How I See Recruiters [Comic]

How recruiters think I see them versus how I actually see them. Some of these guys used to really fall on my nerve. The only thing they’re after is the commission once you get the job, they don’t really care about your hapiness. And yes, I said “some of them,” because there’s actually a few […]

Do You Want a Croissant? [Comic]

Didn’t you know? Croissant is not an Italian village, it’s cultural bread, and eating it might make you feel smart, but it’s all an illusion. Croissants are pretty much one of the best things on the surface of this planet, I’m sure a lot of you will agree. I especially like when they have chocolate […]

The Last Butt [Comic]

If you have a cat and have played The Last Guardian, you know what this comic is all about. [Source: The GaMERCat | Like “The GaMERCat” on Facebook | Follow “The GaMERCat” on Twitter]

Movie Night [Comic]

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Dorkly Comic: Excuses We Make Up To Play Video Games Over Time

In this Comic by Julia Lepetit from Dorkly, the artist illustrates various excuses we make up to play video games as we grow older. [Source: Dorkly]

The Official Hostess Power Rankings

According to Lucas Peterson at Lucky Peach, this is a completely factual, and 100-percent correct guide. You’re welcome. [Source: Lucky Peach | Via Neatorama]

The Adventure of God: The New Old Testament [Comic]

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Polar Bear vs. Climate Change [Comic]

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Relationship Goals [Comic]

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Mentally Prepared [Comic]

In this comic, Comic artist Gregor Czaykowski takes a look at how some of us prepare ourselves mentally before talking to a potential date or just someone we do not know. Yep, been there, done that. I’m just glad this part of my life is over! [Source: Loading Artist Comics | Like “Loading Artist” on […]

Childhood Trauma [Comic]

[Source: Wooden Plank Studios | Like “Wooden Plank Studios” on Facebook | Follow “Wooden Plank Studios” on Twitter | Via Reddit]