Bruce Wayne is a War Profiteer Who Pays Less in Taxes Than His Secretary

Apparently, Bruce Wayne is as guilty of misdeeds as all the crooks Batman catches. [CH] Advertisements


The High Ground [Pic]

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From Bad to Wordst [Comic]

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Wizzo The Wizard Destroys Harry Potter [Video]

Wizzo the wizard really has to spell things out to have people treat him a little seriously. [TomSka]

In Honor of Solo’s One Year Anniversary #MakeSolo2Happen

Now that Solo has been released a little more than a year ago and that fans have been clamoring for a sequel on twitter with the hashtag #MakeSolo2Happen, here is an abomination of a keychain to celebrate the movie’s one year anniversary. [Via Reddit]

Fulfillment [Comic]

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The Rise of Dough [Comic]

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Internet Activity [Comic]

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