Internal Voice Actors [Comic]

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Father’s Day [Comic]

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A Cold and Calculating Monster [Comic]

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Spider-Man: Homecoming Trailer Spoof [Video]

An animated parody of the Spider-Man: Homecoming trailers! Marvel as Peter Parker overcomes a flying metal Bird-man, an upstaging Tony Stark, his overly-inquisitive best friend and the most uncooperative super-suit in history to emerge as New York City’s ultimate teenage swinger! Who needs the Avengers when you’ve got full web access?? [ArtSpear Entertainment]

The Fountain of Youth [Comic]

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Fun Robot [Comic]

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BOTW: When Link Gets Ready for Loving

You know Link is all: Let’s do this! How anyone says no to Link’s advances is beyond me, as he is the coolest dude eve…I think maybe I should just stop typing now. *Backs out of room slowly Via

KYLO REN Wants the Map; Teaches You All About ASMR in New Video

This is the best thing you’ll watch all day. Kylo Ren will get the information he needs from you, even if he has to find every one of your ASMR (Autonomous sensory meridian response) triggers. [Auralnauts]

Snoop Dog Hilariously Narrates Snakes Vs Iguana Encounter [Video]

From Jimmy Kimmel Live: We teamed up with our friend Snoop Dogg for what has become one of the most beloved nature programs on this or any planet. And with that said, here is a special all-reptile edition of #PlizzanetEarth. [Jimmy Kimmel Live]

AI Inside [Comic]

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Did You Know: Today is Captain Picard Day!

Captain Picard Day is celebrated on June 16th because it is the equivalent date to Stardate 47457.1, mentioned in the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode entitled The Pegasus. In that episode, Captain Picard Day is an occasion for the Enterprise to host schoolchildren and show them what Starfleet is like. Memory Alpha doesn’t specify […]

The 7 Gym Stereotypes [Video]

Warning: Language Bodybuilding. Yoga. Crossfit. Powerlifting. Parkour. MMA. Pilates. These are apparently the 7 Styles of Fitness. But there is one last hidden style. The forbidden style. [Buff Dudes]