Study Unleases Torrent of Criticism

An Australian university has estimated that just 0.3% of files shared through BitTorrent are definitely legal. But torrent advocates have questioned the methodology of the study. The report (PDF), from the University of Ballarat’s Internet Commerce Security Laboratory, involved a random selection of 1,000 torrent files. Of those: 890 were confirmed to breach copyright 91 […]

Comic Con 2010 Cosplay [Pics]

Just like last year at the end of Comic Con 2009, we scoured Flickr for some of the best CC cosplay photography of the event. Once again, we were not disappointed. By the way, these pictures are not the ones we asked you guys to send last week. You have until Wednesday for that. Must […]

I Sense a Disturbance in the Force [Pic]

A disturbance, I hear you say? Hell yes. Behold: Now if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in my bunk. [Via imgur]

Sexy Tron Girl [Video]

From the creators of Moon Girl and Sexy Cyborg from Another Dimention, here comes a new video from the folks at Barely Digital: Tron Girl! Enjoy!

New Tron Legacy Theatrical Trailer

Disney has just released a new trailer for Tron Legacy, and I must say, if the movie is anything like the trailer, which is unfortunately almost never the case, the movie is going to be positively awesome. Check it out:

Are Vampires Losing Their Geeky Edge?

From Black Holes to Blood Suckers I couldn’t help but notice some trends in yesterday’s post about black holes in our geek lives. Not only did we see some interesting omissions in people’s geeky educations, but there were also quite a few confessions. (Really, people, not reading The Lord of the Rings? And you call […]

No Underwear in Outerspace: Star Wars Fans and Sex Appeal

By Mark Edlitz, Jedi Junkies Guest Blogger George Lucas once famously told Carrie Fisher “there is no underwear in outer space.” The implication is that there is no need for underwear because men, women, aliens, Wookies and Womp Rats alike presumably don’t have genitalia that needs covering. As we all know from our biology classes […]