TARBOY: an epic, animated short film

Tarboy is an animated short film about fighting robots, explosions and more fighting robots. Enjoy! Advertisements


Why Nerds Are Spoiled

Even nerds can be curmudgeons. David Wahl yearns for the good old days as he writes about how networking has changed science fiction fandom. Blame the convention, which allowed fans to get together and see just how many fans there were. Sure, we were all excited to find we weren’t alone in our devotion to […]

Geeky Pics: Robots!

With the popularity of both the kick-ass (Transformers) and adorable (WALL-E) variety, robots are kind of hot right now. But even the really imaginative kind aren’t just on the big screen or in the future; in fact, you might find them in some strange places… Just because you don’t have a stomach doesn’t mean you […]

Microsoft Store Employees Line Dancing

Yes folks, these are employees from the Microsoft Store in Mission Viejo, California, line dancing to… Black Eyed Peas! How long can you last? :) [Via [H]]

The 2000s: Decade of the Remake or Decade of the Geek?

What is it about remakes that gets geeks so hot under the collar? Sure, there are a lot of terrible remakes that cannot be unseen, and the 2000s seems to be particularly rife with them, to boot. According to Slashfilm, only two of the top 30 films of the decade are original (the two films, […]

Assassin’s Creed Lineage – Complete Series (Full Movie)

After releasing each part of the movie separately, Ubisoft has finally assembled the whole footage to create one, full-length video of Assassin’s Creed Lineage. Oh, and don’t forget to expand the player in full-screen mode after hitting that play button! When the Duke of Milan is brutally murdered, Giovanni Auditore an Assassin – is dispatched […]

Han Solo Carbonite Desk

Ladies and gentlegeeks, behold… a custom-made Han Solo carbonite desk: Me. Want. One. NOW! To put in my secret underground geek lair, ya know? [Via TDW | Tom Spina Designs]

R2-D2 Located in Star Trek 2009

Apparently, there was a rumor floating around that if you watched closely one of the scenes in Star Trek 2009, you could actually spot R2-D2 slowly drifting into space. Well folks, that isn’t a rumor anymore and has been confirmed by one of the movie’s sequence supervisors. Check it out: Want to check it out […]