Sandwich Sam: A Funny Song About a Sandwich Man That Turns Really Dark, Really Quickly!

A fun song about Sandwich Sam the sandwich man. Sam is a sandwich man that has some rather serious psychological problems. Just listen to the song, it’s rather catchy! [Aunty Donna] Advertisements


Ryan Reynolds Writes Tear-Jerking Tribute to The Greatest Deadpool Fan of All Time

13-year-old Deadpool mega fan Connor McGrath recently lost his battle against cancer, but not before the kid had the chance to see Deadpool and meet Ryan Reynolds thanks to the Make a Wish foundation. Here is the actor’s tribute to the boy, who apparently embodied a lot of what Deadpool was all about… in a […]

Prepare Yourself to be Punished on Netflix! [Teaser Trailer]

  One batch. Two batch. Penny and dime. This is going to be awesome. Yes, you got it, it means that Netflix will be launching a Punisher series in the foreseeable future, but unfortunately, there’s no details about the exact date yet. I don’t care, I’m just happy that the series is in development now!

The Evolution of Captain America in Television & Film (From 1944 to Today)

After looking at the evolution of Iron Man, Superman, and Batman, Burger Fiction now tackles the evolution of Captain America (1944-2016) in their latest video. [Burger Fiction]

Consolation Of Philosophy: A Song That Hasn’t Been Played For 1000 Years [Video]

After more than two decades of work, an ancient song repertory was reconstructed thanks to the persistence of Cambridge University‚Äôs Dr Sam Barrett and is now performed for the first time in 1,000 years. After piecing together an estimated 80-90 per cent of what can be known about the melodies for The Consolation of Philosophy, […]

See Black Panther Kicking Bucky’s Butt in Latest “Civil War” Clip [Video]

Watch as Black Panther fight Bucky in this short excerpt from Captain America: Civil War. [JoBlo Movie Trailers]

The Harp Twins Perform The Imperial March from Star Wars [Video]

This video should be named “Harp Wars: Attack of the Clones.” [The Harp Twins]

These “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Paintings are Beautiful and Sad [Pics]

German artist Jenny Dolfen has created a series of beautiful and rather sad Star Wars: The Force Awakens paintings illustrating some of the inner struggles that are probably going through Kylo Ren’s mind during the movie. For those interested, prints are available at the artist’s Etsy store. [Source Jenny Dolfen | Via GG]