The Fastest Man Alive [Comic]


[Source: Kerry Callen]

The Lure [Comic]


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Book Recommendations [Comic]


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Ghostbusters Weather Forecast Features Puns Galore! [Video]


Sian Welby’s weather report features a lot of Ghostbusters puns. Can you catch ’em all? This isn’t the first time Sian Welby has done this kind of weather forecast. [5 News | Via TMS]

Optimists vs. Pessimists vs… [Comic]


A fantastic and quite perceptive comic by cartoonist Scott Metzger. (If you like what he does, Like him on Facebook here!) Don’t you just love cats? :) [Source: Scott Metzger Cartoons]

Mind Reader [Comic]


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Samuel L. Jackson Narrates Hilarious Beginner’s Guide to Game of Thrones [Video]


I’m pretty sure this is the funniest and most epic thing you’ll watch today. I’d listen to Samuel L. Jackson narrate pretty much anything. Warning: Language. [GameofThrones]

MASTERFUL Low Cost Cosplay: Mercy from Overwatch [Pic]


Seriously, this cheap Mercy cosplay from Overwatch from the dude behind the “Lowcostcosplay” Facebook page is nothing shot of brilliant. His use of perspective to create the effect of wings on his costume is masterful! :) [Source: Lowcostcosplay]

HONEST TRAILER: Ghostbusters 2 [Video]


Before you see the remake that the internet is sure will ruin the Ghostbusters franchise, see the Ghostbusters movie that kind of already did – Ghostbusters 2! [Screen Junkies]

A Bad Workman Blames His Tools [Comic]


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When Autocorrect Names Pokemon in Pokémon Go [Pic]


Redditor dillonfbecker writes: I let autocorrect give nicknames to my Pokemon. #GastLyfe [Via Reddit]

Epic Rap Battle of History: Alexander the Great vs Ivan the Terrible


Alexander the Great fights Ivan the Terrible in the latest episode of “Epic Rap Battles of History.” Check it out! [ERB]