Reboot: Indiana Jones with Anna Kendrick [Video]

Anna Kendrick reboots the Spielberg classic with her own take on the legendary archeologist. Watch Red Nose Day May 21 on NBC starting at 8/7c. [NBC]

‘Black Angel,’ the Lost Short Film Meant to Play in Front of ‘Empire Strikes Back’ Has Been Found, Restored…& Released! [VIDEO]

Last year, we brought you the story about Black Angel, the 25-minute short film commissioned by George Lucas that was to play in front of The Empire Strikes Back across Europe and Australia. The print was lost for over three decades, until it resurfaced about three years ago. After undergoing some restoration and few premieres […]

Adam Sandler’s “PIXELS” Gets a New Trailer [Video]

The second trailer for Adam Sandler’s “PIXELS.” This summer, aliens have sent real life video games to pixelate us — Meet the Arcaders chosen to play for the planet on July 24th! [Sony Pictures Entertainment]

Forging Predator’s Blades in Real Life [Video]

From Man at Arms – Reforged: Every other Monday, our team of blacksmiths and craftsman will build some of your favorite weapons, and some weapons that you’ve never seen before. This week, we’re recreating the badass Predator’s blades (aka: Gauntlet Knives) from the Alien vs. Predator movie. [AWE Me]

Steve Jobs (Teaser Trailer)

The trailer for “Steve Jobs,” the movie based on Walter Isaacson’s bestselling book. Set backstage at three iconic product launches and ending in 1998 with the unveiling of the iMac, Steve Jobs takes us behind the scenes of the digital revolution to paint an intimate portrait of the brilliant man at its epicenter. Steve Jobs […]

‘Jem’ Producer Responds To Trailer Backlash

If any of you were on the interwebz last week, you probably saw the somewhat jarring trailer for the new live action Jem movie based on the old 80’s cartoon. Pretty much anyone who grew up on the cartoon saw the trailer and wheezed out a WTF, as it looked like nothing resembling the original […]

MASHUP: Transformers Ruin Your Favorite Movies [Video]

Yep, that’s pretty much the only thing they’re good at it seems… [Source: Funny or Die]

The Science Of The Avengers (Iron Man, Captain America, Black Widow)

Science fans, assemble! The world’s top superhero team is back to save the world in “Avengers: Age of Ultron.” And these superheroes use some super science to help them keep the bad guys in check. This week, Reactions looks at the chemistry of the Avengers, including Tony Stark’s suit, Captain America’s shield and Black Widow’s […]

This “Sonic the Hedgehog” Fan Film is the Saddest Fan Film Ever [Video]

‘The Hedgehog’ is a short drama (7min) that follows a lone boy, who dressed up as his favorite video game hero, searches for adventure in a deserted suburban landscape… Nominated for the British Council Best UK Short Film at London Short Film Festival 2015 Official Selection at Manchester International Short Film Festival / Flatpack Film […]

The Madness Behind the Vehicles in ‘Mad Mad: Fury Road’

The one thing most people will walk away from Mad Max: Fury Road thinking is “how did they just do that?” From the sets to the outfits to (most importantly) the cars, how did they make such beautiful anarchy come to life? Well, it all started with a very simple mantra from the insane (and […]

Downtown Disney to Open Indiana Jones-Themed Bar [PICS]

Shortly after the confirmation of a 4th 5th Indiana Jones movie, Disney has announced an Indiana Jones-themed bar will be opening this fall. The Jock Lindsey’s Hangar Bar will be part of the renovation and revitalization of Disney Springs, which is part of downtown Disney. Named after Indy’s trusty pilot from Raiders of the Lost […]

The OceanMaker [Video]

After the seas have disappeared, a courageous pilot fights against vicious sky pirates for control of the last remaining source of water: the clouds. The bulk of the film was made using nothing but laptops during a 7-week artist retreat on a small caribbean island. [Mighty Coconut | Via GT]