MASTERFUL Low Cost Cosplay: Mercy from Overwatch [Pic]


Seriously, this cheap Mercy cosplay from Overwatch from the dude behind the “Lowcostcosplay” Facebook page is nothing shot of brilliant. His use of perspective to create the effect of wings on his costume is masterful! :) [Source: Lowcostcosplay]

HONEST TRAILER: Ghostbusters 2 [Video]


Before you see the remake that the internet is sure will ruin the Ghostbusters franchise, see the Ghostbusters movie that kind of already did – Ghostbusters 2! [Screen Junkies]

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools [Comic]


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When Autocorrect Names Pokemon in Pokémon Go [Pic]


Redditor dillonfbecker writes: I let autocorrect give nicknames to my Pokemon. #GastLyfe [Via Reddit]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible


Alexander the Great fights Ivan the Terrible in the latest episode of “Epic Rap Battles of History.” Check it out! [ERB]

Iron Man’s Operating System [Comic]


[Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Comic Con Rap: LICK YOUR ELBOW [Video]


Youtuber Fred BF was at Montreal Comic Con 2016 last weekend and filmed this entertaining rap about what happens in a typical pop culture convention. Not sure how I missed the guy though with that rather kitsch Pokémon sweater and everyone around him attempting to lick their elbows. So, anyone here can lick either of […]

Kids to Parents: Can I See Your Phone? (Now vs. Then) [Comic]


Yep, that’s pretty accurate. [Source: Fowl Language | Like Fowl Language on Facebook]

Dorkly Comic: Videogame Cinematics VS Gameplay


In this comic, Julia Lepetit from Dorkly takes a look at some of the differences between videogame cinematics versus what happens in actual gameplay. [Source: Dorkly]

This Super Villain has Impeccable Timing! (With a Little Help) [Video]


Villainous mastermind Professor Yuri Larsen has impeccable timing. ALWAYS. [Chris and Jack]

Bot + Bot = <3 [Comic]


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Eating Alone [Comic]


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