Marvel vs. DC Movies: Who Has the Better Line-Up?

So, whose side are you on? DC or Marvel? [Source: Zimbio]

8 Weird Doctor Who Facts + Christmas Dalek Song [Videos]

Did you know that Torchwood is an anagram of Doctor Who? This is just one of 8 weird facts by Buzzfeed about Doctor Who. Oh, and that Christmas Dalek song? Here it is: Not bad, but I still prefer that Dalek song that a man performed on Britain’s Got Talent in 2012: [Buzzfeed]

5-Year-Old Girl Discusses Princess Leia’s Slave Outfit With Her Dad [Video]

English comedian and actor Adam Buxton recently had a conversation with his 5-year-old daughter about Princess Leia’s slave outfit and Jabba The Hutt’s fashion ideas, and it went exactly as shown in the video above. Also, it reminds me of a quite excellent post we published a while ago: No Underwear in Outerspace: Star Wars […]

Most Wanted: This (Surprisingly Good) Movie Trailer was Made Entirely In GTA V! [Video]

Hey, that looks surprisingly good! I don’t think “Most Wanted” will end up being a full movie, but I’d totally watch it if it would! [Commandoflauge]

This Baby Groot From Hot Toys is Almost Perfect and I Want It [Pics]

This absolutely gorgeous 1/4 scale baby Groot Collectible figure comes from Hot Toys and will be released in January 2015. You can pre-order it right now from As far as I’m concerned, I already placed my order! Now Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys are excited to present one of the cutest 1/4th scale collectibles […]

The Hobbit: Rap Battle of the Five Armies [Video]

A rap battle of the five armies? Oh well, why not? :) [The Warp Zone]

Super Zero: A Badass Journey Into Zombie AWESOMENESS [Short Film]

So someone sent me this short film today, and I almost discarded the email, but I’m happy I took the time to check out these AWESOME SHORT FILM about a geeky guy with cancer who becomes a badass Zombie killer and mankind’s last hope for survival. [Mitch Cohen]

The Ultimate “I Am” Movie Supercut [Video]

An entertaining mashup of some of the most popular movie characters in the world declaring who they are! I’m Batman. [MOVIECLIPS Trailers]

Christmas as Envisioned by Popular Movie Directors [Video]

Christmas morning as seen through the eyes of Quentin Tarantino, Christopher Nolan, Alfred Hitchcock, M. Night Shyamalan, Michael Bay, and more! [Fourgrounds Film | Via IO9]

Summer Glau Brings Massive Killer Robot Friend to Her Ex’s Art Show [Videos]

This the first episode of a web show featuring Summer Glau and her 10′ tall robot friend. Yes, that’s a pretty awesome concept for a show, and if you like the first episode, be sure to check out episode two and three below! Episode #2: Pug vs Giant Robot Episode #3: Giant Robots Have Feelings, […]

LET IT GO: The LOTR Parody [Video]

A strangely appropriate Lord of the Ring-themed parody of “Let is Go” by the folks over at The Hillywood Show. [The Mary Sue]

The Lord of the Rings Mythology in a Nutshell [Video]

Just before going to see the final Hobbit movie, familiarize yourself with the vastly complex mythology of The Lord of The Rings universe. If you don’t feel like going through The Silmarillion, this is the video to watch. [CGP Grey]