Shatner to Star Trek Fans: Get a Life!

23 years ago, William Shatner appeared on SNL to say this: Last night, Chris Pine (Kirk) and Zachary Quinto (Spock) did a quick appearance on the show to ask long time Star Trek fans to stop harassing them, proving that even 23 years, trekkies still haven’t learned anything. [Via] Advertisements


The New Star Trek Movie Blows Fans Away [Star Trek Review]

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] Yesterday, J.J. Abrams released his new movie, Star Trek, which attempts to breathe new life into one of scifi’s oldest franchises.  It is different from other Star Trek films because it’s set before even the earliest episodes in the original series.  I can’t say too much more without delivering […]

Burger King’s Star Trek Ad Campaign is Pathetic, Yet Hilarious

In order to promote their new Star Trek glasses, Burger King has launched a new ad campaign featuring various techniques to help you defend yourself against “Kingons.” Now the Kingons (not to be confused with Klingons), are a race of evil alien mascots seeking dominion over dilithium, an element that is apparently present in BK’s […]

Apple reconsiders policy after Trent Reznor goes on the offensive

Trent Reznor has prevailed in a row with Apple – and it could be good news for Eric Cartman. The Nine Inch Nails frontman had reacted angrily after the company rejected an update to the official iPhone application for the band. Apple explained that it had rejected the app for inappropriate content, specifically the inclusion […]

Death Star Destroys USS Enterprise

Star Wars: 1 – Star Trek: 0

Super Slow Motion Surfing

Watch as superstar surfer Dylan Longbottom surfs a 12 foot monster barrel wave, in and out of the water, all in super slow motion. It makes for quite an exceptional sight! Apparently, this is the first time something like this has ever been recorded on film. Enjoy!

Beatles For Sale

Rock Band players who want the full experience for the next installment of the game had better get saving now. If you want John, Paul, George and Ringo, you’ll need Benjamin, Benjamin, Benjamin and Benjamin – and Ulysses Grant in the Yoko role. The game by itself will cost $59, but it’s now been revealed […]

Star Trek Fans Outraged New Film is Exciting, Enjoyable

In the following video, The Onion News Network reports that long time Star Trek fans feel the new movie betrays what Star Trek is all about. For instance, it seems that some trekkies are outraged at the fact that Klingon dialogues in the movie are subtitled, because it allows the Klingons to be understood by […]