Princess Rap Battle: Galadriel vs. Leia [Video]


It’s a battle of the trilogies as Leia takes on Galadriel! [Whitney Avalon]

Mee Thinksa The Phantom Menace Gonna Be Berry Berry Goodsa


With the Star Wars Episode 7 trailer coming out today, the Dorkly site has looked back at the reaction to the first trailer for The Phantom Menace. It’s safe to say some people may have been overenthusiastic: Check out Dorkly for many more reactions, including the poor soul who predicted “He may be a sidekick, […]

Fake Star Wars Trailer Still Entertaining


Think of this as a teaser to the teaser. Despite the YouTube description, it’s actually a very well-made fan video using a combination of clips from previous Star Wars-related video and audio from some unconventional sources. The good news is that the real teaser trailer isn’t just hitting select theaters tomorrow, but will be on […]

Harry Potter Envelope Turned Into Purse


Etsy user “Tobacco Pouch” created this beautiful leather purse based on Harry Potter’s acceptance letter from Hogwarts. Sadly it’s now sold, though the store offers several similar items including purses with map designs from Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. [Via: GeekyMerch]

Made From Pumpkin, It Is


Thanks to GaS reader Melissa for sending us this picture of her pumpkin pie. Almost seems a shame to have to cut it…

Game of Pokemon


In case you’ve ever wondered if you could produce a Pokemon title sequence using only footage from Game of Thrones, it appears the answer is yes… [Via: Geek Tyrant]

Star Wars Comes To Minecraft


If you’ve got the Xbox One or 360 versions of Minecraft, you can now download a skin pack of Star Wars characters for $2.99. The full list is: 4-LOM Admiral Ackbar AT-AT Pilot Ben Kenobi Bib Fortuna Blockade Runner Soldier Boba Fett Bossk C-3PO Cantina Band Member Chewbacca Darth Vader Dengar Emperor Emperor’s Royal Guard […]

Super Power Beat Down: Batman vs Darth Vader [Video]


It’s the latest installment of the Bat in the Sun’s web series which asks the public to vote who would win in a battle of movie, video game and comic book characters, then “films” a battle with that outcome. Next up is the Green Power Ranger vs Ryu, so be sure to cast your vote. […]

Jurassic World Trailer [Video]


Well, it seems some folk just don’t learn… The idea of the movie being based on “real” dinosaurs is gone (possibly for merchandise licensing reasons), and the plot seems to come down to “something something genetic modification something” but if you’re looking for the ultimate in special-effect-laden summer blockbuster, 2015 looks to be sorted already.

A Conversation With Smaug: LEGO-style


Thanks to Kevin at Brotherhood Workshop for sending us the latest instalment of his Lego movie recreations. This time Bilbo finds that when it comes to Smaug, actions might be better than words.

Princess Leia Bathrobe [Pic]

ThinkGeek already sells Jedi, Sith and Chewbacca robes. Now it’s made one for wannabe Princess Leias. It’s modelled on her first appearance in A New Hope, though in this case wearing the hood up in reality replicates wearing the hood down in the movie as, yes, it comes with built-in hair buns! Available from ThinkGeek.

Amazon Deal of the Day: 66% Off “The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings Ultimate Media Collection” – $72.70 + FREE Shipping


For today’s edition of Deal of the Day and today only, Amazon offers 66% off ($72.66) on The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Ultimate Media Collection, featuring the Shadow of Mordor video game on PS4 or Xbox One, the Lord of the Rings Motion Picture Trilogy Extended Editions on Blu-ray, and the J.R.R. Tolkien […]