Red Red Riding Hood [Comic]

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Ugly LEGO Star Wars characters are the scruffiest looking nerf herders in the galaxy

In honor of May the Fourth this year, LEGO enthusiast Iain Heath (aka Ochre Jelly) has created a series of ugly Lego star wars characters to add to his already existing line of REJECTZ Lego creations. From Iain Heath: Previous REJECTZ collections include Super Heroes and Disney Princesses. The inspiration for REJECTZ came when LEGO […]

NES Classic Woes [Comic]

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Eat Meat [Comic]

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Historical Status Updates [Comic]

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Tap O’ the Mornin’ [Comic]

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A METAL song…about Kids CEREALS!?

A Death metal song about all those sugary breakfast cereals you know are bad for you. [RiffShop]

The Space Penguin [Comic]

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Meal Decisions [Comic]

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Lab Results: A Cyanide & Happiness Short [Video]

Well, Mr. Watson, we have your lab results back. And, well… [ExplosmEntertainment]

The Millennial Home Buyer Rap [Video]

Most people who’ve never owned a home are looking forward to the experience, but for many millenials and depending on where you live, the dream can quickly become a nightmare. [IFHT Films | Via LS]

College Ruled [Comic]

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