It Came from the Desert: A Mindlowingly Ridiculous Horror Movie about Giant Ants [Trailer]

The plot of “It Came from the Desert” is simple: It’s a motocross action film featuring giant killer ants. Yes, it truly is as ridiculous as it sounds, but as is often the case with these kinds of movies, people love them. The idea behind the film comes from a cult video game of the […]

Fit to Ship [Comic]

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Graphic Novels [Comic]

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Cats are Adorable Little Murder Monsters [Comic]

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This Package of Caramel M&Ms is OH SO WRONG!

This photo of a package of Caramel M&Ms has been going around the Internet like crazy this week. Can you see what’s wrong with it? That’s right, a red and yellow M&M are tearing their orange friend apart, like two zombies fighting over a living creature to each have a part of it. Creepy. [Via […]

The Future Looks Bright! [Comic]

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Always Tired [Comic]

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Fox’s The Orville Series is The Ultimate Star Trek Spoof [Video]

I’m sold. Totally sold. The universe has a crew loose. From Seth MacFarlane and Director John Favreau comes the all-new FOX series, THE ORVILLE. The show is set to premiere on Fox during the 2017–18 season. [FOX]

The Stormtroopers Who Tried to Shake Darth Vader’s Hand [Video]

Be sure to enable “CC” on this one. Also, take a minute to pause the media player and read the news article scrolling near the end of the video. Yep, they totally deserved what they got. [DanKhooProductions]

Types of Fans #1 [Comic]

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Crimestopper [Comic]

Murdered to death? Is there another kind of murder where you can get murdered to another state than death? Murdered to life, maybe? And also, filming something via a smartphone should never be done vertically. Videos should always be filmed sideways. Thank you to technically correct man for letting us know about this grave injustice! […]

Bratty and The Beast: A Beauty and the Beast Trailer Spoof [Video]

Check out this amusing animated parody of the Beauty and the Beast trailers featuring belle as an annoying millennial who just can’t let go of her smartphone. Join Belle, the Beast, Gaston, Lumiere, Gogsworth, Mrs Potts and a pack of friendly wolves in the most happening castle in France and revel in the irony of […]