Dorkly Comic: How Video Games Companies Think We Act VS Reality

In this comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly, the artist takes a look at how game companies think we act while playing their games versus what we actually do in reality. [Source: Dorkly]

The “Hot” Chick: When an Attractive Lady Enters a Computer Store [Video]

A funny sketch by the folks from Viva La Dirt League, the same people that are behind the “Epic NPC Man” web series. I’ve seen this situation happen a few times with guys, but it also does happen to women on occassion. [Viva La Dirt League]

Professor Raptor [Comic]

[Source: Slackmatic Comics | Like Slackmatic on Facebook | Follow Slackmatic on Twitter]

What If Star Wars Had Projectiles Instead of Laser Guns [Comic]

A comic by German artist Kevin Erdmann, also known as “The Meerkatguy.” [Source: The Meerkatguy | Like “The Meerkatguy” on Facebook]

Strongest Sense Tied to Memory [Comic]

[Source: The Awkward Yeti | Like The Awkward Yeti on Facebook | Follow The Awkward Yeti on Twitter]

T-SHIRT SALE: Save 40% Off on Over 1000 Geektastic Tees! – Just $12 Each! (With Promo Code)

There’s currently a big sale over at Busted Tees where they’re offering 40% off on all their t-shirts (use promo code spaceship). There are hundreds of tees to choose from for all tastes and fandoms, so be sure to check ’em all out! Plus, if you order over $80, shipping is free! [T-Shirt Sale: 40% […]

This Censored Naked Sims Cosplay is (Babbles Incoherently Like a Sim)

Yup, they nailed it. Sims pixels are pixel perfect. Well played, ladies. Imgur

Life Plan [Comic]

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I’m Not Weird, You’re Weird [Comic]

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3 Wishes [Comic]

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The Secret [Comic]

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