Silent Hill: The Cosplay Fan Film [Video]

This surprisingly good Silent Hill fan film was made by cosplayers, and according to them, for cosplayers, but I disagree, everyone who likes the Silent Hill series should enjoy this! Starring: Stacey Roy, Ashley O’Neill, Kayla Tetreau, and Jeffrey Dykstra. [RP WhaBam]

While Children Sleep, Their Stuffed Teddy Bears Fight Away Horrors Under Their Beds [Short Film]

A fantastic short animated film featuring a teddy bear that fights away the horrors hidden under the bed of the kid it protects. Check it out below! I never get tired of watching this! This is one of the best short films I’ve ever seen on the Internet, and I’ve seen A LOT. Enjoy! [Tyler […]

Watch this Classical Orchestra Perform Before and After Eating the World’s Hottest Chili Peppers [Video]

You have to admire these people’s dedication to the music! The concentration and focus needed to play their instruments correctly must have helped a lot though, because as soon as they stop, you can see the devastating effect that the chili peppers have on them. Members of the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing Tango Jalousie […]

A Hilarious Guide to the Alien Races of Star Trek [Video]

From the logical Vegans (such as Mr. Spot) to the ferocious and honorable Klingsofleons (such as Lieutenant Yiff,) here is a very complete and hilarious guide to the alien races of Star Trek Trip. [Neil Cicierega]


Since Cole the Cat looks a little bit like Toothless the Dragon, his owner decided to make him a “How to Train Your Dragon” costume for Halloween! Check it out! [Cole and Marmalade]

WHO YOU GONNA CALL? This Fun Electro-Remix of the Ghostbusters Movie Will Get You Grooving! [Music Video]

DON’T CROSS THE STREAMS! It’s Halloween and it’s been 30 years since Ghostbusters was released so Eclectic Method is hitting two bats with one pumpkin with this Ghostbusters remix. Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd’s classic gets the rewind…..streams are crossed, Zuul prepares us for the coming of Gozer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow man appears […]

Amazon’s Amazing Digital Games Halloween Sale + Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey (Up to 63% Off)

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers some AMAZING deals on a large variety of digital games such as Bioshock Infinite, Fallout New Vegas (Ultimate Edition), Battlefield 4, Titanfall, and many, many other titles. Be sure to scroll down the page a little once you see the link to see all the […]

MC SafeSearch Is Very Concerned About Password Security, Yo! [Video]

MC SafeSearch wants you to be more careful about password security, and he wrote a song about it to help keep all your online accounts safe, yo. [CH | Stop. Think. Connect]

Movie Characters Sing ‘Duck Tales’ Theme [VIDEO]

Somehow, this is even more amusing than those President Obama videos… [The Unusual Suspects / via YouTube]

The Ultimate (And Hilarious!) Guide to the Alien Races of Star Wars [Video]

A very complete, in a kind of senseless way, guide to the aliens of the Star Wars universe. Ever heard of Star Wars Episode III: A N00b Hoop? Yeah, me neither! [Neil Cicierega]

Horror Movie Villains Terrorize Innocent Victim [Halloween Cosplay Photos]

My friend Kimette from Kimette Cosplay had these fantastic photos taken along with a bunch of horror movie villains (The Dreams Slasher Creations) in honor of All Saints’ Day (Samhain/Halloween) at Quebec City ComicCon 2014. A perfect recreation of a scene you’d see in a classic horror movie! Photography by Stephane Laroche. Model: Kimette Cosplay […]

HILARIOUS: How The Avengers: Age of Ultron Teaser Should Have Ended

I haven’t laughed this much in a while. HAKUNA MATATA! From HISHE: Ultron quotes movies, and it’s super creepy. Enjoy our animated alternate parody ending to the hit teaser trailer Avengers: Age of Ultron. [HISHE]