Magnatron 2.0: When TRON Meets Synthwave

A gorgeous promo video created by artist Florian Renner for the synthwave collection Magnatron 2.0 from New Retro Wave. Music: Wice – Star Fighter. [Florian Renner | Via TA] Advertisements


This 8-Bit Apple IIc Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer is Absolutely Gorgeous

New York City-based artist Wahyu Ichwandardi can’t wait for The Last Jedi to come out, but since there’s still a few months left to wait, he decided to recreate the trailer on an old Apple IIc (From 1984) using Dazzle Draw, an old bitmap paint program for the mac. After drawing the 288 individual images, […]

How to Make Adult Butterbeer at Home [Video]

My friend Rich from Agressive Comix along with Secret of the Booze host Gary have decided to make an adult version of Harry Potter’s Butterbeer for the 20th anniversary of the series. Check it out above! [Secret of the Booze]

Vokul Fen Ma: An Original Skyrim Bard Song by Malukah

A fantastic new Skyrim-inspired bard song by singer Malukah. That girl has such a beautiful voice. [Malukah]


From The Warp Zone: Transformers 5: the Last Knight inspired us to resurrect this ass-kicking awesomely 80s theme song from Transformers: The Movie, acapella! [The Warp Zone]

Toy Story Zero: The True Story Of Andy’s Dad & Woody’s Origin

One of the longest standing mysteries about Pixar’s Toy Story movies is what happened to Andy’s dad? It turns out the secret was once revealed by Pixar’s Head Writer Joe Ranft to his friend Mike Mozart. Today J sits down with Mike to discuss and retell the amazing story that happened before Toy Story. [SuperCarlinBrothers]

A Wonderfully Wonderful Wonder Woman Cake [Pics]

The very talented folks over at the Cakes Cove bakery have recently created this absolutely gorgeous Wonder Woman cake (for an unknown occasion) and made a companion chocolate shoe to go along with it. Check out the rest of the pics below! [Source: Cakes Cove | Like “Cakes Cove” on Facebook | Via TN]

Loungefly Releases Gorgeous Captain America Messenger Bag and Wallet

Loungefly has some of the most gorgeous messenger bags out there (for a geek, at least) and now, they’ve released one specifically for fans of Captain America. They also have a wallet to go along with it, for those who are interested. Join the force when carrying the Marvel Captain American Canvas Crossbody bag from […]