Is ‘Daredevil’ Season 2 the Best Season of Comic Book TV Yet?

Daredevil’s first season on Netflix was awesome. Killing away the bad taste that the awful Daredevil movie left in our mouths, it is gritty and dark and everything we hoped it would be. But who knew what we would get with season 2? We knew Punisher and Elektra were cast, and they set the tone […]

Less Violent Ways Batman Could Have Battled Superman

Do you bleed? I have some band-aids on standby just in case. Anyways, your turn. [Dorkly]

When Hardcore Harry Meets Harry Potter [Video]

Thanks to the folks over at Pistol Shrimps, we can now get an idea of what a Harry Potter film filmed in the style of Hardcore Henry would look like. I’d totally pay to see something like this! [PistolShrimps]

When The Twelfth Doctor Illustrates The Twelfth Doctor [Pic + Video]

As a thank you to illustrator Rachael Stott for her work on Titan Comics’ Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor Adventures series, Peter Capaldi created this fantastic illustration featuring the Doctor walking on the rings of an unknown planet with the TARDIS in the background. I GOT FANMAIL I'M CRYING OMG #doctorwho#PeterCapaldi — Rachael Stott […]

ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS Trailer – Easter Eggs, References & Things Missed

Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer 1 is here! Check out all the Easter Eggs, References, Things Missed, as well as a closer look at who is the mysterious character in the cloak may in fact be. #rogueoneisaprequel [Mr Sunday Movies]

If Star Wars Characters had Facebook [Video]

What if your favorite characters from the force awakens and all the other Star Wars movies interacted with each other on facebook? They would probably act very similar to how we do on earth… [The Warp Zone]

How “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” Should Have Ended – Alternate Edition [Video]

We showed you the first edition a few days ago, now here’s the second. From Hishe: The Alternate Ending to How The Force Awakens Should Have Ended. This scene was originally written to be part of our Main Force Awakens HISHE, but it was cut because the scale of the short was already pretty full. […]

What if He-Man was a Reality Show: THE REAL MASTERS OF ETERNIA [Video]

This is the true story of 8 Eternians, picked to live in Castle Grayskull, compete in challenges, and have their lives filmed to find out what happens when The Masters of the Universe stop being polite, and start getting… impolite. [DreamWorksTV]