These Valyrian Steel Razors Will Give You the Closest Shave Ever!

Valyrian steel swords are the best and sharpest swords one can wield in the Game of Thrones universe, so it stands to reason that Valyrian Steel razors will never require replacement blades. Prepare yourself for the smoothest shave of your life. Strong, lightweight, and perfectly balanced: these blades glide gently over your skin with no […]


I Want to be a Knight [Comic]

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Sundays [Comic]

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Vase [Comic]

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Lazy Ass Humans [Comic]

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WATCH: Captain Marvel’s Goose End Credit Scene is Now Online!

To celebrate the home launch of Captain Marvel on Blu-Ray and Digital, the folks at Marvel have released the movie’s end credit scene featuring everyone’s favorite cat / flerken as he vomits the tesseract on Nick Fury’s desk. Check out it below!! [Captain Marvel (Digital) | Captain Marvel (Blu-Ray)]

The Dark Side of Batman [Comic]

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Discovery [Comic]

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