Amazon’s Echo and Google Home Talk to Each Other in an Infinite Loop [Video]

From Adam Jakowenko: Decided to have some fun with my Echo and Google Home. [Adam Jakowenko]

Customer Service [Comic]

Yep, that pretty much sums it up. [Source: Underfold Comics | Like “Underfold Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Underfold Comics” on Twitter]

STAR WARS: Rogue Wha? (A Rogue One Parody) [Video]

This video reveals the Rebels secret weapon to fight off AT-ACT walkers, An awkward Tie Striker landing and the Death (Metal) Troopers. [Darren Wallace]

Winter is Coming [Comic]

BRING ALL THE STUFFIES! [Source: Lunar Baboon Comics | Like Lunar Baboon Comics on Facebook | Follow Lunar Baboon Comics on Twitter]

The Best Harry Potter Rap Ever: Hufflepuff Puff Pass [Video]

Check out this amazing hip-hop anthem to the kind-hearted wizards living in Hogwarts’ most unsung house, Hufflepuff. I usually don’t like geek themed raps all that much, even though I post them most of the time after finding them, but this time, I genuinely enjoyed this song! Hufflepuff Puff Pass! [Source: Amontiock on Youtube]

How To Use a Selfie Stick Without Bothering Others [Comic]

A photo posted by theoatmeal (@theoatmeal) on Nov 30, 2016 at 1:16pm PST In this comic from The Oatmeal, artist Matthew Inman portrays the appropriate way to use a selfie stick without bothering others. [Source: The Oatmeal]

Movies that Would Have Turned Out Better With Smartphones [Comics]

Internet provider Plusnet visualized (into comic form) how adding a smartphone to the plot of various movies would have made the endings of said movies a whole lot happier. Check them all out below: Lord of the Rings: Psycho: Castaway: The Shining: Fight Club: The Ring: Jingle All the Way: [Source:]

Wiping is Coming!

A wooden toilet paper holder shaped like the dire wolf emblem of the Stark Family from Game of Thrones! For those times when you need to go on the throne, might as well conclude that fatality with a classy toilet paper holder! Become a noble in your moments of concentration … Wiping is coming! Can […]

Robot Chicken: 3 Classic Moments with Emperor Palpatine [Video]

Three occasions demonstrating Seth MacFarlane’s Emperor at his finest. The first one is a classic, but somehow, the second and third one were new to me! Check it out! [Adult Swim]

Uh Oh [Comic]

[source: Max is Drawing]

The Cannon of Literature [Comic]

Yeah, we know it’s “Canon” but to understsand this comic, you have to think outside the box. Comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics. Posters of this and many other fine literary comics are available at my shop. They make perfect gifts for teachers, librarians, and your book-obsessed friends and family. [Source: Grant Snider – […]