Cousin Roman [Comic]

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Man Creates the Ultimate ABOMINATION: The Furby Organ! [Video]

The Jigglypuff game controller I posted a few days ago could easily be defined as an abomination, but this Furby organ goes way beyond and should totally be used in Hell as a device to torture the souls of the damned. [Look Mum No Computer]

Furthering Your Life Goals [Comic]

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Liam Neeson as Cupid is Deadly Effective [Video]

Action star Liam Neeson unleashes his usual gruffness in an audition to play the role of Cupid. [The Late Show with Stephen Colbert]

Orbits [Comic]

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Please Don’t Leave Me, You Know I Love You! [Comic]

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Human Fountains Choreography [Video]

Beautiful. Silly. Flawlessly executed. Perfect. [Ben Tillis]

The Internet: Look How Much Better This Person Is [Comic]

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Free Ketchup! [Comic]

This would work just as well with the Kool Aid man! [Source: Chris Hallbeck – Maximumble | Like Maximumble on Facebook | Follow Maximumble on Twitter]

Download and Print: Math and Science Valentine’s Day Cards [Pics]

The folks at “Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories” have have been releasing science and math Valentine’s day cards since 2013, and as usual this year, you can download and print them for free! Including those from previous years, there’s over 30 cards to choose from! [Download and Print: Math and Science Valentine’s Day Cards]

Solving the Labyrinth [Comic]

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AI Bot Writes an Episode of Star Trek: TNG

This AI generated episode of Star Trek: TNG was created by the same people who brought you the Harry Potter Fan Fic story we posted a few weeks ago. Enjoy! [Source: Botnik Studios]