Scottish Woman Gets Seriously Pissed at Alexa When It Can’t Understand her Accent [Video]

Watch as a Scottish Woman tries to ask Alexa to play “Something’s Cooking in the Kitchen” by Dana on Spotify. She’s nice to the device at first, but her language quickly degenerates after a few failed attempts. You just hate Scottish people, ya cow! Too funny! And here’s a video of a Scottish man trying […]


The Magical Genies [Comic]

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TactiCOOL RELOADS: Finding the Coolest Ways Possible to Reload Your Gun [Video]

Two cops are trying to free a hostage… and impress her at the same time with their amazing gun reloading skills. [Corridor]

Dorkly Comic: The Truth About Slaying Monsters in RPGs

In this comic by @JHallComics from Dorkly, the artist takes a look at one possible effect releasing monsters en masse would have on the social and economic life of the world the rpg is set in. [Source: Dorkly]

The Blood Oath [Comic]

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Friendship Can Get Painful [Comic]

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The Ultimate Gaming Laptop [Comic]

But the real question remains: Are they RGB? [Source: Far From Reality Comic]