HOW TO: Build a M41-A Pulse Rifle Replica From Aliens For Under $30!

From Awe Me: We build so many amazing weapons and props, we wanted to offer a show where you at home could build them yourself! Follow along with our host Dustin McLean (“Homemade Movies”) as he shows you how to build awesome props from all of your favorite movies & games, for under $50! This […]

Fake Geek Girls [Comic]

A fantastic comic by artist JAKFACE exposing what many female geeks still have to live through when attending conventions. Fortunately, I’ve never seen it happen locally over here in Montreal or in Quebec City! [Source: JAKFACE on Tumblr | Via GG]

Insanely Awesome ‘Majora’s Mask’ Cosplay

Found this on Imgur and was blown away. If anyone can find out who this is or get us more pics, we would be appreciative. Would love to give this guy/gal some credit! The hovering moon balloon is what takes this from great cosplay to pure perfection. Also reminds you how oddly scary that game […]

FINISH HIM…Right After This Song

This might be one of my favorite cosplay photos ever. This Redditor posted this pic today, and I feel like it doesn’t even need to be made into a meme. It is perfect as is. I wonder if they would sing “Finish Him” in perfect harmony before tearing out his spine? One can only hope…. […]

Acrobatica Infiniti – The Nerd Circus – Goes Beyond Cosplay!

By Patrick-Michel Dagenais, Contributing Writer. Growing up as a geek, one of the aspects of geek culture that is pretty commonly accepted is that nerds love when beautiful people dress up as characters they adore from fiction. And while cosplay may be a pretty widely accepted and mainstream  movement right now, there are still some […]

ScareLA 2015 Cosplay Music Video is Terrifyingly Groovy!

Nerd Reactor was at ScareLA 2015 last weekend and filmed this fantastic cosplay music video feature some of the best costumes seen by them at the event! Check it out! [Nerd Reactor]

The Best Cosplay IGN Saw at Gamescom 2015

Though you may not been able to attend Gamescom 2015, this is what IGN saw as some of the best cosplay during the entire event. So essentially, this is like going to ogle people but not having to pay admission. You’re welcome. [IGN]

Sneaky Zebra Invades “London Film & Comic Con” [Cosplay Music Video]

From Sneaky Zebra: London Film and Comic Con! After the crazy epicness of SDCC we thought we’d hit up another UK Con the day after we landed back. Thanks to all the Cosplayers who battled the heat and kept our spirits high!.And to the amazing people who brought us cans of Monster! [Sneaky Zebra]

This Taco “Belle” Dress Looks Deliciously Beautiful, but is Sadly Inedible

This fantastic Taco “Belle” dress was made by artist and fashion designer Olivia Mears using hand-painted card stock, tissue paper, and felt for the tacos, and the flowers and ruffles were made using unused Taco Bell wrappers. [Source: Avant-Geek on Deviantart | Like “Avant-Geek” on Facebook | Follow “Avant-Geek” on Instagram]

Amazing Miranda Lawson (Mass Effect) Cosplay [Pics]

Dahlia Thomas looks totally amazing as Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect, and the photography and montage from David Love is nothing short of brilliant. Cosplayer: DahliaThomasCosplay Photo: David Love Photography

Montreal Comiccon 2015 (Cosplay Music Video)

A fantastic cosplay music video showcasing some of the great cosplay of Montreal Comic Con 2015. In case you missed our picture gallery of the event, be sure to check it out right here! [MaximumDiver]

This Cosplay Music Video from SDCC 2015 Will Get You Dancing! [Video]

A fantastic coplay music video from the guys at Nerd Reactors that will get you in the mood for dancing! Nerd Reactor heads to San Diego Comic-Con 2015 and does a cosplay lip sync dancing video to The Weeknd’s “Can’t Feel My Face.” Edit: And here’s another one from our pals over at Aggressive Comix! […]