Montreal Comiccon 2016 Cosplay in Pictures – Part I [Gallery]

Another year, another edition of Montreal Comiccon! As I’ve been doing since 2011, I was on location once again this year along with my photographer friend Patrick-Michel Dagenais to snap some shots of the best costumes the con had to offer, and as usual, I was not disappointed. I also ran into many of you […]

The Best ‘Papers, Please’ Cosplay EVARZ

If you haven’t played the indie game Papers, Please you are missing out on one of the most unique game experiences of the last few years, straight up. For those who have played the game, you realize this is easily the best cosplay you have ever seen in terms of summing up the game with one […]

Artist Creates Epic D&D Raven Cosplay [Pics]

Video game artist (specialized in creature design) rah-bop based herself on her D&D character, Rue, to create this amazing costume that she wore at Anthrocon last weekend. Check it out! Since I get the impression it’s acceptable to dress up as an animal person at AC (ANTHROCON) I took the opportunity to make a costume […]

Gotham’s Sirens [Cosplay Picture Gallery]

Rei-Doll, Ryoko-demon, and Yaya Han look absolutely perfect as Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn, and Catwoman! These three never cease to wow me with their beautiful costumes! Photography by the always amazing Kifir. Cosplayers: Rei-Doll as Poison Ivy (Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart) Ryoko-demon as Harley Quinn (Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart) Yaya Han as Catwoman (Facebook, Twitter, Deviantart) Photographer: […]

HOLY CRAP! This Female Makeup Artist Can Literally Become ANYONE!

Lucia Pittalis is one of the most talented makeup artist I have ever seen! The artist can turn herself in the likeness of almost anyone with the help of a little makeup, a wig, and a few accessories! It’s also important to note that she does not use any prosthetics for her transformations! Behold: [Lucia […]

Aquaman… Queen of Atlantis and of The Seven Seas [Cosplay Pics]

Thanks to Virginia-based cosplayer Laney Jade and photographer Hero Hotties, Aquaman has never looked so good! She also does a pretty epic Man of Steel-style Supergirl, as you’ll see below! [Model and Costume: Laney Jade Cosplay | Source: Aggressive Comix | Photography: Hero Hotties]

An Unexpected Surprise at Anime Expo (Wait for It) [Video]

Be sure that your sound is turned on… and wait for it.   When you visit an anime convention, remember that everyone can be anyone! :) [Via streamable]

The Most Advanced Iron Man Cosplay (MK 39) We’ve Ever Seen [Video]

This Iron Man MK 39 cosplay is one of the most advanced costumes of its kind we’ve seen! The suit features CO2 thrusters that were built by Wayne Berendhuysen of EHV Props. Check it out in action in the video above! [Ehv Props & Dutch Props]

That Coraline’s Other Mother Cosplay is Creepy as Hell! [Pic]

Terrifying. [Source: MissTrisi on Deviantart | Via FG]

How to Build Rick And Morty’s Portal Gun On the Cheap [Video]

From DIY Prop Shop: Need to travel through time and space? We’ve got you covered! This week Odin will be showing you how build Rick & Morty’s very own portal gun. [AWE me]

This Hunter Cosplay (From Destiny) is Amazing Beyond Words [Pics]

Italian cosplayer and artist Fred Props made this amazing Hunter Cosplay (from Destiny), which even comes complete with Ghost and a Thorn hand cannon. Photos by Liv Rota and Fred Props. [Via FG]

This Rey and BB-8 Cosplay Duo is Brilliant! [Pic]

Reddit user Ov3rKoalafied writes: She was working on her Rey cosplay. I asked her if she would drag me around on a cart if I made a BB8 one. She thought I was joking. [Source: Reddit]