Wow! The First “Avengers: Infinity War” Teaser Will Get You Really Excited About the Movie! [Video]

The culmination of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will probably end with “Avengers: Infinity War,” and this short teaser that was just released earlier today will get you really excited about the upcoming movie. Check it out! [Marvel Entertainment] Advertisements


Princess Dance Battle: Beauty and the Beast vs. Frozen [Video]

Watch as Belle from Beauty and the Beast wanders a little too far from her land and ends up in Arendelle where she ends up doing a dance battle against Elsa and Anna. [ScottDW]

Complete Strangers Do the ‘Lady & The Tramp’ Pasta Scene Challenge [Video]

This is adorable. Watch what happens when two complete strangers have to come together and try to recreate the classic spaghetti scene from Disney’s Lady and the Tramp. [Oh My Disney]

Beauty and Lord Voldemort [Video]

Who could ever learn to love a real beast like Voldemort? A mashup of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and ‘Harry Potter’, with Voldemort being the beast, and Belle, a witch. Naturally, Gaston would be a brave Gryffindor in this scenario. Check it out! [PistolShrimps]

Netflix Show Merch On The Way

Netflix wants to license its original shows for merchandise such as toys and comics. The move follows a successful test of Stranger Things merchandise at Hot Topic. The news came to light in a job listing spotted by Bloomberg. The ad mentions that the idea is for licensed merchandise to act as a promotional tool […]

Marvel’s Iron Fist: Colleen Wing Fight Scene [Video]

Here’s a short scene from Netflix’s upcomming show, Iron Fist, featuring Colleen Wing, a diminutive looking lady that can kick some major butt. Colleen Wing learned martial arts after everything else was taken from her. Now, she’s putting her abilities to the test. Marvel’s Iron Fist premieres March 17, 2017 exclusively on Netflix. [Netflix]

John Wick Gets an Honest Trailer + A John Wick Parody: Dog Wick [Video]

You killed his dog and stole his car, how he’s back for revenge: John Wick! And a parody (below) by Freedie Wong from RocketJump: Dog Wick. [Screen Junkies | RocketJump]

The Guardians of the Galaxy Show Off Their Dance Moves for Vol. 2

The official Twitter account for the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise has just posted these amusing promo videos featuring Star-Lord, Gamora, Yondu, Groot, and Drax showing of some of their personal dance moves. Check it out! How’s this for a celebration dance? #GotGVol2 — GuardiansOfTheGalaxy (@Guardians) February 6, 2017 There are no rules against […]