Epic Rap Battle of History: Theodore Roosevelt vs Winston Churchill [Video]

Watch as Theodore Roosevelt fights Winston Churchill in the latest episode of Epic Rap Battle of History! [ERB]

WTF: Did Nintendo Just Put the Poke in Pokemon?

Yes, yes they did. Nintendo did just go there. For those blissfully unaware, this is NOT a joke about the size of his tail….this is Nintendo getting all R-rated for a second. Poke a man, indeed. You do the math. Yup, that Primeape is saying exactly what you think he is saying. Poor Pikachu walked […]

Legend of Zelda – Daddy, Can You Teach me How to Twerk and Other Amusing Videos

I just stumbled on a funny Youtube channel that uses audio clips from various videos and has Link from The Legend of Zelda acting what is being said in these videos instead of another character. Check it out! And there’s a lof of other ones over here. Enjoy :)

When a Robot Gains Humanity [Comic]

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It Could Happen… [Comic]

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The True Meaning of the Holiday Season [Comic]

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Passengers Gets a Really, Really Weird Trailer Re-Edit (Featuring Jack Black) [Video]

A really, really weird re-edit of the “Passengers” trailer featuring Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence, and… Jack Black? Check it out! [Aldo Jones]

Invisible Horses and Flying People: 10 Hilarious Red Dead Redemption Glitches

With Rockstar having just officially announced a sequel (prequel?) to their stellar Red Dead Redemption, a lot of gamers and fans of this amazing publisher have been revisiting the last game to refamiliarize themselves with the ways of the old west. And in doing so, cannot help but recall that, though easily one of the […]

Christmas with the Joker – Jingle Bells, Batman Smells

Some people drink egg nog on Christmas eve or open one gift as part of the holiday fun, but my family is full of big-time Batman and Joker fans, so how we celebrate is a wee bit different. Every Christmas Eve my family gathers around the Christmas tree we do our yearly tradition: One of […]

Meanwhile, on Christmas Day [Comic]

A fantastic comic by the folks at Commitstrip! Merry Christmas! :) [Source: CommitStrip | Like CommitStrip on Facebook]

Our Company’s Greatest Project [Comic]

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Hard Sell [Comic]

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