Betamax Bites The Dust

"Betavhs2" by Senor k - English Wikipedia. Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -

Sony will stop selling Betamax videotapes from next March. Or to concentrate on the real news: Sony is still selling Betamax videotapes. It was Sony which introduced the format (pictured, top) in 1975, a year before JVC’s VHS (pictured, bottom). While several other formats were produced both before and after this time, it was Betamax […]

100 Games Added To Xbox Backwards Compatibility


Microsoft has announced more than 100 Xbox 360 games that will be playable on the Xbox One from this week. Gamers will need to wait a little longer for some high-profile games however. The backward compatibility feature could be a big factor in persuading people to upgrade to the new console, not just because some […]

Dying Star Wars Fan Gets Advance Screening #ForceForDaniel


A terminally ill man has enjoyed a private screening of The Force Awakens following a successful social media campaign. Mark Hamill was among those who called for Disney to let Daniel Fleetwood see the new Star Wars movie before its official release next month. The 31-year-old Fleetwood is dying of an aggressive lung cancer named […]

Matter & Antimatter Not So Different


Researchers in New York have found antimatter holds together in much the same way as matter. That finding rules out one possible explanation for why antimatter is so rare. Antimatter was already known to be almost exactly the same as matter, the main differences being that its components (antiparticles) have an opposing charge and quantum spin. […]

Google To Suggest Email Replies


Google’s Inbox email app will soon not just make it quicker to reply to messages but will help you decide what to say. A new ‘Smart Reply’ feature in the app (which runs separately from the main Gmail app and includes a variety of organizational tools) is based around the idea that often messages simply […]

200 Years Since George Boole Born: TRUE


George Boole, the mathematician whose work indirectly made modern computing possible, was born two hundred years ago today. Boole’s work is one of the great examples of a seemingly abstract process having practical physical benefits, albeit around seven decades after his death. The British-born Boole developed a new form of algebra, with the difference being […]

Google May Merge Chrome OS and Android


Google is reportedly to “fold” Chrome OS into the Android system and drop the distinction between mobile devices and full-blown computers. The Wall Street Journal quoted “people familiar with the matter” as saying work to merge the two systems has been underway for two years, a demo version is expected next year, and a finished […]

Facebook Drops Little-Known ‘Other’ Message Folder

Facebook is to ditch a messaging feature which put messages from strangers into a folder that many people didn’t know they had. The company says the new system includes checks to restrict spam or other unwanted approaches. At the moment, messages from people who aren’t either your Facebook friend or a friend-of-a-friend don’t appear in your […]

Gadget Hacking Laws Loosened


The Library of Congress has ruled it is legal to hack some old games and consoles in specific circumstances to keep them running. The latest set of rulings on DMCA exemptions also allow for limited hacking of the software that runs “smart cars.” The exemptions are part of a regular review by the Library of […]

Premium Broadband May Be Pointless

"Timothy C Wu" by ZeroDivide - Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -

US broadband providers have been told they must prove their claims of offering “super-fast” connections. Officials believe technical disputes between companies may mean paying extra for fast speeds could be pointless. The demand comes from Tim Wu, who was recently appointed the senior enforcement counsel for the New York state Attorney General. It’s hardly a […]

Virtual Reality Headset Needs No PC Or Phone


A project on Kickstarter hopes to make a virtual reality headset that contains a built-in computer. The idea is to make it completely self-contained and require no technical knowledge to use. AuraVisorworks on a similar basis to Android device-powered headsets. The difference is that you don’t need to either stick a phone inside or connect […]

Facebook Turns Entire Archive Into Search Tool


Facebook is to let users search all two trillion posts ever made on the site, subject to privacy settings. It hope to use the search as a way to gather real-time eyewitness accounts of news events. Previously Facebook search would only let you search content from your Facebook friends and any pages which you had […]