The Gamer’s Alphabet [Pictures]

So, being the loyal readers that all of you are, you’ve seen our awesome Geek Alphabet, right? But what about the Gamer’s Alphabet? Made by Artist/Project Manager/Penny Arcade user ElJeffe as a book for his daughter Madilyn, the Gamer’s Alphabet illustrates each of the letters of the alphabet and pairs them with something related to the world of gaming. And when you read the whole thing from beginning to end, it makes a really geeky poem! Check it out:

A is Atari, the first on the scene.
B is Bits, be they 8 or 16.
C for Controller Cords stretched ‘cross the floor.
D for the Dreamcast, a console no more.
E is Ecco, the porpoise-y sea hero.
F is for Fantasies Final… Look, chocobos!
G is for Genesis, 16-bit mirth.
H is for Hyrule, land of Link’s birth.
I is for Infocom’s text-based frivoloties
J is for John Carmack’s first-person novelties.
K for Konami’s dark vampire tales.
L for the Lemmings who march without fail.
M is for Mario. Run, goombas, run!
N for Nintendo, the first name is fun.
O is for Oddworld, with games strage and clever.
P is for Pac-Man, who caused quite a fever.
Q is for Q-Bert’s curse-filled speech bubble.
R is for Ridley, who gave Samus trouble.
S is for Sonic, his fleet feet reknowned.
T is for Tetris blocks falling in mounds.
U is for Ulala’s fast, funky feet.
V is for Video cards, fast obsolete.
W for Wizardry; through dungeons we’d scurry.
X for the Xbox, as big as Missouri.
Y is for Yoshi, a plumber’s best friend.
Z is for Zelda, and here this rhyme ends.

Many thanks to ElJeffe for giving us permission to publish his alphabet!

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