Rick and Morty Done 16-Bit Style [Video]

A 16-bit style psychedelic animation by artist Paul Robertson featuring Rick and Morty. The next season of the show will start in November, geeks, so we have just a few extra months to wait! It’s been a very long 2 years! [Adult Swim | Via Nerdist] Advertisements


Celebrating 40 Years of ALIEN in LEGO [Pics]

Just got this awesome Alien Lego creation from artist Ochre Jelly, and since today is Alien Day, I just had to share it with you guys! Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic ALIEN was first seen by audiences 40 years ago today (May 25th, 1979). Ironically, the world premiere of the movie was at the SIFF […]

Happy Alien Day: Alien Celebrate its 40th Anniversary Today!

On May 25th, 1979, something terrifying erupted from the belly of a man, and from that date, cinema was never the same again. Today, 40 years later, the original Alien classic continues to influence cinema and remains one of the most loved sci-fi horror film of all time. To celebrate, 20th Century FOX has created […]

Aladdin’s “Friend Like Me” In Every Musical Style EVER

30 Genres. Two Artists. One Song. Only Vocals. Who Won? [Peter Hollens]

“Star Wars: A New Hope” Scenes Reimagined for the Better [Video]

Youtuber Auralnauts took various scenes from A New Hope and used the last few minutes of Rogue One to “fix” them. I have to say, is changes are actually for the better! Check it out! The fix everything ship has sailed. We’re on it and there are no lifeboats. It’s a one way trip and […]

New Godzilla: King of the Monsters Trailer Gives Us Our Best Look at the Monsters Yet

One final “trailer” that gives us a good look at some of the monsters featured in the upcoming Godzilla film. [Warner Bros. Pictures]

Bruce Wayne is a War Profiteer Who Pays Less in Taxes Than His Secretary

Apparently, Bruce Wayne is as guilty of misdeeds as all the crooks Batman catches. [CH]

The High Ground [Pic]

[Via JustJediThings]