Sewer Party: A Funny IT Chapter 2 Rap [Video]

Warning: You’ll be stuck with this song in your head all day. From Bonecage: This is the single greatest IT Chapter 2 rap song about clowns and poop that has ever been made. Huge thanks to JT Music, Daddyphatsnaps, and Dan Bull for helping me create a song that, as Dan put it, “Should not […]

The Wish [Comic]

[Source: Tony Esp (@Tony_bts2) on Instagram]

Update [Comic]

[Source: @furiousbananascomics]

Black Panther Cat vs. Purrmonger [Video]

Black Panther Cat never freezes in the face of danger, even in the presence of his long time adversary, Purrmonger. [Kaipotainment]

Pokémon types [Comic]

[Source: Comics by Knight]

3 Electric Toothbrushes with Hats and Wigs Perform the Original Zelda Theme

The Legend of Zelda main theme played by three electric toothbrushes with wigs and hats. You’re welcome. [Device Orchestra]

An Underdog Story [Comic]

[Source: Little Porpoise | Little Porpoise on Instagram]

Flip Out [Comic]

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