland is the voice of the man making […]

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 2

Among the many storytelling techniques which made Lost what it was were the non-linear approaches. In a major twist, flashbacks became flash-forwards, flash-forwards became flash-sideways (or, as it transpired, flash-intotimelessafterlife), and much of season 5 involved brain-frazzling time travel. If that captured your imagination, there are many other examples of non-chronological film and television shows […]

AMAZING: Dr. Who Theme Performed on Twin Tesla Coils [Video]

ArcAttack, the band behind most of the tesla coil music you’ve heard on the net in the last few years, performed one of their old classic at this year’s edition of the Bay Area’s Maker Faire: The Dr. Who Theme. If you’re interested in listening to a longer performance of ArcAttack, we interviewed the band […]

Life After Lost (and 24): Day 1

A week may have passed, but I’m sure many of you are still sharing my pain at no longer having new episodes of either Lost or 24 to look forward to. The network schedulers responsible for ending both of these long-running shows in the space of two days are clearly evil incarnate. So for the […]