This is Ikkicon: The Cosplay Music Video

A fantastic cosplay music video by photographer Mineral Blu taking a look at some of the best cosplays at Ikkicon, Austin’s Premier Anime Convention! [Mineral Blu]

This is Holiday Matsuri 2018 [Cosplay Music Video]

A fantastic cosplay music video from Holiday Matsuri 2018 by Youtuber MineralBly. Holiday Matsuri is a holiday themed convention held every year in Orlando, FL. in December. [MineralBlu]

Unicorn Costumes for Dogs

So these are a thing. I’m so sorry. Welcome to amazing world of pink unicorns! The mane and horn headdress will turn your pet into the cutest fairy horse ever. You’ll be proud of your dog when attending dress up parties, festivals or just walking along the street. And now imagine your kid getting this […]

Supercon 2018: The Cosplay Music Video

A quick look at some of the great cosplay seen at SuperCon 2018 by the always MineralBlu. [MineralBlu]

How to Make Thanos’ Helmet from Infinity War and Endgame for Just a Few Bucks

Watch as Odin Abbott makes Thanos’ Helmet from Infinity War and Endgame using some EVA foam floor mats, some contact cement, and paint. If you already have the tools, making this thing will cost you just a few bucks, and the end result looks fantastic. If you need the pattern to make the helmet, you […]

Geeks are Sexy’s Best Cosplay Photos: From 2011 to 2018 [Gallery]

Since I’ve started this blog, one of the things that you guys liked the most is our coverage of popular culture conventions. The first event we’ve covered is Montreal Comiccon back in 2011, and since then, we never stopped bringing you new cosplay photos from all around the world! Unfortunately, while cosplay is much more […]

Montreal Mini-Comiccon 2018: Where the Holidays Meet Cosplay

Each year, the folks behind Montreal Comiccon organize a free holiday version of the event (Montreal Mini-Comiccon) where cosplayers and shoppers alike meet to partake in a celebration of pop culture and joy. Naturally, my beloved and I were on site to photograph your favorite characters in Christmas attire. Here is our picture gallery of […]

Darth Pikachu [Pics]

Cosplayer extraordinaire Nana Bear combined her love of Star Wars and Pokémon to create the perfect character mashup of the two worlds: Darth Pikachu. Pika pika? Cosplayer and Costume: Nana Bear Photography: York in a Box