The Ultimate Classic Mystique Cosplay [Gallery]

Jenna Lynn Meowri is the ultimate classic Mystique in this series of pics by Maryland based photographer SF Design. Sure, the shapeshifting mystique we saw in the last few X-Men movies is awesome, but I’ve always prefered the classic version featuring the white outfit assorted with a skull belt. Cosplayer: Jenna Lynn Meowri Photography: SF […]


Check out this amazing photoshoot by Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania based photographer Jeff Zoet featuring the members of Mystery Incorporated fighting a horde of zombies for survival. I just love how absolutely badass everyone looks in this photoshoot, even Shaggy who’s usually pictured as the one who’s always afraid of everything. The dog is also a perfect […]

Amazingly Talented Makeup Artist Can Transform Herself Into Any Character!

Sure, there are plenty of super talented makeup artists on the Internet, but Khaleesiisaa is among the best we’ve seen! Check out some of her work below where she transofrms herself into some of pop culture’s most popular characters, including Venom, Chewbacca, Mystique, Yoda, and many more! @khaleesiisaa i am #groot 🤎 #marvelmakeup #grootmakeup ♬ […]

Dad Creates Incredible Green Goblin Hoverboard Cosplay for Son [Videos]

For the release of Spider-Man: No Way Home, Logan Dominic’s father built an amazing Green Goblin hoverboard cosplay for his son, and as you’ll see below, the floating hverboard illusion is near perfect! @logandominiccosplay23 GREEN GOBLIN!!! ##spidermannowayhome ##greengoblin ##fyp ##marvel ##cashapp13plus ##spiderman ♬ Green Goblin Theme (Spider-Man: No Way Home Soundtrack) – Sh4d0wStrider @logandominiccosplay23 GREEN […]

Cosplayers Get Festive At Montreal Comiccon: Holiday Edition

The holiday edition of Montreal Comiccon is finally back this year after a hiatus of almost 2 years, and as expected, a lot of cosplayers attended the event in festive colors! Naturally, my girlfriend and I were on site to photograph some of the most amazing costumes that were on display! Here is our picture […]

Geeks are Sexy’s Big T-Shirt Sale – Our Favorite Designs at Just $13 Each!

We’re halfway through Cyber Monday, with only a few hours remaining to the big Geeks are Sexy t-shirt sale! Here are a few of our favorite designs that you can still get at just $13 instead of $20. T-shirts are the perfect stocking stuffers, and at that price, they certainly won’t break the bank! Pew […]

Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand Prop Replica

If you’re experiencing feelings of dread when you go down into your basement or up into your house’s attic, this Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler’s Neutrona Wand Prop Replica might be just the thing you need! Sure, it might not be able to catch actual ghosts, but it will make you feel badass, that’s for sure. […]