R+L=J: Theory on Who Are Jon Snow’s Parents [Video]

Warning: Major Book 1 / Season 1 spoilers. Minor Book 2 and Seasons 2-4 Spoilers An animated explanation of R+L=J, a Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones fan theory. This video contains major spoilers for Book 1 / Season 1, and some minor spoilers/references for Book 2 and Seasons 2-4. Basically, if […]

GAS Interviews Elijah Wood from ‘Wilfred’!

Elijah Wood is a jack of all trades, yet a master of them all: Actor, producer, DJ, humanitarian, business owner…the list goes on. For most of you reading this, we grew up with him. From his bit part in Back to the Future: Part II to North to The Faculty to (of course!) The Lord […]

DREAMS: A Beautiful Cosplay Music Video from London Film & Comic Con 2014 [Video]

From Shades on Production: Every Year, thousands of people realise their dreams and become the heroes of their imaginations. Just some of the fantastic Cosplayers at the London Film & Comic Con in July 2014. A Huge thank you to everyone involved. [ShadesOnProductions]

Mythbusters: Cuz Tonight We Do Science! [A Body Count’s Cop Killer Parody]

Long time GAS reader “BoneCage” just sent me this awesome song he wrote in homage to the fabulous people over at The Mythbusters, and as most of what he writes, it’s pretty fantastic! Check it out! Who doesn’t love Mythbusters? I like Mythbusters. I also like Body Count, so I wrote this song. Boom! [BoneCage]

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Lego Stop-Motion Tribute [Video]

Scenes from the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary recreated through Lego stop-motion. [bookshelfprodutions]

Handy: “Weird Al” is Just Like Macgyver in Latest Music Video

Here’s today’s music video from Weird Al in his “8 music videos in 8 days” saga. [weirdal]

Weird Al + Conspiracy Theories = FOIL: A Parody of Lorde’s “Royals” [Music Video]

Foil: The third video in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 8 music videos in 8 days. This time, the legend takes on “Royals” by Lordes. And don’t forget: Aliens are probing us, the government is watching everything we do, and the Illuminati are a real thing! Don’t forget to wear your tin-foil hat 24/7! [CH]

Word Crimes: “Weird Al” Parodies Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines [Music Video]

Word Crimes: A new music video in “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 8 music videos in 8 days. Watch yesterday’s video: Because I’m Tacky: A Happy Parody by Weird Al Yankovic [alyankovicVEVO]

The HALO 3 Theme Song in a Stairwell [Video]

This is amazing. Edit: And here’s a much better version we posted a while ago, but I’ll repost it anyways. (Thanks qner!) [Quinn Halleck]

Trekker Transforms Basement into $500,000 “USS Enterprise” Man Cave [Video]

From Barcroft TV: A STAR Trek fan has boldly gone where no fan has gone before — by building a replica Enterprise in his basement worth a staggering $500,000. Anthony Sforza has loved the show for as long as he can remember and starting collecting action figures in the 1980s. After amassing a huge collection […]

Visit Adam Savage’s Man Cave Directly Via Google Street View

Thanks to Google Street View, you can now visit Adam Savage’s personal workshop just like if you’d be there! Go ahead, use the interface above to move around his “man cave” and explore all the cool gadgets and props he has on display. [Google Street View | Via TMS]

Because I’m Tacky: A “Happy” Parody by Weird Al Yankovic [Music Video] [Warning: Auto-Play]

Check out “Tacky” a fun parody of Pharrell’s super-hit “Happy” by Weird Al Yankovic. Weird Al has announced that he will be releasing 8 music videos in the next 8 days, starting with this one today! Edit: If you’re reading this from the front page, check out the video after the “jump.” I’m putting it […]