Comic Con vs. Artificial Intelligence! – Bigger, BETTER & Remastered!

Pop culture conventions are slowing appearing once again on the map, meaning we’ll hopefully start seeing more cosplay on the Internet soon. In the meantime, our friends over at Sneaky Zebra took one of their favorite cosplay videos (San Diego Comic-Con 2013) and ran it through an A.I., and as you’ll see, the result is MIND BLOWING! Check it out, and be sure to stick around after the video for the explanation about how they did it. There’s also some side-by-side footage showing the incredible changes the artificial intelligence did to the video. Watch below!

From Sneaky Zebra:

What happens when you mix SDCC, COSPLAY & A.I. ? You get to relive all these amazing cosplayers in 4K, how they were meant to be seen! Honestly we’re shocked at the results! We were incredibly nostalgic for Comic Con, and wanted to bring back some of that joy that we’ve not been able to experience the last few years.

[Sneaky Zebra]