Darth Vader’s Death Star Currently Orbiting Saturn

Frightening isn’t it? This shot of Minas, one of Saturn’s many moons, was recently taken by the Cassini space probe as it was flying by the planet. The amazing picture — which was beamed back to Earth from outer space — bares a striking resemblance to Vader’s fearsome planet-shaped headquarters in the Star Wars trilogy. […]

Biology Rap: Oxidate It or Love It / Electron to the Next One

Stanford University students Derrick Davis and Tom McFadden rap about how the human body converts food into energy. Enjoy! [Via Make]

Ahhh to be a kid again: Paper Wars

Since I don’t speak German, I can only guess about what’s going on here, but I’m pretty sure that each and every one of you, at one point or another in your childhood, imagined yourself in a similar situation. [Via Neatorama]

Is Joss Whedon Seeking Geeks for Comic Con Documentary?

E! Online reports that Joss Whedon’s next project might involve getting some of his legions of fans in front of the camera. Word is that he’s teaming up with Super Size Me‘s Morgan Spurlock to create a documentary about Comic Con, following some convention goers from the months leading up to it through the con […]

Jabba the Hutt Chocolate Cake Looks Jabbalicious

For those of you who are fans of geeky cakes, check out this absolutely amazing Jabba the Hutt cake made especially for Flickr user icruise_flickr’s birthday. This is my birthday cake this year — Jabba the Hutt. A friend of the family kindly made this for us and I think she did a fantastic job […]

Featured 3D Short: Samurai

Produced by the folks at RealtimeUK, the following animation was first made in 3dsmax and then rendered in Vray. Lastly, post-production visuals were added via After Effects. Let’s just say that the end result is quite stunning, to say the least. Check it out:

Warp Speed Kills

An article at NewScientist tells of the deadly effects of traveling at or near light speed, citing a presentation by William A. Edelstein, Ph.D, a professor of radiology at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine (“I’m a doctor, not a physicist!”). He uses Einstein’s special theory of relativity to explain how the human body could not […]

L.A.R.P.: Live Avatar Role Playing

A portrait of the Na’vi people of Hometree Wisconsin.