Wear a Custom “Hero-Kini” and Kick Butt on the Beach! [Pics]

…or by the pool! All these are available via SciFeyeCandy’s Etsy store. BANG! POW! WHAM! Order one today from Etsy seller SciFeyeCandy before the summer starts! [via SciFeyeCandy]

Anovos to Release Official GOTG Vol. 2 Star-Lord Jacket (Pre-Order!)

Sure, there’s plenty of people selling unlicensed Star-Lord jackets online, but thanks to Anovos, you can now purchase an official “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2” Star-Lord jacket replica (Pre-Order). Sure, $575 might be a little pricey, but we’re talking about a replica that was created using the original patterns from the movie here. I’ve […]

Reebok Unveils New “Final Battle” Alien Sneakers

Last year, Reebok released a pair of Alien themed sneakers that very few people could get their hands on, and while the whole world went berserk over the shoes, the company only released them in men’s sizes… for sneakers that were originally worn by a woman. Today, the company learned from its mistake and unveiled […]

A Fantastic Compilation of Mass Effect Cosplayers from Beat Down Boogie [Video]

A fantastic cosplay video from Beat Down Boogie featuring tons of Mass Effect cosplayers, including Mark Meer, the voice of Commander Shepard a,nd Rana McAnear, the model for Samara. [beatdownboogie]

This Pizza Dress Becomes a Full Pizza While Sitting [Pics + Video]

Fashion designer Olivia “Avantgeek” Mears is known online for some of her incredible dresses, including the Taco Belle Dress we featured on GAS in 2015. Now, the artist is back with a Pizza dress that swirls around her when she turns and becomes a full pizza when she sits down. Une publication partagĂ©e par Olivia […]

Best Mega Man Cosplay EVER!

Sometimes you see cosplay and just know, game over man, game over. This Imgur user falls in that category by bringing the Blue Bomber to life in a way very few have (and making him look BADASS in the process). Wow, well played, literally.

Just in Time for Summer: Geektastic New Star Trek Trekini Swimwear

Last summer, Thinkgeek released their awesome and hugely popular Star Trek TNG one-piece swimsuits, and this year, their back with some new “Trekini” swimwear that allow you to show off your Star Trek fandom for your next shore leave! Available in science blue, command gold, and engineering red, in sizes S to 4X. Although we […]

The Best Hellboy Cosplay… Ever! [Pics]

Ron Perlman was celebrating his Birthday last week on April 13th, so what better way to pay homage to the man than by presenting you what is possibly the best Hellboy cosplay I’ve ever seen! Kudos to the always awesome Knightmage for the amazing work he’s done on this cosplay and to The Portrait Dude […]

This is Fan Expo Dallas 2017 – Cosplay Music Video

Sure, Sneaky Zebra and Beat Down Boogie make great cosplay music videos, but Youtuber and photographer Mineralblu is also pretty darn good at what he does too! Check out his latest video featuring some of the best cosplayers at Fan Expo Dallas 2017. [mineralblu]

The Best of Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 [Video]

From Star Wars: The Force was strong at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, April 13-16, 2017. Take a look back at the biggest and most widely-attended Celebration in history. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Star Wars Celebration this year, but thanks to the Internet and a few friends, I was able to partially follow the event, even […]

Superhero Origins: Cable, AKA Nathan Summers

There are many cool mutants in the Marvel universe, but people who didn’t follow 90’s X-men and X-Force might not be as familiar with who Cable is. Consider this video a sort of cheat sheet to catch up on his backstory and know more about this mature mutant with the white hair and the X […]

This Fifth Element Cosplay is so Green, It’s Supergreen! [Pic]

Did you know? The 20th anniversary of The Fifth Element is coming up on May 9th, and for the occasion the movie has been restored in 4k and will be returning to select theaters on May 14th and on Wednesday, May 17th. [Via Reddit]