Nintendo Ditches Switch Dock For New Bundle

Nintendo is selling a Switch console without a dock in Japan. It’s explicitly marketing it to people who’d like two Switches in the same home.

The “Nintendo Switch 2nd Unit Set” comes with the base console tablet, the two clip-on Joy-Con controllers and a pair of straps. The controllers come in a range of seven colors and they don’t have to match.

Compared with the original, the bundle is missing the Joy-Con Grip (the bit that clips between the two controllers to make a single handheld gamepad) along with the charging dock, HDMI cable and power adapter. (You can still charge the standalone console via a USB-C cable.)

Nintendo’s local marketing suggests it could appeal to households where multiple users each want their own Switch or where family members are particularly into competitive games against one another. While it doesn’t mention this (possibly because it undermines the main concept of the device), it could also be an option for people happy to only play in handheld mode.

There’s not a huge discount on offer: the Switch 2nd Unit costs 24,980 yen compared with 29,980 yen for the original bundle. There’s no confirmation yet of the new model being sold outside of Japan, although it seems likely.

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