Wonder Woman’s Armpit [Comic]

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Don’t Say Goodbye: The GLaDOS Song [Video]

A lovely little song written and performed by Ellen McLain and John Patrick Lowrie. The song was originally written as an Easter Egg for Portal 2, but ended up not being used. [Harry101UK]

Taking Care of Yourself [Comic]

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X-Men: Nightcrawler Cat [Video]

Nightcrawler the cat teleports way too much… [Kaipotainment]

The Anatomy of Even More Songs [Comic]

See part I of this comic here. [Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands]

Yawn [Comic]

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The Zombie Apocalypse for Geeks [Comic]

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I Really Need a Day Off [Comic]

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How To Be a Great Roommate [Comic]

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Do Not Turn Power Off [Animated Comic]

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It’s Not a Bug [Comic]

If you’ve never played solitaire on old Windows OSs, you probably won’t know what this is about. [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]