This is Adventure [Comic]

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Workplace Safety Koala [Comic]

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2021: A SpaceX Odyssey (Featuring Elon Musk) [DeepFake Video]

Apart from HAL’s Voice, (Now Fixed!) This is almost perfect considering how difficult putting Elon’s face there must have been with all that constantly changing light. [Ctrl Shift Face]

Epic Rap Battles of History: Jacques Cousteau vs Steve Irwin The Croc Hunter [Video]

Steve Irwin and Jacques Cousteau go at it for the fifth battle of Season 6! [ERB]

Men in Black: The Low Cost Version [Video]

A hilarious low cost recreation of parts of the original Men in Black movie! [Studio 188]

Introvert vs. Extrovert [Comic]

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Fitting In [Comic]

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Mario Goes Berserk (With Kindness) [Video]

Nice Mario is boring. I prefer when he really goes berserk: [Dorkly]