Dorkly Comic: Finding Out That Game You Wanted Got Pushed Back


Julia Lepetit from Dorkly takes a look at what truly happens when a game that you’ve been waiting after for a long time gets pushed back. [Source: Dorkly]

A Maddening Vision [Animated Comic]


[Source: Optipess Comics | Like Optipess on Facebook | Follow Optipess on Twitter]

The Voice Actors Behind “Pinky And The Brain” Perform “Pulp Fiction” [Video]


Watch as Rob Paulsen (Pinky) and Maurice LaMarche (The Brain) form a scene from Pulp Fiction with the voices of their characters. Now could someone animated this please? :) [SF Sketchfest | Via NA]

Captain Figure: Civil War [Stop Motion Video]


Watch as Steve Rogers battle Tony Stark in this fun stop motion animation by Ben Steenbeck. [媒器奴 a.k.a Ben Steenbeck]

How the Animal Kingdom Says “Don’t Talk to Me” [Comic]


[Source: Sarah’s Scribbles | Like “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Facebook | Follow “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Twitter]

This Cockatrice Thinks He’s the World’s Ugliest Chicken [Comic]


A beautiful story by artist Joshua Wright! [Source: Joshua Wright on Tumblr | Joshua Wright (Official) | Follow Joshua Wright on Twitter]

“Hardly Working From Home” – A Funny Tribute to Those Who Work From Home


A short music video dedicated to all of you who work from home, which also includes me! :) The worst part is when the kids come back from school at 3PM and you work from the dining room table where they make their homework. I really need a dedicated office. If you like what I […]

This is the Way the World Ends: Kirby vs. Ditto [Comic]


[Source: Is It Canon by @RockPaperCynic and @BigSimpleComics]

Oldschool Zelda and the New Generation [Comic]


[Source: The Very Near Future | Follow “The Very Near Future” on Twitter]

The Hogwarts Club: When Harry Potter Meets The Breakfast Club


When Harry Potter meets, the breakfast club, you get a new trailer that looks to come out straight from 1985. [Mashable Watercooler]

Batman Never Kills [Comic]


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Measuring My Intelligence [Comic]


[Source: Sarah’s Scribbles | Like “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Facebook | Follow “Sarah’s Scribbles” on Twitter]