Every Last Bit [Comic]

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Entropy [Comic]

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Makeup Artist Covers Herself with Googly Eyes [Video]

Watch as makeup artist Madeyewlook covers her face and upper torso with HUNDREDS of googly eyes. If you’re somehow interested in doing the same, you can get 700 googly eyes of all sizes for about $7 on Amazon. [Madeyewlook]

Amazing Fan Art Pictures Young X-23 in Wolverine’s Costume

A fantastic illutration by Fajareka Setiawan picturing a young X-23 in a Wolverine inspired costume. I also like the fact that the artist inspired himself from actress Dafne Keen to create the piece! [Source: Freelance Illustration and Concept Artist Fajareka Setiawan]

Compulsive [Comic]

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The Adventures of the Ampersand [Comic]

A comic by Grant Snider of Incidental Comics. [Source: INCIDENTAL COMICS]

Grumpy Skeletor” is The Funniest Twitter Account Ever!

I thought “Skeletor is Love” was pretty funny, but today, I stumbled on “Grumpy Skeletor” on twitter, and I have to say, the guy behind the account really cracks me up! Highlight of my day had to be when I called He-Man a massive shitbiscuit and then escaped on my jet pack. pic.twitter.com/NAIOD9Tv5j — Skeletor […]

Monsters Living Under Your Bed [Comic]

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The Curse of the Frog Prince [Comic]

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Bed Cartography [Comic]

Yep, this is absolutely spot on. [Source: The Doghouse Diaries]

School Bullies [Comic]

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Trailer Mix: Twilight as a Goofy Comedy [Video]

With Beauty and the Beast delighting audiences in theaters let’s take a look back at another pairing of unlikely lovers: Edward Cullen and Bella Swan. But what if this angsty teen-romance was nothing more than a goofy high school comedy? It’s not that hard to imagine… [CineFix]