This is Pax South 2017: A Cosplay Music Video

Here’s a fun cosplay music video featuring some of the best cosplay from the Pax South 2017 convention that took place from January 27-29 in San Antonio, Texas. [mineralblu] Advertisements


The Witcher [Fan Film]

A fantastic fan film based on The Witcher, one of the greatest games ever made. Starring Maul Cosplay as Geralt. [Erika Rodgers]

When Harry Potter Meets Pin-Up Photography [Pics]

We’ve featured Ginny Di a few times in the past on GAS, and today, the cosplayer is back with a Harry Potter tribute that mixes characters from the Potterverse with classic pin-up photography. Photos by Josh Randall. For those interested in purchasing prints, they’re all available right here. [Ginny Di | Josh Randall]

A G.I. JOE Cosplay Tribute For A Fallen Friend [Video]

From Distractotron: This past Dragon Con we filmed a group of G.I. Joe cosplayers paying tribute to their fallen friend. It was a honor to capture this great moment at Dragon Con and we’re very thankful to those who took time to be a part of this video. Enjoy! [DistractotronChannel]

Jaw Dropping Arthas and Jaina Cosplay (From World of Warcraft) [Pics]

Sure, there’s plenty of great WOW cosplay to be seen online, but Narga and Aoki are taking things to a new level with their Arthas and Jaina Proudmoore cosplays. Wow. Just wow! Photo, edit, 3D background by Kira. [Source: Narga and Aoki Cosplay | Photography: Kira]

Follow us on Instagram: Geeks are Sexy has the Best Instagram Profile Ever!

Yeah, I know, I’m being immodest a bit, but if you like cosplay and you have an instagram account, you’ll definitely want to follow us over there. I’m currently in the process of uploading a lot of my cosplay photography on my new Instagram profile, and so far, the response from fans has been fantastic! […]

Yaya Han: From Amateur Costumer to Cosplay Queen [Video]

Here’s a super interesting short documentary telling the story of Yaya Han, one of the world’s most reknowned and talented cosplayers. We had the chance to meet Yaya a few times while attending various conventions throughout the years (picture below,) and she’s one of the nicest, most down to earth “popular” costumers out there. Yaya […]

The Jedi Princess Squad [Cosplay Pics]

You’ve seen the Slave Leia Disney princess squad, and now, the ladies behind the same photoshoot (and a few others) have release another series of pictures featuring various disney princesses along with Peter Pan and Chewbacca as The Beast. Check it out! (The pics below might take a few seconds to load!) View this post […]