Kill Bill Cake [PIC]

Barbarann Garrad from Cake Rhapsody created this awesome Kill Bill-themed cake for her daughter’s 9th birthday. Check it out: The bottom represents “the bride”… the scene in which Beatrice is gunned down in the opening scene. There is white bridal lace with blood and realistic chocolate bullets. The next tier is a Japanese pagoda. This […]

Funny: Ian McKellen Reenacts The Bridge of Khazad-Dum [Video]

In the following video, Ian McKellen reenacts his experience filming the famous “You shall not pass!” scene in Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. Check it out, this is absolutely hilarious!

Beyond Black Mesa Official Trailer

Here is the official trailer for Beyond Black Mesa – a short independent fan film Inspired by the Half-Life universe. Total budget of the project: $1,200. Check it out: The film has already been presented at the Sidewalk Film Festival back in September, but unfortunately, there’s no word out yet on when it will be […]

New TRON: Legacy vs. Classic TRON Posters

Have you seen the new TRON: Legacy poster? Does it remind you of something you’ve seen in the past? Of course it does! Check out the new TRON: Legacy poster side by side with the original one: Hit the jump for a bigger version of the new poster.

Sucker Punch Trailer #2: Dragon, Samurai, Steampunk. Oh my.

Fantasy lovers and steampunk fans rejoice: Here’s the second trailer for Zack Snyder’s upcoming action-fantasy movie, Sucker Punch. I know a lot of you are anxiously waiting after this one, so enjoy!

Featured 3D Short: LEGO Star Wars – Bombad Bounty

Bombad Bounty: A somewhat funny Lego Star Wars 3d animation offering an entirely different perspective on the original Star Wars trilogy. Enjoy! [Via Super Punch]