This Extra Large Crocheted Baby Yoda Looks Amazing!

Update: Unfortunately, the product is not available anymore, but you can now order an officially licensed Baby Yoda plush!

Update 2: There are plenty of other Baby Yoda crochet patterns on Etsy right here!

We posted a small crocheted baby yoda doll last week, but this super large one (14″ tall!) is by far the most gorgeous and detailed version we’ve seen! Crochet him you must!

We must protect the asset! Who even is he? Or she? Or what? Who cares? Its adorable. This pattern instructs you how to make a life-size stuffed baby inspired by Baby Yoda/Yiddle with easy to find supplies and simple techniques. Everything is photographed and explained in easy to follow step by step instructions. You should know basic crochet skills, but now is a good time to learn.

[The Child Amigurumi Baby Crochet doll Pattern]

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