The War of the Worlds: A First Look at the BBC Adaptation of HG Wells’ Classic Sci-Fi Story

Finally an authentic-looking adaptation of H.G. Wells’ classic sci-fi story! This is the original alien invasion story. Staring Eleanor Tomlinson, Rafe Spall and Robert Carlyle, this tense and thrilling drama follows a young couple’s race for survival against escalating terror of an alien enemy beyond their comprehension. The War of the Worlds is a major […]

Top 9 Movies of the 1990s

From Cinefix: You can learn a lot about an era from the its movies. We’re taking a hard Cinefix look back at the 90’s, not only at the best the decade had to offer, but also the movements that defined it. From true indies to CGI-fueled blockbusters, these are our picks for the 9 genres […]

BABY SHARK: The Death Metal Edition [Video]

My girlfriend is an elementary school English teacher, so I’ve heard that song quite a few times since it came out, and I have to say, I much prefer this death metal version over the original. [SLAY DUGGEE]

Spider-Man is Coming Back to the MCU!

Did you hear the news? Sony and Marvel have finally settled their differences and made a joint announcement that Marvel Studios will be producing a third film in the Spider-Man series. Here’s the announcement from Marvel Studios president, Kevin Feige: “I am thrilled that Spidey’s journey in the MCU will continue, and I and all […]

Firefly Gets a Big Damn Cookbook

Many great TV series have had their own cookbook in recent years, and now, it’s Firefly’s turn to get one! Firefly: The Big Damn Cookbook features over 70 recipes inspired by Joss Whedon’s cult TV show. For those interested, the cookbook is currently priced at just $27.53 instead of $34.95 on Amazon! Treat your friends, […]

Setting Hogwarts House Stereotypes Straight

Some interesting and all too true traits of each of the four Hogwarts house in the Potterverse. [Via GG]

Universal’s Jurassic World River Ride (in LEGO) Goes Terribly Wrong [Video]

Uber Lego Enthusiast Kevin Ulrich from Brotherhood Workshop recently visited Universal Studios, and while on the Jurassic World ride, the idea of this video popped into his head. [BrotherhoodWorkshop]

Marvel Releases J. Jonah Jameson Video and Daily Bugle Website

Marvel has just released this video featuring J. Jonah Jameson pointing MCU’s Spider-Man as an evil psychopath trying to pass himself off as a hero. Don’t you guys think posting this is a little weird after Sony decided to “retire” the web slinger from the MCU? Here’s the video: And yes, is actually a […]