Pro Wrestlers [Comic]

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BABY SHARK: The Death Metal Edition [Video]

My girlfriend is an elementary school English teacher, so I’ve heard that song quite a few times since it came out, and I have to say, I much prefer this death metal version over the original. [SLAY DUGGEE]

Grannibal Lecture [Comic]

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Thog Magic is Best Magic [Comic]

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True Facts: The Ogre Faced Spider [Video]

After several months of hiatus, the always hilarious Ze Frank is back with a new episode of True Facts, and this time, the subject is the appropriately named ogre faced spider. Deinopis is a throw back to an older, cooler kind of cribellate spider. Lots of spigots…LOTS. OF. SPIGOTS. [Ze Frank]

Don’t Move [Comic]

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The World Needs a Sharkman/Woman [Comic]

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What They Never Teach You in Art History [Comic]

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