These Hellraiser and Maleficent Dog Costumes WIN All This Halloween!

I haven’t posted much about Halloween this year. I mean, Yandy doesn’t have any particularly ridiculous sexy costumes for 2021, and people don’t seem to be all that much into it on the web right now. For me, that all changed this morning when I stumbled on Nicolas Heller’s (@newyorknico) instagram videos featuring some dogs at the Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade in New York City. I mean, look at glorious Chihuahua dressed as Pinhead from Hellraiser. LOOK AT IT:

Pinhead Dog Costume

And this great dane dressed as Maleficent is just as magnificent!

Maleficent Dog Costume

Jeff Barkzoz about to blastoff into space aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard:

Blue Origin Dog Costume

Pope Spaniel the Third:

Pope Dog Costume

And there’s a lot more in Nicolas Heller’s videos! Check ’em both out below, and don’t forget to use the right arrow on the media players below to navigate between sequences!

These dog costumes are absolutely perfect, aren’t they?

[Via BIS]