FEELS ON WHEELS: Wheelchair Costumes Turn Kids Into Superheroes

Warning: This might make you cry. One Halloween, Ryan Weimer’s then-3-year-old son wanted to dress up as a pirate. But his son, who has spinal muscular atrophy, is restricted to a wheelchair. So Ryan fashioned a homemade costume that incorporated the wheelchair as a pirate ship, and his son absolutely loved it. From that idea […]


Dragon Con 2017 – This Beautiful Cosplay Life [Cosplay Music Video]

Beat Down Boogie’s Blake Faucette and Matthew Sumner recently traveled to Atlanta, GA to film the best cosplay party in the United States, Dragon Con. With over 80,000 people in attendance this year, the diversity and quality of cosplay on display rivals any convention worldwide. Cosplays include Nintendo, Fallout, Overwatch, Fast Food Avengers, Justice League, […]

TRANSFORMERS – Optimus Prime vs Megatron Epic Cosplay [Transformers Song]

Holy crap! These transformers costumes are really AMAZING! Video by Chad Michael and Angie Griffin from the Screen Team. Transformers costumes by G1 Boys Custom Costumes. [Screen Team]

This is Dragon Con 2017: A Cosplay Music Video by Day and by Night [Pics + Video]

A fantastic cosplay music video featuring some of the best cosplay (by day and by night) from Dragon Con 2017 by Youtuber and photographer extraordinaire, Mineralblu. I’ll also include a small gallery some of his pictures right underneath as well. [Mineralblu on Youtube | Mineralblu on Facebook]

Galactic Necklace Features the Death Star and Planets from the Star Wars Universe

The Star Wars Galactic Necklace highlights some of the more famous planets from galaxies far, far away. Looking at the necklace straight on, at the farthest left we start with a few Core Worlds (Coruscant and Alderaan) and then we move off into the Outer Rim Territories, including mostly planets but also a few of […]

A GORGEOUS New Legend of Zelda Clothing Line by Musterbrand!

In partnership with Musterbrand, the folks at Thinkgeek have just launched a gorgeous new collection of Legend of Zelda “Breath of the Wild” clothes for both men and women! Be sure to check out the whole collection right here! Whether you prefer your video game clothing to be pure cosplay or just inspired by the […]

How to Make “Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom” at Home

Watch as Odin Abbott builds Hellboy’s Right Hand of Doom. This thing isn’t just a glove, it’s also a puppet hand with articulated fingers, and you could make one of your own at home for fairly cheap! [Odin Makes]

Forging the 3D Maneuver Gear Sword from Attack on Titan in Real Life

From Man at Arms: Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, the guys at Baltimore Knife and Sword take on the 3D Maneuver Gear Sword from Attack on Titan! [AWE Me]