Weird Science [Comic]

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/HUG: A Comic

If you liked this comic, the artists have plenty of others. Pay what you want to get access to the rest right here.

What if GTA was a LEGO Game? [Video]

When Grand Theft Auto meets LEGO: A short movie by the folks from Nukazooka. [Nukazooka]

FIGHT OF GODS: A Fighting Game Featuring Buddha, Odin, Jesus, and MORE!

Here’s the launch trailer of Fight of Gods, a fighting game putting various deities in an arena for a fight to the death! Your prayers have been answered! For the first time ever, gods, holy spirits and mythological characters from around the globe and throughout history will clash in an explosive 2D fighter where the […]

Dorkly Comic: Playing PC Games on Other People’s Computers

In this comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly, the artist takes a look at what many people have to go through when playing on PCs that are not theirs. Gross. [Source: Dorkly]

The Internet Gets Invaded by Olenna Tyrell Cat Memes (SPOILER ALERT!) [Pics]

Warning: Spoiler Alert. If you’re reading this from the front page and haven’t watched the show yet, don’t hit the “read more” link below (unless you don’t care!)

Follow Your Bliss, Satisfy Your Soul [Comic]

I was faced with two choices recently, and this came along at just the right time. Bill Watterson has done it again. This comic is an adaptation of a graduation speech given by Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes creator) at Kenyon College back in 1990. It was drawn by Zen Pencils. Follow your bliss, my […]

A Hilarious Thor: Ragnarok Trailer Spoof [Video]

An animated parody of the Thor: Ragnarok trailers! Join everyone’s favourite zap-happy blacksmith as he contends with his home town going straight to Hela, a creepy adopted brother who never plays it low-key, and the only thing more deadly than a Hulk: a Hulk with a personal grudge. Ragna-rock on! [ArtSpear Entertainment]

Exausted [Comic]

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Bread Bag Alignment Chart

I am either lawful neutral or chaotic neutral. I’ve also been known to be neutral evil on occasion. [Source: Aurelian Rabbit on Twitter | Via Neatorama]

Procrastination [Comic]

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Caught Him! [Comic]

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