An Animated Logan Trailer Parody [Video]

An animated parody of the Logan trailer! Hit the road with Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine faces his final and most devastating enemy yet: alcohol. To make matters worse, now he has to babysit a problem child and a paralysed professor! It’s enough to make anyone fall off the wagon. Except Logan’s already fallen of […]

One Room Left [Comic]

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Punisher & Luke Cage Go to Therapy before joining The Defenders [Video]

What do Frank Castle (The Punisher) and Luke Cage have in common? They both need therapy… Enter Doctor Roger Huntoon! A joint session with both these flawed heroes has Huntoon trying to make they learn from each other and perhaps fight crime in a more fulfilling way. Some special guests appear along the way, such […]

Gamer Girl in Battlefield 1 [Video]

Here’s what happens when a girl gamer asks for ammo in the multiplayer mode of Battlefield 1. [DooM49]

Levelling Up in Real Life [Comic]

A fantastic comic by artists Caroline Dy and Date Gagelonia from Draw Write Play taking a look at some of the different paths people take in life and how it allows them to “level up” in various ways. [Source: Draw Write Play by Caroline Dy and Date Gagelonia on Facebook | Follow Draw Write Play […]

8 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep [Comic]

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Pure Nintendo Genius: What If We Just Mix the Two?

What happens when you get two great tastes that taste great together? Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. Oh, and apparently Breath of the Wild. Hey, you cannot argue the logic on display here. Nintendo know what they are doing, that’s for sure. via

The Legend of Outside [Comic]

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Why Didn’t the Skeleton Go to The Ball [Comic]

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Honest Game Trailer: KINGDOM HEARTS 2.8

It might not be Kingdom Hearts 3, but Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will have to do until the new game comes out… eventually. [Smosh Games]

What if Star Wars Took Place Today? [Video]

Star War’s is supposed to take place LONG AGO in a galaxy far, far away… but what would it look like NOW, in a galaxy close, close by? [nigahiga]

Dorkly Comic: The Secret of What Makes Zelda: Breath of the Wild So Magical

A comic by Julia Lepetit and Tristan Cooper from Dorkly. [Souce: Dorkly]