An Elijah Wood vs. Daniel Radcliffe Fight Almost Happened [Video]

The Internet has been obsessed about the resemblance between Daniel Radcliffe and Elijah Wood for a long, long time now, and Elijah Wood was interested in ending the whole thing with the ultimate solution: a fight between the two actors. Unfortunately, the event never took place, but it almost did, as explained in this video […]


Get Your Red Crayons Out! HBO Has Released an Official Game of Thrones Adult Coloring Book!

Be ready to get your red crayons out, because HBO has just released an officially licensed Game of Thrones adult coloring book! This is the perfect gift for your favorite Game of Thrones fans! Immerse yourself in the world of Game of Thrones through this beautifully and intricately illustrated coloring book for adults. Complete portraits […]

The Harp Twins Performs a My Little Pony Song Medley [Video]

Watch as Camille and Kennerly (also known as The Harp Twins) perform a medley of songs from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, including the original “My Little Pony Theme Song” and “Winter Wrap Up” composed by Daniel Ingram. The song is available for purchase via iTunes and CD Baby. [Source: Camille and Kennerly (The […]

A Spoiler Free Review of Doctor Strange [Video]

Here is a spoiler free review of Marvel’s Doctor Strange by Youtuber Mr Sunday Movies. The movie is good (one of the best origin movies Marvel has ever released!), The visuals are spectacular. The acting is great. It seems we have a winner on our hands! I’ll be heading to the theater on November 3rd […]

Stunning, Minimalist Horror Movies Posters by Jason Edmiston

With Halloween right around the corner, if you are anything like me you are spending the next week watching horror movies. Speaking of which, artist Jason Edmiston has made a series of minimalist art prints based around some very iconic horror flicks, and his use of only monochromatic colors with splashes of crimson really adds […]

Honest Trailers – The Nightmare Before Christmas [Video]

One of the best animated stop motion animated fantasy film of all time gets the “honest trailer” treatment! Can you believe this movie is already 23 years old? Yeah, me neither! From Screen Junkies: Strap in for the creepy kids’ movie you’re not really sure whether to call a Halloween or Christmas movie – Tim […]

Hamster Potter – ‘Harry Potter’ with Hamsters [Video]

Some people love hamsters, others love Harry Potter, and among these, some love both at the same time! It’s like a venn diagram illustrating people who love both hamsters and Harry Potter! In this video from Mashable Watercooler, you can watch various scenes from the Harry Potter movies unfold with the help of cute hamsters. […]

The Fabulous Cosplay of Quebec City Comic Con 2016 – Part II [Picture Gallery]

As mentionned yesterday, here is the second part of our pictures from Quebec City Comic Con 2016. For those of you who missed part I, you can check it out right here. As usual, if you see yourself in our picture gallery, be sure to let us know in the comments! With over 10,000 people […]