The Day a Man Asked For Spotify’s Hand in Marriage [Pics]


The playlist is located here. [Via IMGUR | @alterhate]

A Complicated Relationship [Comic]


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Unfriend [Comic]


The universe just doesn’t care. [Source: NHOJ Comics | Like NHOJ on Facebook | Follow NHOJ on Twitter]

Take a Picture! [Comic]


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Celebrate Star Trek’s 50th Anniversary Klingon Style [Video]


You’ve likely heard it in the past, but this is the perfect occasion to bring it out again: Comediva’s parody of Psy’s Gangnam Style, Klingon Style! Edit: Oh, and don’t forget to hit the “CC” button on the media player to get the translated subtitles! Sadly, the ladies over at Comediva have almost completely stopped […]

Scared of Thunderstorms [Comic]


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BEHOLD: Tomorrow is the Half-Life Tipping Point Day [Comic]


Based on the XKCD comic you see below, tomorrow will be the official Half-Life tipping point day. Now how depressing is that? [XKCD | Via Imgur]

Non-Verbal Communication [Comic]


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BURN: iPhone Fans Will Get The Joke


Bet you can’t wait for that upgrade, huh? Impressive stuff! Somewhere, just out of frame in this picture, an android is laughing. Quick fill in for those who have no idea what is going on here. Apple announced its new iPhones yesterday and um, the upgrade is, well, no audio jack. I will just walk […]

Star Trek: Live Long and Paws-per [Video]


To celebrate 50 years of Star Trek, the folks have Thinkgeek have just posted this ridiculous Corgi Star Trek tribute video. Live Long and Paws-per! [Star Trek Merchandise @ Thinkgeek]