HOW TO: Be the Joker [Comic]


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Hacker Fight: A Parody That Ridicules Hacker Movie Clichés [Video]


Watch as two ordinary dudes try to out-hack each other using ridiculous hacker movie cliches. [White Lightning HQ]

Drunk DNA [Comic]


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Iron Man Violates Steve Rogers’ Captain American Civil Rights [Video]


Warning: If you haven’t seen Civil War, this may not make much sense. If you have seen Civil War, this may not make much sense. This is one of the best LEGO stop-motion animation I’ve seen! Check it out below! [Keshen8]

Business Meetings in a Nutshell [Comic]


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Kids and Adults [Comic]


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The Day a Man Asked For Spotify’s Hand in Marriage [Pics]


The playlist is located here. [Via IMGUR | @alterhate]

A Complicated Relationship [Comic]


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Unfriend [Comic]


The universe just doesn’t care. [Source: NHOJ Comics | Like NHOJ on Facebook | Follow NHOJ on Twitter]