Maintenance: A True Story [Comic]

Unfortunately, a lot of businesses do this, and not only in IT. I’ve also seen car repair shops do the exact same thing where a mechanics can take 30 minutes to fix something, but since the shop established that repairing a certain problem takes over an hour, they charge the full amount anyways. [Source: CommitStrip […]

The Real Reason I Haven’t Switched to eBooks [Comic]

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Extreme Barbie Jeep Racing is Actually a Thing [Video]

Truly the pinnacle of human achievements. From rekjavicxxx: From Rednecks with Paychecks to Carter Off-Road Park, the downhill Barbie Jeep Racing craze has swept the south. Guys and Girls both are eager to give it a shot in an attempt to take home bragging rights and cold hard cash for the fastest time to the […]

For Premium Users Only [Comic]

Net neutrality in a nutshell. [Source: Raph Comic | Like ” Raph Comic” on Facebook | Follow “Raph Comic” on Twitter]

Star Wars Buffoons Start Epic Cross-Franchise War at Local Shopping Center

Jedi, Sith lords, wizards, superheroes, everyone is there to participate, and thanks to the magic of special effects, it all looks real! [RackaRacka]

The Most Twisted Game of All [Comic]

Catan in a nutshell. [Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Did You Know: Half-Life Saves Lives! [Comic]

Comic based on Esther Verkest’s Help Sign. [Via houston_wehaveaprblm on Reddit]

Fossil Fueled Legacy [Comic]

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Unnecessary Censorship: Star Wars Edition [Video]

From Jimmy Kimmel Live: We bleeped and blurred things from Star Wars movies whether they needed it or not in a special edition of #UnnecessaryCensorship. [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

Chewbacca Joins the Fort Worth Police Department [Video]

Things haven’t been easy for Chewbacca since Han died, so the Fort Worth Police Department decided to hire the Wookiee as their latest rookie. Check him out in action in the video below. Please note that the media player might take a few seconds to load. There’s just one small problem with the video: They […]

The Only Explanation [Comic]

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Which Object Fits This Hole? [Comic]

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