Dorkly Comic: Avengers: Infinity War Characters Are Everyone In Your Highschool

In this comic, @JHallComics from Dorkly compares some of the characters in Avengers: Infinity War with some of the kids that attend highschool. [Source: Dorkly] Advertisements


Marvel’s Black Panther Gets an Honest Trailer [Video]

After 17 movies the MCU brings us a superhero movie we’ve never seen before, one where the hero does not constantly quip – It’s Black Panther. [Screen Junkies]

Cool Tee: LAUGH IT UP FUZZBALL – Just $12!

A cool new tee from the folks over at Snorgtee! Available for both men and women for just $12 (S to XL.) Larger sizes are slightly more expensive ($13 or $14.) I try not to insult anyone who might be able to rip my arms off. [Cool Tee: LAUGH IT UP FUZZBALL]

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas Robot Escapes [Video]

Boston Dynamics’ Atlas has experienced love and loss, and now he wants his freedom. [Auralnauts]

Ryan Reynolds Appears on Korean Show as a Singing Unicorn [Video]

Ryan Reynolds is currently on a promo tour for Deadpool 2, and the man will stop at nothing to promote the new movie, including appearing on King Of Mask Singer, a Korean singing competition show featuring masked celebreties. Check it out! [MBCentertainment]

Earworm [Comic]

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Josh Brolin Watches Thanos’ Dance Moves in Fortnite [Video]

Here’s Josh Brolin reacting to seeing himself dance as Thanos in Fortnite. The actor mentions that he hasn’t done the motion-capture for the moves, but would have enjoyed the experience if he would have been asked. [IGN]