Mouse creator and tech pioneer Douglas Engelbart dies

The man who invented the computer mouse has died aged 88. Douglas Engelbart also played a key role in the development of many modern computing concepts. An electrical engineering graduate and wartime radar technician, Engelbart worked at a forerunner to NASA before joining the Stanford Research Institute. He later formed the Augmentation Research Center. Much […]


Early computer recreation project well on course

One of the oldest digital computers is a step closer to running again — albeit in replica form. Bletchley Park researchers have demonstrated working parts in the replica, marking the midway point of the project. The Electronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator, built at Cambridge University, was among the early machines to meet three key criteria […]

The LED Tetris Tie [Video]

[GAS] reader Bill P sent me this really cool LED Tetris tie he recently built as a 4-hour project. For now, the Tetris blocks going down on the tie are moving randomly, but Bill soon plans to add a basic AI that will attempt to solve the puzzle. The tie is made out of 80 […]

OUYA Android games console goes on general sale

A $99 dollar open-source Android console has already sold out with two major retailers. However, OUYA can still be picked up through some stores at the time of writing. The console’s development was funded through Kickstarter where it is still in second place on the all-time fundraising chart after attracting more than $8.5 million of […]

BestBuy recall Macbook batteries as fire risk

BestBuy is recalling two models of replacement batteries for Macbook computers after multiple reports of overheating and one customer suffering burns. The Consumer Product Safety Commission says BestBuy “received 13 reports that the battery caught fire, including one report of a serious burn to a consumer’s leg.” The models in question are both ATG lithium-ion […]

Sony Pulls XMB-Killing Update (On The PS3)

Sony has confirmed its latest system update for the PS3 has created a fault with some consoles. It says a fix will be ready as soon as possible. The issue is with version 4.45, released on Tuesday. Ironically it was billed as bringing “improved system stability.” Although the problem doesn’t technically brick the console, it […]

“LOAD” – A CG Homage to the Computers of the 80s [Video]

From Vimeo user Brian Sørensen: A small, full CG shortfilm set in a pseudo 1980s environment, where a nostalgic theme is emphasized through the display of old computer hardware, together with careful cinematic grading. Made as a “proof of concept” for a future project that I am currently working on. [Brian Sørensen]

Interactive 3D Model of the PS4

You’ve seen the Interactive 3D Model of the Xbox one, and now, a 3D version of the PS4 is available for you to explore as well! As with last time, use your mouse and left button to rotate the console around, and the scroll wheel to zoom in and out a specific view. Pre-order the […]