Danksgiving [Comic]


Now that’s really sad. Would a video game studio go as far as create a game like this? I certainly hope not. And if someone ever creates one, I hope no one will ever buy something like this. If you’re alone, just use the occasion to eat something special and go out to see a […]

Batman Cracks Down on Villain Pub in Latest Episode of HISHE [Video]


In the latest episode of “HISHE,” Batman finally tracks down the locatoin of the infamous Villain pub and fights all the villains located inside, including The Joker, General Zod, Thanos, Ultron, Palpatine, HAL 9000, and many more. Will Batman win the day? Will he survive his encounter with some of the world’s most dangerous villains? […]

How Superman Shaves [Comic]


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The Hottest Gifts of 2016: Full Body Wolf Jumpsuit and Underwear


So you’re searching for a gift for that extra special someone but even though you’ve been looking for weeks, you still have no idea about what to get them. Look no further, here is what you need: A full body wolf jumpsuit and a few pairs of wolf underwear. Behold: Yes, I know, these are […]

Dorkly Comic: The Progression of Every Gamer Relationship


In this comic, Andy Kluthe and Andrew Bridgman from Dorkly take a look at the progression of most, if not all gamer relationships. [Source: Dorkly]

Honest Game Trailer: Watch Dogs 2


From Smosh Games: In a world where everything is connected and your personal information is bought and sold by massive corporations – one small group of hipsters will rise to take on our digital overlords. Its WATCH DOGS 2! Has anyone tried Watch Dogs 2 so far? Is the game worth buying? All the reviews […]

Finishing This Project [Comic]


[Source: Uber Tool Comics | Like “Uber Tool Comics” on Facebook | Follow “Uber Tool Comics” on Twitter]

A Man and His Cats Recreate Famous Movie Scenes [Pics]

A lot of people like to do all kinds of funny things with their animals. Some like to dress them up, others like to film or take pictures of them doing crazy things, and some combine both of these things for the viewing enjoyment of the Internet. Instagram user @moviecats has recently started recreating various […]

Short Supply [Comic]


When it comes to nostalgia, logic just does not apply. Unfortunately, the NES classic is still out of stock everywhere. You can still get it online, but you’ll have to pay around $200 to get one unfortunately. I just hope Nintendo produces a massive amount of unit before the holiday season begins since this is […]

Shame or Glory: Man Gets Shamed by GOT’s The Mountain for Buying Plastic Bottles [Video]


Even though this is an ad for Sodastream, it’s a brilliant one, and features Septa Unella and The Mountain from Game of Thrones. The ad is based on the GOT episode titled “Mother’s Mercy” where Cersei Lannister has to walk naked through the streets of Kings Landing while being accompanied by Septa Unella, who keep […]

Metal Kitchen #6: Lamb of God Makes Thanksgiving Dinner


In this new episode of “Metal Kitchen,” Linzey Rae prepares Thanksgiving dinner Lamb of God style! Check it out! [Source: Linzey Rae on Youtube]

Overwatch and One Very Smart Boyfriend


So a dude who we will call dude has a girlfriend who just got into Overwatch BIG TIME but was quite sad that no matter how much better she got over time, she just wasn’t getting as many views as she had hoped and was kinda bummed by it. Hey, it happens. We can’t all […]