H1N1 Prevention Rap

If you’re like most people, it’s possible that you are slightly afraid of contracting the H1N1 (Swine) Flu, thanks to all the mediatic fear mongering currently being spread around. In any cases, just like regular flu, some simple precautions can be taken so that you lower the risk of getting the virus, and the following rap tells you all you need to know about this.

Oh, and for those of you who missed our own Jimmy Roger’s scientific piece on the H1N1 Flu, we strongly suggest that you check it out: Science is Sexy: What is H1N1 Flu?

2 Responses to H1N1 Prevention Rap

  1. I hate saying this because I have really enjoyed Geeks Are Sexy for quite awhile now. It's been my favorite site for science, and new interesting things, but lately I've noticed a change that isn't necessarily in a better direction, and this post is a perfect example of why, and what's not so great anymore.

    I saw this on my crappy local news. It sucked there, and it still sucks. Things that suck shouldn't be given attention.

    Dumb educational rap is very very dumb, stupid & annoying.

    • Dudee: Well, it’s ok that you think so, and we appreciate that you take the time to tell us. We post what we think might be interesting to a good portion of our readers. We’re well aware that something like this isn’t going to please everybody.

      In the survey we recently conducted, on 500 respondants, 40% rated the blog as “outstanding”, 50% as “very good”, and 10% as “good”. No one rated the blog as “fair” or “bad”. So while there may be content that pops up here and there that people do not like, most is appreciated by the audience.

      Oh, and the video was the perfect occasion to plug in Jimmy’s outstanding article on Swine Flu ;)

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