Droids Interrupt Darth Vader Interview [Parody of Children Interrupt BBC Interview]

You’ve all seen the video where professor Robert Kelly got interrupted by his children during a very serious BBC interview a few days ago, right? The clip was EVERYWHERE online this week! To poke fun at the phenomenon, Youtuber “Jack of All Genius” filmed a parody of the video using varioud characters from the Star […]

5 Wolverine Memes That Will Amuse You [Pics]

The minute a movie gets popular, it becomes instant meme material, and Wolverine is no exception. Here are 5 Wolverine memes that should make you smile today! [Via TVOM]

D&D Meme: The Locked Door [Pics + Video]

A funny Dungeons and Dragons story that should put a smile on your face for the rest of the day. [Via TMOAN | Via GG]

The Sorting Hat [Comic]

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The Distracted Man [Comic]

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Honest Trailer: Beauty and the Beast (1991) [Video]

Take a trip down memory lane with the Disney classic that taught us all that it’s what’s on the inside (of your big castle) that matters most – Beauty and the Beast! [Screen Junkies]

This Comic is Irrational

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How Beauty and the Beast (1991) Should Have Ended [Video]

How the 1991 version of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast should have ended according to HISHE! [HISHE]

The Cape Thing [Comic]

The Flash is lame. [Source: Kerry Callen]

Artist Repackages Popular Snack Foods For Hipsters [Pics]

Since hipsters are all about hand crafted products, artist Dan Meth recently decided to repackage popular snack foods especially for them. Sure, they might not be all that good for us, but they certainly appear more delicious when packaged into fancy boxes. [Source: Dan Meth | Uproxx]

Throwback Tuesday – The IT Crowd: Jen and The Internet [Videos]

Just stumbled on one of my favorite IT Crowd moments ever, the episode where Jen (The Relationships Manager of Reynholm Industries’s IT department) presents “The Internet” to a crowd of some of the company’s shareholders. Watch: Oh, and there’s this one too: [The IT Crowd on Youtube]