Pizza [Comic]

Yes, pizza is actually that good. Plus, that pizza needs to have hot pepper thrown in on top as well. [Source: Mr. Lovenstein | Like Mr. Lovenstein on Facebook]

Josh Brolin Dressed as His Character from ‘The Goonies’ For a 80s-Themed Party [Pic]

Actor Josh Brolin was recently invited to a friend’s 80s-themed party, and since he played in The Goonies, one of geekdom’s most memorable movies from that decade, he decided to go dressed as his character. Perfect, isn’t he? [Source: Josh Brolin on Instagram | Via FG]

Never Lie to IT People About Rebooting Your Computer [Video]

Just don’t do it. I.T. people will know you lied. [The Bitter IT Guy]

A Rainy Day [Comic]

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Honest Ad: If Mobile Games Were Honest

Want the best android and ios mobile games? Great! Just so we’re all clear here when it comes to mobile games, ‘freemium’ means ‘free until its time to steal your parents’ credit cards so you can buy your way to the end of the game that never ends.’ Now available on your favorite iPads and […]

Dorkly Comic – Nerdy Relationships: Movies vs Real Life

In this comic by Justin Hall (@JHallComics) from Dorkly, the artist takes compares the way nerdy relationships are often portrayed in movies and on television and compares them to how nerdy couples actually act in real life. [Source: Dorkly]

Haha Stupid [Comic]

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Birds and Bees [Comic]

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HOW TO: Take a Shower [Comic]

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Timmy vs. Cats & Dogs [Comic]

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Impending Doom [Comic]

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Going Up? [Comic]

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