When Eleven Became Twelve: How The Doctors Are Numbered [Pic]


Thanks, Tennant! You screwed everything up! [BBC | Via NA]

Sherlock Spoils EVERYTHING! [Video]


Warning: Absolutely NO spoilers for Sherlock S3… but Spoilers for EVERYTHING ELSE! Sherlock is back, and ready to ruin all your favorite TV shows! [Only Leigh]

A Cool Rock Adaptation of Disney’s Gummi Bear Theme Song [Video]


Once again, The Human Tim is bringing some nice childhood memories back with his fun rock adaptation of the Gummi Bear theme song. [The Human Tim]

WTH Happened to Movie Posters: An Analysis of Movie Posters from the Past vs. The Present [Video]


Youtuber GoodBadFlicks analyzes how movie posters have evolved over time… and how insipid and boring they have now become. Do you agree with this guy? Disagree? Why? Let us know in the comments section below! [GoodBadFlicks | Via TA]

Veronica Mars: The Movie [First Full Trailer]


The first official trailer for the crowd-funded Veronica Mars movie! Years after walking away from her past as a teenage private eye, Veronica Mars gets pulled back to her hometown, an ex-boyfriend with baggage, and an unraveling murder mystery. In theaters on March 14th, 2014. [Veronica Mars]

Star Wars: The Lost 1980’s Anime [Video]


Why do I still have these feelings? [Nacho Punch | Via LS]

Fun TF2 Short Film: Disruption [Video]


A fun short movie featuring some the characters from TF2 universe. Winner of Best Comedy at the Saxxy Awards 2013. [FineLeatherJackets | Via TA]

What Does the Fox Say? – The Adventure Time Parody [Video]


A fun Adventure Time-themed parody of “What Does the Fox Say?” by Ylvis. Created by Cartoon Network Africa. [Source: Cho0segoose on Youtube | Via LS | The Nerdist]

Sci Fi Science Myths Explained [Video]


SCI FI movies are awesome, but they are full of scientific inaccuracy. In this episode of SCI CODE we boldly investigate Outer-Space Myths. [Coma Niddy]

Misheard Song Lyrics: The 2013 Edition [Video]


A compilation of misheard song lyrics coming from songs that were released this year. I’m friends with the mustard that’s under my bed. That is all. [Pleated Jeans]

Jessica Rabbit Stars in Star Wars, TRON, and More! [Picture Gallery]


A fantastic series of illustrations envisioning Jessica Rabbit starring in various movies by German artist FitzOblong. [Source: FitzOblong on Deviantart | Via NA]