A 5 Tier “Star Wars Opening Crawl” Wedding Renewal Cake [Pic]

Cake artist Cakeguy555 made this 5 tier Star Wars opeming crawl wedding renewal cake for a couple that was looking to renew their weeding vows, and apparently, not only was the cake extremely heavy, and was also very difficult to make, as expressed by the artist in the picture below. Une publication partagée par Time […]


What Only True Star Wars Fans Know About Boba Fett

When it comes to popularity versus screen-time, there may be no bigger winner than Boba Fett. For decades, fans have been fervently buying action figures, comics, and novels featuring the world’s favorite bounty hunter. Sorry, Dog. People love Fett, even though he has about four lines of dialogue in the entire Original Trilogy before being […]

Top 10 Cartoons Based On Video Games

Here are Distractotron’s top 10 list of cartoons based on video games, with one of my favorite, Nintendo’s Captain N: The Game Master, sitting at the #1 spot. Check it out! [DistractotronChannel]

Perfect for the Beaches of Scarif: Star Wars Space Board Shorts (And Mass Effect N7 Board Shorts)

These awesome quick-dry board shorts feature watercolor art of a Rebel/Imperial dogfight and are just the perfect thing to wear if you ever consider hitting the beaches on pre-Rogue One Scarif. Whether you’re swimming the lakes of Naboo, lounging poolside at one of fashionable pools on Coruscant, or soaking up the rays of the twin […]

Fahrenheit 451 HBO Movie Gets Lead Cast

HBO has confirmed Michael Shannon and Michael B Jordan as cast members in its long-awaited adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451. The project has been in the works for at least a year since the announcement that Ramin Bahrani would direct the show. Jordan, the star of Creed, will take the lead role of Montag, […]

Van Gogh’s Starry Night Featuring Characters and Scenes from Pop Culture [Gallery]

Some time ago, an education blog shared Aja Kusick‘s painting of the Eiffel tower thinking that it was an original Van Gogh. Kusick inspired herself from the situation to create a series of paintings using the artist’s iconic style mixed with characters and scenes from modern pop culture. Check ’em all out below, and if […]

Just in Time for Summer: Geektastic New Star Trek Trekini Swimwear

Last summer, Thinkgeek released their awesome and hugely popular Star Trek TNG one-piece swimsuits, and this year, their back with some new “Trekini” swimwear that allow you to show off your Star Trek fandom for your next shore leave! Available in science blue, command gold, and engineering red, in sizes S to 4X. Although we […]

T-SHIRT SALE: Save 40% Off on Over 1000 Geektastic Tees! – Just $12 Each! (With Promo Code)

There’s currently a big sale over at Busted Tees where they’re offering 40% off on all their t-shirts (use promo code spaceship). There are hundreds of tees to choose from for all tastes and fandoms, so be sure to check ’em all out! Plus, if you order over $80, shipping is free! [T-Shirt Sale: 40% […]