Devourer of Worlds [Comic]

Take that, Galactus! [Source: Gone into Rapture | Like “Gone into Rapture” on Facebook | Follow “Gone into Rapture” on Twitter] Advertisements


The 143 Sins of Highlander (The Movie) [Video]

Well, this movie is a beloved classic… but it does NOT hold up as well as you probably remember. Plenty of sins, is what I’m saying. [CinemaSins]

Squirrel Wearing a ‘Scream’ Mask

Archie McPhee makes hilarious squirrel feeders that are shaped like a head. When a squirrel pokes its head inside to eat the food, they appear to be wearing the mask. Behold: View this post on Instagram Finally done with all the kid’s costumes! Made one a while back for our backyard squirrel which she’ll be […]

Douchebag Bosses [Comic]

Yep, been there, done that. [Source: Jesie Castro | Follow Jesie Castro on Twitter]

Styrofoam [Comic]

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Earth’s Next Balance Patch: Climate Change [Video]

Some might call it a hotfix… [TierZoo]

These Puns Bug Me [Comic]

[Via CB]

WTF Prank Candles

Candles that smell good when you light them up, but after an hour or two of burning, their scent goes from hero to villain! Choose Cereal Killer (cereal to stinky breath) or Mountain Doo Doo (soda to body odor.) On the outside these candles are all unassuming. They come in a pretty tin that you’d […]