Luke Skywalker has Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Much like the “Darth Vader Being a Smart Ass” video, the following clip features Luke Skywalker exposing some of his OCD tendencies. Enjoy! Advertisements


Beatboxing + Flute = Fluteboxing

We’ve posted videos of beatboxers a few times here on [GaS], but now, let us present you with something a little different, a fluteboxer, someone who plays the flute while beatboxing at the same time. [Via Videosift]

Deal of the Day: 70% Off Lost – Seasons 1 to 5 (DVD or Blu-Ray)

Normally, I would have waited until tomorrow to post this, but the deal ends today, and I know quite a few of you will want to take advantage of this offer. Get ready for adventure, mystery, and a smoke monster (with a few tropical polar bears thrown in). Own “Lost: Seasons 1-5” for less than […]

3D Short of the Day: The Passenger

Produced by Australian animator Chris Jones, The Passenger is an award-winning short which took, from storyboard to bigscreen, over 6 years to complete. The movie won Best Animation at the 2006 Los Angeles International Short Film Festival and Best Australian Film at the 2008 Melbourne International Animation Festival. [Via Neatorama]

The Evolution of the Cylon: From Kitchen Appliance to Caprica Six

An ad for SyFy shows just how far Cylons have come, from their humble beginnings as toasters to the most modern version. [via Buzzfeed]

Senseless Star Trek Lip Dub

Warning: contains slightly inappropriate language. So, everyone, why don’t we make apple juice and fax it to each other?

Hoooo Phaaaw Hoooo Phaaaw: Merry Sithmas! [PIC]

Photographed by geek extraordinaire and lego fan Chris McVeigh, here’s a picture of what Santa might look like if he’d exist in the Star Wars universe. Many thanks to Chris for giving us permission to post this pic on Geeks are Sexy! [Source: Flickr]

Neutra Face: A Lady Gagaesque Ode to a Typeface

Inspired by Poker Face by Lady GaGa, Neutra Face was composed by a bunch of bearded guys to pay homage to the Neutra typeface.