This is Fan Expo Dallas Comiccon 2019 – Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video featuring some of the best costumes seen at Fan Expo Dallas 2019 by Youtuber MineralBlu. [MineralBlu]

Ottawa Comiccon 2019 Cosplay in Pictures – Part II

As mentioned earlier this week, we were at Ottawa Comiccon 2019 last Saturday, and as promised, here is our second batch of pictures for the event! If you see your cosplay below and want the full quality picture, be sure to send us an email via the contact section above the site! Next event: Montreal […]

Gorgeous Starfire Spacesuit Cosplay [Pics]

Here are some gorgeous photos of KamikoZero cosplay impersonating Starfire in her latex space suit by Andromeda Latex. Photograby by Pugoffka.

Ottawa Comiccon 2019 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I

For the past few years, the Geeks are Sexy team has been spending Mother’s Day weekend in Ottawa, attending Ottawa Comiccon 2019. Once again, following tradition, we were there capturing the best and funniest cosplays of our nation’s capital. With a great guest line-up, the Ottawa convention is once again a front-runner for amazingly talented […]

A Superhero Metal Parody of Ariana Grande’s Break Up With Your Girlfriend

A fantastic metal cover of Ariana Grande’s “Break Up With Your Girlfriend” by the Heavy Metal Heroes! Check it out! [Heavy Metal Heroes Official]

This is Pax East 2019: The Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video from MineralBlu featuring some of the best cosplay seen at the Pax East 2019 con that took place from Mar. 28, 2019 tp Mar. 31, 2019 in Boston. [MineralBlu]

Amazing Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle Cosplay [Pics]

Arwenia Cosplay looks absolutely amazing as a Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40k! Her armor is exquisitely detailed and fits her like a glove! Picture above by Baum Photography. Photos below by @ruffysfotografie and @fotograf.13. [Arwenia Cosplay | Baum Photography | @ruffysfotografie]

May the 4th Be With You: A Tribute to Star Wars Cosplayers [Gallery]

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we’ve been covering pop culture conventions, and especially the amazing cosplayers attending those cons, since 2011. Costumes are like fads, they come and go, but there is one theme that never goes out of style: Star Wars. Here is our tribute to all you fantastic Star wars cosplayers out there! […]