Bat Blood: Taylor Swift Batman Parody

Nerdist Comedy Shorts just released Bat Blood, a parody of Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” music video. From Nerdist: “Catwoman’s got bat blood, so now she’s getting the gang together to take out Batman in this Taylor Swift parody.” The video is a clever and witty take on the setting, with Batman’s rogues gallery teaming up […]

The Spider is in All of Us [Comic]

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Neil deGrasse Tyson Might Not the Worst Person to Watch Movie With [Pic]

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Coffee vs. Sleep [Comic]

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I’ve Started Seeing Someone [Comic]

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Rapping Incredibly Fast… on Helium [Video]

From Mac Lethal: I had more lyrics for this, but couldn’t rap them. This sh*t made me almost pass out multiple times and was unbearably painful. I’m going to lay down on my couch and sleep now. [Mac Lethal]

Cross-Genre Comic: Harry Potter? [Comic]

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Tom Cruise Falls Into Other Movies [Video]

From DrMachakil: I randomly stumbled upon a small footage of Tom Cruise falling for Vanilla Sky. I’m really not a post production expert but what the hell, I wanted to play a little with it 😉 Hope you’ll enjoy! The movies I used: Vanilla Sky MIB 3 Star Wars Episode II The Lord of the […]

Bury Ourselves [Comic]

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Cold Tea Provokes Engineer Data Storm

An engineer from an electronic laboratory disappointed by a gadget has used science to back up a humorously scathing review. ‘Dirty Hormonal’ decided to prove that the USB-powered mug warmer not only didn’t work as advertised, but couldn’t possibly do so while remaining safe. The engineer, who reports having a physics degree and electrical engineering […]

I’m Here to Help You [Comic]

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