Tomb of Horrors Returns In Deluxe D&D Artwork Package

If you’re a D&D fan and money’s no object, the special edition of the upcoming Art and Arcana book looks a must. It even includes a reprint of one of the most challenging modules in the game’s history.

The book itself, which costs $50, was already looking utterly gorgeous. Described as a visual history of the game, it features more than 700 pieces of original artwork ranging from the game itself to the Dragon & Dungeon magazine to merchandise and promotional material.

But if you stump up $125 for the special edition package you get some enticing – if eyewateringly expensive – extras including:

  • a clamshell casing for the package with original illustrations by Hydro74
  • the book itself in a special hardback cover again illustrated by Hydro74
  • a package of prints of some of the artwork featured in the book, designed for framing; and
  • a reprint of the original edition of Tomb of Horrors.

If you’ve not come across Tomb of Horrors, it’s a module specifically designed by Gary Gygax to be ridiculously challenging and was partially created to deal with some players who mistakenly believed they’d developed a near-invincible character. It’s particularly notable as the module’s difficulty is largely driven by its traps and puzzles rather than the monsters.

The module also came back to attention when it was featured in the book Ready Player One where the lead character had to navigate a recreation of the module in a virtual reality online game world.

Both the standard and special editions of Art and Arcana are due for publication in October.

[Dungeons and Dragons Art and Arcana [Special Edition, Boxed Book & Ephemera Set]: A Visual History]

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