Galaxy Note 7 vs. Flip Phone [Animated Comic]


A few days ago, we poked fun at the iPhone 7, now, let’s give a little love to the competition. Related article: Don’t use Samsung Galaxy Note 7 phones over fire risk. [Source: Lolnein Comics | Like “Lolnein Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Lolnein” on Twitter]

Disgraced T-Rex Makes his Comeback [Video]


Once the most feared animal on the planet, today the short armed T-Rex gets ridiculed on the internet. Yes, this is an ad for Audi’s new self-steering cars, but it’s a darn good one, and I know how much you guys love anything that relates to t-rexes! :) [Audi Germany]

The Hidden Treasure [Comic]


[Source: Charlie Higson – Heck if I Know | Like “Axby Magazine” on Facebook]

Evolution of Games [Comic]


[Source: Clueless Hero | Like “Clueless Hero” on Facebook]

Working in IT? You Need This on Your Desk at All Time! [Pic]


Thinkgeek used to sell this thing for about $30 many years ago, but nowadays, the only place where you can find one is on Amazon for $150. [Via thatweirdguyoverthere on Imgur]

Directions [Comic]


[Source: NHOJ Comics | Like NHOJ on Facebook]

It Works on My Computer [Comic]


[Source: Don’t Hit Save | Like “Don’t Hit Save” on Facebook | Follow “Don’t Hit Save” on Twitter]

HERO PLAY: The BLACK PANTHER Song – ft. Winter Soldier [Video]


A Black Panther rap by my friends Chad and Angie from The Screen Team, featuring a female Winter Soldier, dancing, kitties and more! [Screen Team]

Capt. America: Civil War Gets Honest Trailer’d [Video]


Join the Avengers for an epic all-out battle with their biggest foe – themselves. Oh, and that one villain no one really remembers – Captain America: Civil War! [Screen Junkies]

You’re New, So I’ll Give You the Run-Down [Comic]


I’d sit with the double wizards. Double wizards are cool. [Source: Pie Comic | Like “Pie Comic” on Facebook]