Pulp Fiction’s “Misirlou” Performed on Floppy and HDD [Video]

A hardware-themed version of Pulp Fiction’s “Misirlou” performed on various floppy and hard disk drives by Youtuber Arganalth. This one sounds a little bad at first, but the music gets better very quickly once the main theme starts. Check it out! Now if you’ll excuse me, I haven’t watched Pulp fiction in ages, so I […]


Video Killed the Radio Star: A Fantastic Cover by Walk off the Earth and Sarah Silverman

Walk off the Earth hooked up with the amazing Sarah Silverman for this revamp of the 1979 Buggles smash hit “Video Killed The Radio Star”. [Walk off the Earth]

The Avengers 90’s Cast Trailer

Imagine that the MCU was created 20 years ago… [What’s the Mashup?]

Klaus from The Umbrella Academy Talks to Dead Netflix Characters [Video]

Number 4’s power gives him the ability to communicate with ALL of the dead. Isn’t that Peachy? [Netflix]

Batman Goes Indie [Video]

After Wayne Enterprises pulls funding, Batman goes indie to support his crime fighting ways… A new video by our friends from The Warp Zone! [The Warp Zone]

Rangers Endgame – When The Avengers Team up with the Power Rangers [Video]

A fan trailer by Michael Copon, the actual Blue Time Force Ranger from the show (40 episodes) that aired in 2001! With half of Earth’s mightiest heroes fallen, the #PowerRangers step up to avenge them… Hi Fans! Michael Copon, Blue Time Force Ranger here….I edited this for fun to highlight some amazing fan films and […]

White Walker are Dangerous, But White Joggers are Dangerouser [Video]

Joggers are coming. [Adult Swim]

The Park: A Cyanide & Happiness “Jurassic Park” Animated Parody

An amusing animated parody of the original Jurassic Park by the awesome folks over at Cyanide & Happiness. [ExplosmEntertainment]