The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec City ComicCon 2021

Quebec City Comiccon 2021

Quebec City Comiccon is back, and even though the pandemic isn’t over yet, pop culture conventions have started popping up all over the globe once again. Needless to say, we wouldn’t miss Quebec’s first big con in almost 2 year, so we were on location to cover the event for you guys. Sure, masks and vaccination passports were required, but it did not stop people from attending… and cosplayers from dressing up! We really missed all of you wonderful geeks, and seeing you guys was truly a balm for the heart. So without further ado, here is our picture gallery from some of the best cosplays from Quebec City ComicCon 2021!

Can’t wait for next year’s edition! For now, no other conventions have been announced in our province yet, but I’m sure we’ll hear about them soon enough! Next one, Montreal City Mini ComicCon 2021 hopefully?