The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec City ComicCon 2021

Quebec City Comiccon is back, and even though the pandemic isn’t over yet, pop culture conventions have started popping up all over the globe once again. Needless to say, we wouldn’t miss Quebec’s first big con in almost 2 year, so we were on location to cover the event for you guys. Sure, masks and […]

Adam Savage Goes Incognito as Iron Man (Mark 1) at SiliCon 2021 [Video]

Adam Savage suits up in his Iron Man Mark 1 armor for his first incognito costume walkaround in almost two years! At this past weekend’s SiliCon event, Adam joins the ranks of amazing cosplayers who walked the convention floor to take photos with attendees, swap costume build notes, and celebrate their fandoms. It feels so […]

Go “OH YEAH!” With This Inflatable Kool Aid Man Costume

Now you too can enter a room screaming “OH YEAH!” at the top of your lungs thanks to this inflatable full-body Kool Aid Man costume! Like other similar costumes, such as the t-rex suit you’ve seen everywhere in recent years, this one stays inflated with the help of a battery-operated fan. Behold the costume in […]

Comic Con vs. Artificial Intelligence! – Bigger, BETTER & Remastered!

Pop culture conventions are slowing appearing once again on the map, meaning we’ll hopefully start seeing more cosplay on the Internet soon. In the meantime, our friends over at Sneaky Zebra took one of their favorite cosplay videos (San Diego Comic-Con 2013) and ran it through an A.I., and as you’ll see, the result is […]