The Aftermath of Stuffing Yourself [Comic]

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A Crazy Year [Comic]

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New Year’s Resolution Generator

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Out of Toilet Paper [Comic]

Didn’t you know? Women have different bathroom needs when compared to those of men! All hail Lord Paperton, king of mummies and toilet paper! Lord Paperton is a very demanding master. A comic by John McNamee from Pie Comic. If you like what he does, be sure to follow the artist on Facebook and via […]

Dorkly Comic: Star Wars Rogue One Vs. The Phantom Menace

In this comic, George Rottkamp and Jake Young from Dorkly take a look at some of the differences between Rogue One and The Phantom Menace. Check it out! [Source: Dorkly]

Star Wars Babies: What if Disney Ruined Star Wars [Video]

Most people agree, Disney did a great job with the Star Wars franchise, but things could eventually go wrong very quickly, and this parody video envisions that possibility quite well. [cheeksdown]

Fun S’Mores Variations [Comic]

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Why the White Witch was the good guy in Narnia [Comic]

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2016: The Movie [Video]

This is the horror movie of the year. Literally. [Friend Dog Studios]

Funny: Astronauts Describe What it Feels Like to be in Space

These might not actually be real statements on how astronauts feel like when they’re in space, but they’re funny nonetheless, especially the last one by Barry Wilmore. Check ’em all out below! [Via Reddit]

Ken, Ryu, and Santa [Comic]

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Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film [Video]

“Fan-O-Rama: A Futurama Fan Film” is an awesome UNOFFICIAL live action version of Futurama! Check it out above! Also, be sure to check out the awesome Hypnotoad for the last 10 minutes of the video! [Cinema Relics]