This Metal Gear Rising Raiden Cosplay is Unbelievably Good! [Video]

Japanese cosplayer Masazi has what is most certainly one of the best Raiden costume in the world, and this video by “Rescue the Princess” showcases the suit in all its magnificent glory. [Rescue the Princess! | Masazi]

The Cosplay of Geekfest Montreal 2015 in Pictures [Photo Gallery]

The 5th edition of Geekfest Montreal is currently being held this weekend at the “Collège de Maisonneuve” in Montreal, and since the convention isn’t too far from my place, I decided to go and attend some of the geek-focused panels that were being presented. Naturally, I also used the opportunity to shoot some cool photos […]

Beatrix Russell: Just Hanging Around, Waiting for Fallout 4 [Cosplay Pics]

You come around here often? You gonna use those Nuka caps? Lemme guess, lived in Megaton? Got any plans on the 10th? Editor’s note: Beatrix Russell (New Vegas) Cosplay by Elena Samko. Photography by fillakteriart. Here are a few extra pictures of this “ghoulishly” good photoshoot:

The Really, Really Long and Awesome Dragon Con 2015 Video

An almost 30-minute long video featuring people partying at Dragon Con 2015? Yes please! There’s a lot of very awesome and very beautiful people in there, so be sure to check it out! I hope I can make it ton Dragon Con someday, it sure looks like A LOT of fun! [beatdownboogie]

Winston The White Corgi is the Cutest Stormtrooper in This Galaxy [Video]

Winston The White Corgi might be a little short for a Stormtrooper, but he definitely makes it up by being the cutest one in this galaxy! [Winston The White Corgi]

HALLOWEEN 2015: Geeks are Sexy Readers’ Costumes Picture Gallery

Once again this year, I asked you guys to send in pictures of your Halloween costumes, and as usual, you delivered! Unfortunately, I received over 200 photos, so I just can’t post them all, but here’s a selection of some of my favorites for your viewing pleasure! Pictured above: Per H. as a scary Ronald […]

Deadpool & Harley Quinn vs Comikaze Expo 2015 [Video]

Watch as Deadpool (D Piddy) goes to Comikaze Expo with Harley Quinn (Yirico) to turn the fun up a notch on the con’s floor. [D Piddy]

Halloween 2015 in Tokyo, Japan: Shibuya Costume Street Party [Video]

Every year in Tokyo, Shibuya, the district goes totally crazy on Halloween day. It’s just like an outdoor edition of Comic Con! [Ice Block Films | Via IHC]

Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka Family Halloween Photos (2012-2015) [Pics]

As usual, the Neil Patrick Harris-David Burtka family posted an awesome photo of their Halloween costumes this year like they’ve been doing for the past few years. Pictured above: 2015. (Edit: Can’t wait to see what they come up with in 2016! I’m pretty sure it’s going to be as awesome as it always is.) […]

The Joker is NOT Amused [Pic]

Introduce a little anarchy, upset the established order, and everything becomes chaos, I’m an agent of chaos , and you know the thing about chaos? It’s fair. – The Joker [Source: Daily Superheroes]


Pringle man, caught in action by yours truly at Quebec City Comic Con 2015. I think the guy had Pringle chips to distribute to people around him earlier in the day, but he was out of stock when I ran into him unfortunately. Bummer. [Photo by Geeks are Sexy]