Vampire Gathering Sets New Record For 125th Anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula

1,369 “vampires” have set a new world record to mark the 125th anniversary of Bram Stoker’s Dracula. The successful attempt, recognized by Guinness World Records, beat out the previous record of 1,039 in Doswell, Virginia set in 2011. Appropriately enough, the crown now belongs to Whitby in the United Kingdom. It’s home to a 7th […]

Peggy Carter Cosplayer Gets Special Treatment from Captain America at Disneyland [Video]

A few days ago, Tiktok user Marvel.Mermaid decided to dress up as Peggy Carter to visit Disneyland, and as you’ll see, she got noticed by Captain America, who gave her quite the special treatment. @marvel.mermaid I’m still shook 📸- @katie🕷 #avengerscampus #disneyland #disneycaliforniaadventure #captainamerica #peggycarter #dapperday #fyp #foryou #onlyinmycalvins ♬ original sound – Ariel🧜🏻‍♀️ [@marvel.mermaid]

Amazing Rule 63 Geralt Cosplay From The Witcher [Gallery]

Check out this amazing series of photos by Nancy Sirois Photography featuring JessD playing the role of Geralt from the Witcher on Netflix. Makeup by Jacinthe Hélary. Armor by Soeurs D’Armes. Weapons by Calimacil. For those interested, the armor is avaiable for purchase via Les Soeurs d’Armes’ Etsy shop. Model: JessD Modèle Photos: Nancy Sirois […]

Paul Hillier: The Exceptional Cosplay Photography of a Kamera Ninja

We’ve featured plenty of cosplay photographers throughout the years on Geeks are Sexy, and while there is a multitude presenting their work on the Internet, few of them can make me go “holy crap, that guy REALLY knows what he’s doing.” Presenting Toronto based photo artist Paul Hillier, also known as @Kameraninja on Instagram. Paul […]

THIS IS HOLIDAY MATSURI 2021 – A Cosplay Music Video

Holiday Matsuri, also known as Holmat, is an annual anime and cosplay convention held in Orlando, Florida. Located at the Orlando World Center Marriott, Holmat enjoys the distinction of being located at the largest Marriott in the world only minutes away from Disney World and Universal Studios Park. It also benefits from being held in […]