Trick or Treating: Now and Then [Comic]

And this is exactly how those of us who have kids react on Halloween night these days. Back in the 80s, I used to go trick or treating with a few friends and no parents while I was still in elementary school. Oh, and that thing about Snickers? Yep, it’s totally true. And Wonderbars too. […]

The Tale of a Hoarder living in Skyrim [Pics]

Here is the fascinating tale of a hoarder that chose to occupy Whiterun (Skyrim) by dumping all his trash in front of Breezehome, a purchasable house that is located near the entrance of the city. From NinjaPuker: My 200 lb inventory was filled before I had my key to Breezehome so I claimed it by […]

Gaze of Hungry Raccoons Looks Just Like a Horde of Zombies


If you watch The Walking Dead, you’ve seen how caged zombies walkers react when regular people pass by them: they slip their hands through anything that might let them reach their prey. This is exactly what happens with a group of raccoon that chose to establish their den under someone’s front porch. Oh, and yes, […]

The Dark Knight Rises [Comic]


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Catwoman vs. Batman [Comic]


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Legendary British Comedian John Cleese Recaps The Walking Dead Season 1-6 [Video]


Haven’t watched season 1 to 6 of The Walking Dead yet? Now, thanks to this funny recap by legendary British comedian John Cleese, you don’t have to! Oh, and you can watch it too if you just need a short reminder of what happened in previous seasons, of course. British comedy legend John Cleese rapidly […]

Look at my Hearse, my Hearse is Amazing: A Post-Apocalyptic Music Video


I’ve been following Jonti Picking from Weebl’s Stuff since 2003 or 2004 and I’ve always been a huge fan of his work. I’ve even painted my son’s room when he was a newborn in 2005 with the Lion and Tiger from his “Kenya” animation. Here is his latest video he just released in honor of […]

Broken Record [Comic]


As a dad of three, I often feel that way. Sigh. Kids these days don’t really know what a broken record sounds like anyways, so it’s perfectly useless to use that expression on them. Also, the panel where the dad is “buffering” hits painfully home. As I grow older, I found myself buffering more and […]

Knight Rider 2016 [Parody]


Michael Knight and his talking car KITT are back, and now, KITT want Michael to change his look a little. KITT has an updated look after all now and looks amazing as a Lamborghini! Also, I love the fact that even though we’re in 2016, the creator of the video used the same old theme […]

He Ant Gonna Waste No Ice Cream: The 5-Second Rule [Comic]


This man ant gonna waste no ice cream! Those ants shouldn’t have taken it for grANTed. Seriously though, the 5-second rule has been tested by scientist, and you should just not do it. The five-second rule was also featured in an episode of the Discovery Channel series MythBusters. There was no significant difference in the […]

Candy Crush: FOR SCIENCE! [Comic]


We all know that those of us who play Candy Crush (and its many variations: Saga, Soda, and so on…) only do it for science. We’ve all been playing for years and still have to pierce the mystery on why this game is so darn successful and how the company behind it makes so much […]

Stupid Humans [Comic]


So yeah, humanity can be pretty stupid as demonstrated by this comic from “Anything About Nothing.” We don’t really need any help from outsiders to put ourselves in trouble. Just open the television on any random channel or start surfing the Internet on random sites, you’ll quickly notice that this is all true. [Source: Anything […]