10 Bloopers You Would Rather Watch Than The Movie

Bloopers are an inevitable part of movie-making. Like everybody else in the world, actors and everybody else involved in the movie-making process are only human. Mistakes will happen – but it goes without saying that, as a general rule, most people would rather watch an actual movie than a movie’s blooper reel. However, in some […]

Moving Out [Comic]

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The Raven and the Crow [Comic]

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MMO Grind [Comic]

[Source: Emblim Comics on Tumblr]

Big Plans for the Weekend [Comic]

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Mean Bean: Mr. Bean Becomes a Murderous Psychopath in Hilarious Recut Parody [Video]

When Mean Bean is around, nobody is safe… no one! A hilarious parody by Youtuber John Loberger. [John Loberger]

Wisdom [Comic]

Adulthood in a nutshell. [Source: Things in Squares Comics | Like “Things in Squares” on Facebook | Follow “Things in Squares” on Twitter]

Irish [Comic]

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Link on Facebook During Breath of the Wild [Pic]

How Zelda probably feels during Link’s selfies. Also, check Link’s unread message count on the top right. [Via Solid_Snark]

Sci-Fi Movie Make-Up Makes Acting Really Hard [Video]

When it comes to make-up, less is muhhrrrrrrrg. [CH]

Aquaman’s Trident, Wonder Woman’s Bracelets, The Flash’s Hermes Helmet [Comic]

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Running Faster with Super Smoothies [Comic]

This is me after drinking a smoothie from a local “health” bistro a few months ago. Seriously, never again. The worst thing is that I was caught in my car when the “magic” started happening. [Source: Oppressive Silence Comics | Follow “Oppresive Silence Comics” on Twitter]