Get Ready for Stranger Things 3 – Official Cast Recap of Seasons 1 and 2!

Stranger Things season 3 is almost here, geeks, but for those who haven’t watched season 1 and 2 yet, cast members Finn Wolfhard (Mike), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin), Noah Schnapp (Will), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas) and Sadie Sink (Max) are here to recap the whole thing for you! Stranger Things season 3 premieres on Netflix on July […]


Stranger Things 3: The FINAL Trailer [Video]

Yes, it’s almost time! Stranger Things 3 will premiere on July 4 on Netflix! Can’t wait for this one! If season 3 is anything like the trailer, it’s going to be incredible! [Netflix]

What Avatar: The Last Airbender Got Right About Politics and Ethical Matters

A fantastic Twitter tread that talk about everything that Avatar: The Last Airbender got right… [Source: kyoshiisland on Twitter | Via GG]

Geek Turns Plain Boring Wrist Cast Into Infinity Gauntlet

Back in April, Chris Davies broke his wrist, and since Avengers: Endgame was about to be released back then, he decided that rather than walk around with a boring white cast, he’d pimp it a little by turning it into the Infinity Gauntlet! Check out the pics below! [Via Bored Panda]

Expensive, This High-End Star Wars Furniture Line Is

Are you a big Star Wars fan? Money isn’t an issue for you? This Star Wars furniture line by Kenneth Cobonpue is the one you are looking for! The collection was initially for sale only in the Philippines, but now it’s also available at select retailers across the U.S. The Tie Fighter chairs you see […]

How Avengers Endgame REALLY Should Have Ended [Video]

The Avengers had a time machine, so why go through all the trouble of going to different timelines to recover the stones when Thanos had them all before he destroyed them on “The Garden” [HISHE]

Pokémon Becomes Incredibly Dark and Gritty in “The End of Pokémon” [Fan Film]

Here is an incredibly dark and gritty take on the Pokémon universe where Ash Ketcham becomes an activist looking to free all Pokémon after the death of his friend Pikachu. CHeck it out below: [Octopie]

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer in A Night at the Roxbury [Spoof Video]

A hilarious spoof video that was presented at a Microsoft conference in 1998 featuring Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer taking the roles of of Doug and Steve Butabi from A Night at the Roxbury. All that’s missing is Steve Jobs as Richard Grieco. [Nightwolf58 | Via BoingBoing]