10 Times Fans Saved Shows From Being Cancelled

From simple ratings bluffs to lack of proper scheduling, many cult classic shows never really saw the light of day until the right person shared it with their friends.

We all know a show that we think got cancelled too early or didn’t get cancelled soon enough. But as the fans, it’s our responsibility to let the corporate executives know what is worth investing it and what isn’t. And in many of the cases we see in this video, the only way to attract their attention is with our money!

Futurama and Family Guy didn’t get the recognition they deserved until the DVD sales. Veronica Mars used the power of nostalgia to rake in almost $6 million to fund it’s feature film. The Office US would’ve never happened if it wasn’t for online streaming!
Comedy Central and Adult Swim also seem to be the saviours of comedy shows.

We go all the way back to even Star Trek the Original Series, where fans flooded studios with letters and even protested outside their buildings! Now that was something to behold! Twitter hasn’t been around forever, so you had to get creative! Like sending fake bananas to re-affrim interest in Arrested Development.

There are plenty of classic examples like FireFly, Jericho, Friday Night Lights, Nashville, The Expanse, Sense8, the list goes on! But if you don’t know the whole story, let us catch you up to speed!

Let’s dive into the times that we the fans saved shows from being cancelled!

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