This is Pax East 2019: The Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video from MineralBlu featuring some of the best cosplay seen at the Pax East 2019 con that took place from Mar. 28, 2019 tp Mar. 31, 2019 in Boston. [MineralBlu]

Amazing Warhammer 40k Sister of Battle Cosplay [Pics]

Arwenia Cosplay looks absolutely amazing as a Sister of Battle from Warhammer 40k! Her armor is exquisitely detailed and fits her like a glove! Picture above by Baum Photography. Photos below by @ruffysfotografie and @fotograf.13. [Arwenia Cosplay | Baum Photography | @ruffysfotografie]

May the 4th Be With You: A Tribute to Star Wars Cosplayers [Gallery]

Here at Geeks are Sexy, we’ve been covering pop culture conventions, and especially the amazing cosplayers attending those cons, since 2011. Costumes are like fads, they come and go, but there is one theme that never goes out of style: Star Wars. Here is our tribute to all you fantastic Star wars cosplayers out there! […]

Amazingly Talented Cosplayer Can Transform Herself into Any Character

Russian Cosplayer Jules Gudkova is an amazingly talented artist that can transform herself is just about any characters from pop culture you know, from a delicate princess to a kick ass warrior woman. Be sure to check out some of her amazing transformations below!

This Massive “Avengers” Geek Dresses His Cat as Marvel Characters

Waffles the cat‘s owner is a massive fan of the Avengers, so naturally, the guy decided to have his cat cosplay as various characters from the Marvel universe. Behold: (Please note that the pictures below might take a few seconds to load) View this post on Instagram In the mood for #avengers ! Are you […]

Slave Leia George Lucas Cosplay [Pic]

Slave George at Star Wars Celebration Chicago! Photo by Instagram user @pinksith. [Source: @pinksith on Instagram]

Deadpool vs. LVL UP EXPO 2019 [Video]

Watch as Deadpool brings a little chaos along with him at LVL UP EXPO 2019! [D Piddy]

Game of Thrones Pugs Impersonate Jon Snow and Daenerys Targaryen + The Pugs of House Stark

The folks from Pupstar Sonoma really like to dress their pugs as characters from pop culture! You might recall a post we did on them a few years ago featuring “The Pugs of Middle Earth,” and today, they’re back with Game of Thrones pugs! and the pugs of House Stark: [Source: Pupstar Sonoma]