The Life of a Human Being Explained as a Video Game [Video]

I hope your playthrough is going well and that you won’t have to speed run the game! [Casually Explained]

Music, Writing Code, and Nostagia [Comic]

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Undo [Comic]

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The Craziness of “ASDF Movies” is Back!

Tom Ska has been releasing ASDF movies for a few years now, and a few days ago, he just published edition #10! [TomSka]

Millennial Falcon: Family Dinner (Star Wars Parody) [Video]

Having dinner with your significant other’s family is already stressful, but try having dinner with your girlfriend’s dad… who also happens to be the leader of the empire. [Nerdist]

When the Joker Ties Up Batman [Comic]

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Super Mario [Comic]

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Lost in the Desert [Comic]

No food, no water, things just couldn’t get worse for us… Just love how kids can often turn a mundane object into a whole world of fantasy. In this case, the object in question might leave the parents a little infuriated considering that they’ll have to clean the both kid and part of the room […]

10 April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong

It’s that time of year again… April Fools. Once again, Alltime 10s has found you the ten stupidest, most ill-advised pranks of previous years. From pretending to hang yourself to the Google stunt that got its users fired, this is 10 MORE April Fools Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong. [AllTime10s]

April Fool’s Day 2017 Falls Flat

April Fool’s Day falling at the weekend hasn’t stopped Internet giants coming up with a host of pranks and “fake news” that at least have a playful element. To be honest, though, the major company offerings seem a little lame this year, with the attempts to market real products more brazen than usual. As usual, […]

Superdickery [Comic]

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WANT: Bicycle Horn of Gondor

If you think the small horn on your bycicle doesn’t attrack enough attention, be sure to get one of those bicycle horns from Gondor! Meet the Bicycle Horn of Gondor (also known as the Bicycle Horn of Boromir or the Great Bicycle Horn). Fashioned after the horn carried by the eldest sons of the Stewards […]