LOL: Movie Spoilers T-Shirt [PIC]

Can you list all the movies mentioned on this shirt? [Get it @ Threadless]

Stop – Vader Time

What’s better than seeing MC Hammer himself dance to the tune of “Can’t Touch This?” Why, see Lord Vader doing it of course! For those wondering where this took place, it was during the Star Wars Weekends at the Hollywood Studios theme park in Disney World. The Star Wars Weekends usually take place on the […]

Amazing Russian Beatboxer

Is this guy actually human or is he a robot in disguise? Whatever he is, he beats all the previous beatboxers we’ve featured on [GaS] in the past, that’s for sure.

Pirate Parties In Space

If you read this article’s headline and were expecting the greatest B movie ever made, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’re in for a dissapointment. It’s in fact a reference to a discussion on a technical solution to the problems of copyright law for those who support filesharing without restrictions. The discussion comes from […]

Coolest Action Figure Ever [Pic]

In the world of action figures, you can’t get much more exciting than this awesome 2001: A Space Odyssey Monolith, unless you’re talking about a Han Solo in carbonite piece, of course! [Via]

Happy Birthday Slave Leia… I mean Carrie Fisher

While there may be “no underwear in space“, there is one star who’s outfit has set the bar for sexy geeks for the past 3 decades. But let’s celebrate and think about actress Carrie Fisher for more than just her contribution to the fantasy lives of young men. She has had a number of other great […]

Back To The Future’s Future Almost The Present

Exactly five years from today we will all be using hovercrafts. And that’s a documented fact. That’s because October 21, 2015 is the date upon which Marty McFly arrives in Hill Valley in Back to the Future 2. (This is the real date mentioned in the movie. Back in July a rumor went around the […]