You’ve been busted, now go wash your hands! [Pic]

An email my friend Scott over at Faildesk received: Don’t you just love how he explains his crappy grammar right out of the gate? [Via Faildesk]

The Watcher [Comic]

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AI Writes a Hilarious Saw Movie Script

Writer and comedian @KeatonPatti recently forced an AI to watch over 1,000 hours of the Saw movies and then asked it to write a script for yet another sequel of its own. Here’s the first page: [Source: @KeatonPatti]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Einstein vs Stephen Hawking [Video]

I’m republishing this post that dates back from 2012! Totally fitting since Hawking passed away on Einstein’s birthday! I know this one is kind old, but somehow, I missed it when it was initially released. Anyways, a rap battle involving Stephen Hawking against Einstein, how can you go wrong with that?

Ad Agencies Retell Classic Fairy Tales via Short Commercials [Videos]

The Greatest Stories Retold is a fun project where 13 world-renowned ad agencies were asked to reimagined various classic fairly tales in the form of short commercials. The result? A broad spectrum of imagination and creativity. showing that how stories are told is just as important as the stories themselves. Check ’em all out below!

Wanted Cat [Comic]

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Star Trek: TNG’s Greatest Poker Player: Stephen Hawking [Video]

Earlier today Stephen Hawking died at the age of 76. Here’s the opening scene from the episode: “Descent, Part 1” where Data plays poker with Stephen Hawking, Isaac Newton and Albert Einstein. Let’s remember Star Trek’s greatest poker player:

Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome [Video]

Microsoft Edge has one purpose and one purpose only… [Viva La Dirt League]