They Came from Outer Space: The Ohio State Marching Band Pays Homage to Sci-Fi Movies [Video]

Watch the Ohio State marching band as they perform during the Nov. 1 Buckeyes versus Illinois game under the theme: They Came from Outer Space. [The Ohio State University]

Man Does 33 Awesome Simpsons Impressions [Video]

Brock Baker, The Man of a Kajillion Voices, impersonates 33 characters from “The Simpsons” in 5 minutes. Also, a video of the man responding to viewers’ comments using voices from the show (below.) Warning: Language. [McGoiter]

ALL ABOUT THAT BASE: A Star Wars “All About that Bass” Parody [Video]

Check out Team Unicorn’s A fun Star Wars-themed parody of Meghan Trainor’s All About That Bass by Team Univern. No Rebels. [Nerdist]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Countdown to Black Friday Deals

Amazon has started offering some great deals in advance this month. Here are a few! –Spend $45 or More on Select Amazon Gift Cards, Get a $10 Promotional Credit for Yourself – This offer is good ONLY to Amazon Prime members with a free trial or paid membership who are new Amazon Gift Card customers. […]

Neill Blomkamp’s Upcoming Sci-Fi Movie “Chappie” Looks Positively FANTASTIC! [Trailer #1]

The trailer reminds me a little of a modern version of Short Circuit mixed with some of the first short movies by Neill Blomkamp I saw online before the man was popular. Every child comes into the world full of promise, and none more so than Chappie: he is gifted, special, a prodigy. Like any […]

Original C-3PO Actor Says Episode VII Will be Better Than “The Empire Strikes Back”

Since C-3PO’s portrayal remains the same during the six first film, the character is the only one throughout the entire saga that is played by the same actor (Anthony Daniels.) Yesterday night, the actor wrote on Twitter that Episode VII might very well be the Best Star Wars sequel ever. "No movie sequel is better […]

GEEKGASM: Nathan Fillion and Joss Whedon Had a Lightsaber Fight Yesterday [Pic]

Brian McElhaney of Britanick posted this picture on twitter yesterday saying: I’m currently watching Joss Whedon and Nathan Fillion have a lightsaber battle. I felt it important this photo be shared. Indeed. Geekdom trembles before the awesomeness of this photo. [Via Brian McElhaney on Twitter]

“Dumb Ways To Die” Done Portal Style [Video]

A funny Portal parody of the song, ‘Dumb Ways To Die’ by Tangerine Kitty by Youtuber Harry101UK. [Harry101UK]

Silent Hill: The Cosplay Fan Film [Video]

This surprisingly good Silent Hill fan film was made by cosplayers, and according to them, for cosplayers, but I disagree, everyone who likes the Silent Hill series should enjoy this! Starring: Stacey Roy, Ashley O’Neill, Kayla Tetreau, and Jeffrey Dykstra. [RP WhaBam]

While Children Sleep, Their Stuffed Teddy Bears Fight Away Horrors Under Their Beds [Short Film]

A fantastic short animated film featuring a teddy bear that fights away the horrors hidden under the bed of the kid it protects. Check it out below! I never get tired of watching this! This is one of the best short films I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and I’ve seen A LOT. Enjoy! [Tyler […]

Watch this Classical Orchestra Perform Before and After Eating the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers [Video]

You have to admire these people’s dedication to the music! The concentration and focus needed to play their instruments correctly must have helped a lot though, because as soon as they stop, you can see the devastating effect that the chili peppers have on them. Members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie […]

A Hilarious Guide to the Alien Races of Star Trek [Video]

From the logical Vegans (such as Mr. Spot) to the ferocious and honorable Klingsofleons (such as Lieutenant Yiff,) here is a very complete and hilarious guide to the alien races of Star Trek Trip. [Neil Cicierega]