New Photo of Olivia Munn as Psylocke on The Set of X-Men Apocalypse [Pic]

As part of her “Goodbye to 2015” posts on Instagram, Olivia Munn released this picture of herself as Psylocke in X-Men Apocalypse along with this note: #4 Getting to play #Psylocke in #xmenapocalypse. She’s a telekinetic telepath who chooses to kill with a sword because she wants to do it up close and intimate because […]

If Michael Bay Directed Star Wars Episode VII [Comic]

[Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Amazon Deal of the Day: 77% Off Alien Anthology and Prometheus Bundle (Blu-ray) – $20.99 + MORE Deals!

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers the Alien Anthology and Prometheus Bundle on Blu-ray for just $20.99. That’s 77% off on the bundle’s regular list price of $89.99. At that price, the Anthology alone is well worth it, and you get Prometheus thrown in on top of that! –Alien Anthology and […]

The Beard Awakens [Pic]

Beard artist James Myrick can grow his beard in remarkable shapes such as a spiral and other interesting designs. In honor of the new Star Wars movie, James grew his beard to look like the logo of the Rebel Alliance. Check it out! [James Myrick]

This Super Low Budget “Force Awakens” Trailer is Surprisingly Well Made! [Video]

A super low budget version of the trailer from “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” which kind of looks better than CGI Jar Jar! [Matthew Potter]


Arguably two of the best science fiction movies to come out in the last half decade, Ex-Machina and Under the Skin, here Cinefix examines both movies and tells you why Under the Skin deserves more attention than it got. Both unique and haunting films in their own right, this will give you the incentive to […]

Top 10 Futuristic Movie Cities [Video]

You know the city you are living in now? Well, imagine that with flying cars and taller, shinier buildings (you know, more futuristic!) and you have a pretty good idea of what you will see on this list. [WatchMojo]

Kylo Ren FREAKS OUT in Everyday Situations [Video]

Kylo Ren is a spoiled brat. [Bill Bergen]

99 Problems And A Lich Ain’t One [Parody Video]

A parody of Jay Z’s 99 Problems by the folks from One Hit Die. If you’re having quest problems, I feel bad for you son. I got 99 problems and a Lich ain’t one. [One Hit Die | Via GG]

Top Ten Trailers of 2015 HD

I think all us geeks can agree that 2015 was one of the best years for movies, in terms of movies aimed at our demographic. New Star Wars, new Jurassic Park, and a bevvy of awesome comic book movies showed us that we, the geeks, have finally inherited the earth. Here are the top ten […]

The Year in News: What Happened Next (Stories From November-December 2015)

We conclude our look back at 2015’s news and subsequent developments with November and December. Following a social media campaign with support from the likes of Mark Hamill, Disney arranged a private advance showing for a man with terminal lung cancer. Daniel Fleetwood, who had already outlived doctor predictions by several weeks, feared he would not survive […]

BB-8 vs Indiana Jones [Video]

From DeviantRahll: I was inspired by a picture mashing up the new droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Indiana Jones boulder scene and couldn’t resist putting this together. They’re two of my favorites franchises so I thought it’d be fun to do some fan service. [DeviantRahll]