Friday the 13th: A Very Bad Day [Comic]

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When Batman Meets “Soft Kitty” + Bonus Dalek Version

Two funny interpretations of Sheldon Cooper’s “Soft Kitty” song from The Big Bang theory featuring Batman (above) and a Dalek (below.) [Via Geek Native | IWSMT]

This Stuck Salsa Pot Requires Super Strength! [Video]

This Salsa is super strength… and requires super strength to open! [Sneaky Zebra]

Why Even Bother? [Comic]

For those not aware of it, this is the Equifax breach the comic mentions. [Source: Doug Was Taken Comics on Tumblr | Doug Was Taken on Twitter]

KYLO REN REACTS to The Latest “Last Jedi” Trailer

In this new video from Auralnauts, Kylo Ren catches a glimpse of the future and he has some opinions about it. Can’t wait to see Kylo’s reaction to the upcoming Han Solo movie! [Auralnauts]

Costume Ideas for Halloween [Comic]

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Think You Hate Jar Jar Binks? Wait Till You Hear The Star Wars Theme as Sung by PORGS

Seriously, we’ll be stuck hearing porgs for the next year if the Internet has anything to do with it, and we all know that this is what is going to happen. In honor of the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer dropping yesterday I decided to take everyone’s favorite new internet sensation, The Porgs, and […]

The Riddle of the Sphinx [Comic]

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Job Fulfillment [Comic]

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Rise [Comic]

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Honest Ad: If Cell Phone Commercials Were Honest

Now that our lives are pretty much inseparable from our smart devices, it would only be the honest and responsible thing for Apple to do to jack up the price on their super fragile phones. [Cracked]

Starstruck [Comic]

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