Best Star Wars Family Cosplay Ever [Pic]

“The Real Finn and Rey of Utah” have just sent me this fun picture taken at Salt Lake City Comic Con featuring them dressed as Finn and Rey and their adorable daughter as BB-8 Baby-8. [The Real Finn and Rey of Utah]

Incredible 1:1 “The Last Minute” Fallout 4 Gauss Rifle Replica [Pics]

The Show and Tell Props shop has created this beautiful 1:1 replica of “The Last Minute,” a unique gauss rifle that can be purchased from Ronnie Shaw at The Castle in Fallout 4. The Last Minute is a unique variant of the Gauss Rifle in Fallout 4. It includes the Crippling effect, which causes 50% […]

Adam Savage Goes Undercover as Hellboy at Silicon Valley Comic Con

For the inaugural Silicon Valley Comic Con, Adam wanted to do something special for his incognito cosplay: he walked through the convention as the comic-book version of Hellboy, having first cosplayed as the movie version eight years ago. Watch Adam transform into his favorite comic character, carrying a prop he made in a recent One […]

WonderCon 2016 – Cosplay Music Video (From Sneaky Zebra)

From Sneaky Zebra: WonderCon 2016 was in the Los Angeles Convention Center for the first time so we teamed up with our friends at Comic-Con HQ to bring you some of the most amazing cosplayers we could find! [Sneaky Zebra]

This Transforming BB-8 Cosplay is Beyond Cute! [Video]

This amazing transforming BB-8 cosplay was created by Miyamoto and his wife Nikki and featured at WonderCon 2016 last weekend. Be sure to check out the Kid-Alien costume as well! SO CUTE! [Red Planet]

Slave Leia Poppins and Bert Solo [Pic]

We all know that Mary Poppins is a Time Lord, but in an alternate universe, she’s also Leia Poppins! [Source: David Ngo on Instagram | Via Neatorama]

Kiba the Cosplay Corgi Won Wondercon This Year With his Deadpool Outfit [Pics]

We featured Kiba a few times in the past on geeks are sexy, and once again, the little guy is making the round of the Internet! His owner, Nicole, brought him to Wondercon this year and dresse him as Deadpool. Needless to say, Kiba stole the show everywhere he went on that day. Une photo […]

Must Watch Wondercon 2016 Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video film at Wondercon 2016 by Dustin Young. [Dustin Young]

The Perfect Rule 63 Finn Cosplay Makes John Boyega Fall in Love [Pic]

This rule 63 Finn cosplay by Ms.Victory is so good, even John Boyega fell in love it it. Hey, we could even say that he fell in love with himself! :) They said I could be anything so I became @JohnBoyega ✨✨✨😩😩😩😩😩✨✨✨ #starwars #forceawakens #finn #cosplay 📸 Sf design — ✨Ms.Victory@Shuto!✨ (@QueenOfDoom) March 25, […]

The Wonderful Cosplay of WonderCon 2016 [Picture Gallery]

Once again this year geeks from all around the U.S. (and the world) flocked to Downtown Los Angeles to partake in the joys of Wondercon instead of celebrating Easter. I scoured Flickr for some CC-licensed photography of the event, and as usual, there was plenty to choose from. Many thanks to Pat Loika, David Ngo, […]

C2E2 2016 Cosplay Music Video

My friends over at Aggressive Comix were at C2E2 (Chicago’s Pop Culture Event) last weekend where they captured some of the best cosplay they stumbled on on film. Check it out! [Aggressive Comix]

Check Out This Amazing “Street Fighter 2” Themed Photoshoot by Dana Tarr

I am very lucky to know some incredibly talented people. One of those people is a young man by the name of Dana Tarr. He wanted nothing more than to be a photographer, and unlike most people, he actually chased that dream aggressively until it was in his hands. From shooting Nicki Minaj (say what […]