The Greatest Final Fantasy Chocobo Cosplay in History [Gallery]

Not many people have attempted to create a realistic Final Fantasy Chocobo costume, but among those I’ve seen, French cosplayer “Mathoz costumes” has hands down crafted the best one I’ve ever seen. Behold: The exquisitely detailed costume is based on the chocobos seen in Final Fantasy XIV and comes complete with a light armor, a […]

The Mandalorian Black Series Helmet Replica is Now Available!

Interested in getting your very own Mandalorian armor, or at least, part of it? Since today is Mando Monday, Disney has released the full-scale Black Series electronic prop helmet replica based on Dyn Jarren’s helmet, and I really want one! I already have some Anovos Stormtrooper helmets at home, but their version of Mando’s helmet […]

This Cosplayer is a Real Life Princess Fiona (From Shrek) [Gallery]

I’ve seen planty of cosplayers take the role of Princess Fiona from Shrek, but none as well as Kalinka Fox, which looks absolutely incredible as the character, both pre and post transformation into an ogre. Oh, and here she is as Doris, Cinderella’s ugly stepsister from Shrek 2. View this post on Instagram A post […]

An Adorable (And Affordable!) Hand-Knit “The Child” Costume for Babies

Since Halloween will be there in just a little over a month, here is a costume idea for all you new parents out there who are also fans of The Mandalorian: A hand-knit “The Child” costume for babies! And the best part? For a hand-knit costume, it’s just a little over $25 on Amazon! The […]