The Incorrigible Millennial [Comic]

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Rick Astley Rickrolls Unsuspecting Weatherman Live on Air [Video]

Watch as Rick Astley rickrolls weatherman Brandon Gonez live on air while he’s giving his weather report. [Your Morning]

Jeff Goldblum Making Jeff Goldblum Sounds: The Supercut [Video]

A very complete compilation of Jeff Goldblum making his famous Jeff Goldblum sounds. [Owenergy Studios]

The Armor of Polyethylus [Comic]

[Source: Light Roast Comics]

The Perfect Star Wars Video to Send on Someone’s Birthday [Video]

This is the perfect thing to send to someone on their birthday. You’re welcome. [Auralnauts]

Infinitard [Comic]

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Anatomy of More TV Shows

Previously on [GAS]: The Anatomy of TV Shows [Source: John Atkinson – Wrong Hands | Via Neatorama]

Guardians Mock Star-Lord as He Talks to Thor in New Infinity Wars TV Spot [Video]

Ok, this is really funny. The video also includes most previously released trailers for Avengers: Infinity War. Check ’em all out above! []