Your vacuum deserves better [Comic]

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Ryan Reynolds Spends an Hour Stuffing His Face With Robert Downey Jr. #ASMRDJ

So yeah, Ryan Reynolds somehow just released an hour-long video of himself stuffing his face with some delicious Robert Downey Jr. cookies. It’s basically a 50-second ASMR video looped for an hour, but it’s still hilarious. [Ryan Reynolds]

The First Guy To Ever Wear A Costume [Comedy Sketch]

It’s fun to pretend like you’re not yourself for a little bit… [Ryan George]

Nick Offerman Becomes Wednesday Addams in Deepfaked Video

From Stable Voices: Wednesday Swanson, Nick Offerman deepfake of Christina Ricci in Addams Family Values. Nick Offerman’s voice was synthesized using an AI model trained on his speech patterns.

The Bear Canister [Comic]

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This Cat ADORES Watching Horror Movies [Video]

Togepi was first captured on video back in 2016 she was watching Psycho. A flashback: Apparently, Togepi is addicted to watching horror movies! She loves being scared! From her owner: I named her Togepi from the series Pokemon, because in Pokemon, Togepi grows in an egg and when the egg hatches, she thinks the first […]

Love Story: An Unsolicited Gundam Pic

This has to be one of the best and geekiest love stories we have ever seen, and it all starts with an unsolicited Gundam pic… And yes, they got married! [Source: Elle Howley | Via GG]