This Toilet Uses 50% Less Water [Comic]

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SECRET ALIEN: When an Alien Hides Among Us [Comedy Sketch]

A wayward crew has to find the dangerous alien hidden among them. [Chris and Jack]

Conscious Brain vs. Subconscious Brain [Comic]

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Second Opinions [Comic]

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I’ll Name a Star After You [Comic]

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Happy-Go-Clucky [Comic]

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HOW TO MAKE: The Simpsons’ Grilled Crayon Sandwich

Watch as Binging with Babish’s Andrew Rea takes us to the kitchen to cook up Ralph Wiggum’s grilled crayon sandwich. [Good Mythical Morning]

Air Travel In Real Life [Video]

Yep, this pretty much sums up the experience I have in most airplanes. [Tripp and Tyler]

The Treasure [Comic]

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YOU DIED (From Dark Souls) in Real Life [Video]

If you’re a parent and have played Dark Souls in the past, this will make you laugh. [Squabley | Via BoingBoing]

Doge Bonus [Comic]

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How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended

Here’s how THor Ragnarok should have ended according to the folks over at HISHE. [HISHE]