Super Smash Wars: A Link To The Hope – A Star Wars / Nintendo-Verse Mashup


NEXT UP IN ANOTHER DIMENSION: When Phantom Lord Ganon-Darth unveils his latest weapon, it will be up to Link Skywaker to learn the ways of the TRIFORCE, and lead a rag-tag rebellion against the Empire. [James Farr]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 70% Off Marvel Movie Bundle on Blu-Ray (9 Movies) – $59.99 + FREE Shipping


For today’s edition of deal of the day, Amazon has the Marvel Movie Bundle on Blu-Ray(9 Movies – X-Men / Daredevil / X2: X-Men United / Elektra / Fantastic 4 / X-Men: The Last Stand / Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silver Surfer / X-Men Origins: Wolverine / X-Men: First Class) for just $59.99 plus […]

Must-Watch Sci-Fi Short: The Signal [Video]


2046. A new energy source, created to solve the world’s energy crisis, is believed to have deadly side effects. When The Signal’s inventor chooses to help a girl warn the public, he gains an unlikely ally to save the world from his own creation. This live action short film was shot in downtown Los Angeles […]

The Star Wars Gangsta Rap is Already 13 Years Old! [Video]


I remember when the original version of this song/video came out in 2000, I watched it over, and over, and over again. Back then, Youtube didn’t exist, and the video was in flash format on I’ve included both the revamped (above) and original version (below) to share the nostalgia with you guys. We’ve got […]

Chubbs the Wampug Looks Mighty Fierce in her Gamorrean Guard Outfit [Pic]


Last year, she was Banthapug, the year before, her owner transformed her into wampug, and this year, she’s a Gamorrean guard. Edit: This is quite obviously a happy little pug! The headline was written to put emphasis on the Gamorrean aspect of her costume. Edit #2: I’d like to apologize for not reporting the info […]

Totally EPIC Khal Drogo Halloween Costume + Performance [Pic + Video]

René Koiter as Khal Drogo

I’ll soon be posting a full picture gallery of user-submitted Halloween costumes on the site, but I think this specific one by Blizzard Entertainment employee René Koiter should be on a post of its own. Not only did René create one of the most amazing and true-to-the-series depiction of Khal Drogo I’ve seen, but he […]

Thor (The Movie) As an 8-Bit Video Game [Video]


CineFix presents Thor retold via old-school 8-bit (and a little 16 bit ;) game tech. No quarters or controllers required! [CineFix]

Fun Nintendo Songs Medley: A-Bit of 8-Bit [Video]


An awesome medley of various olschool Nintendo games by Youtuber Joe Jeremiah [Joe Jeremiah | Via UD]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up To 72% Off On The “Alien Anthology Collection” and “Prometheus” on Blu-ray [Today Only!]


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon has the Alien Anthology box set (4 Movies) on Blu-Ray for just $19.49 (72% Off) and Prometheus for $9.49 (62% Off). [Save Up To 72% On The “Alien Anthology Collection” and “Prometheus” on Blu-ray]

‘This is Halloween’ Sung by 1 Guy…Doing 66 Voices [Video]


Boston Conservatory graduate Dan Buckley sings EVERY PART of “This is Halloween” from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  He says it took him five nights to record everything, and one day to create the video. [Dan Buckley Music / Source: YouTube]

Simpsons Couch Gag Done “The Hobbit”-Style [Video]


The Simpsons spoof The Hobbit in the latest couch gag from the “4 Regrettings and A Funeral” episode. [Animation Domination]

‘Hocus Pocus’ 20th Anniversary Panel [Video]

hocus-pocus_20th anniversary

What’s your favorite Halloween movie? If you answered anything other than Hocus Pocus, you’re wrong. Well, the film recently had a cast reunion at Walt Disney Studios in Burbank, California for its 20th anniversary. (Yup. You  and I are that old.) One very good Samaritan – and fan – filmed one of the discussion panels, featuring […]