Artist Recreates Mona Lisa Portrait Using Motherboards

Displayed in the lobby of Asus’s headquarters in Peitou, Taiwan, this recreation of Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa was made using old PC motherboards. [Via [H] | Flickr (CC)]

Deal of the Day: ViewSonic VA2223wm 22-inch 16:9 1080p LCD – $149, Shipped

Originally priced at $218.99, ViewSonic’s 22″ 16:9 VA2223wm monitor is now going for $149 (shipping included) on The display features Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution, a dynamic contrast ratio of 16,000:1, 5 ms of response time, a slim bezel design, and Integrated stereo speakers for those of you looking for some space-saving gear […]

CNET UK Names iPhone the World’s Worst

Ouch. Even the headline is painful. It appears that, in spite of a recently positive review in June, at least one editor at CNET UK has decided that it’s high time the iPhone’s shortcomings are shown to the world. In a slightly tongue-in-cheek list, Flora Graham spares no barbs detailing the biggest problems with the […]

Funkytown by Lipps Inc: The Hardware Edition

Remember when we posted the clip featuring old hardware reproducing Radiohead’s Nude song? Well, in response to this video, James Cochrane decided to do the same with Funkytown, using a similar method.

Remembering: The Amstrad PCW8256

After the ZX81 and BBC Micro, the last non-PC computer in my house growing up was Amstrad’s PCW8256. That’s somewhat appropriate given my recent review of Micro Men, which ended with ZX81 maker Clive Sinclair and BBC Micro maker Chris Currie bemoaning the way the market had been taken over by Amstrad’s Alan Sugar. The […]

Launching Lenovo Laptops with a Trebuchet

Ok, sending a couple of Lenovo laptops into the sky via a trebuchet may not be anywhere as cool as doing so with flaming bowling balls, but this is still a pretty interesting experiment. At Gadgetoff 2009, a team of tinkerers used their trebuchet to launch two ThinkPad laptops, with the benediction of Lenovo of […]

Remembering: The ZX81

One of the main reasons I enjoyed the recent Micro Men drama so much was that it featured all three computers (other than PCs) which I have owned in my life. And by owned I mean “had access to in my home as a child”. Over the next couple of weeks I’ll be looking back […]

We Welcome our Remote-Controlled Cyborg Insect Overlords

Remote controlled bugs buzz off, followed by a picture that looked straight out of a cyberpunk novel, a beetle with a remarkable bit of tech strapped to its head. Well, it turns out that the future (for those of us who’ve ever imagined a future in which people can control cyborg beetles by using a […]

Deal of the Day: $219 HP Officejet Pro 8000 Wireless Printer – $89.98 (59% Off)

Originally priced at $219, the HP Officejet Pro 8000 wireless printer is now for sale on for only $89.98. Product features: Laser Quality Print Speed Up to 15 ppm Black/11 ppm Color, Maximum 35 ppm Black/34 ppm Color USB 2.0, Built In Ethernet, WiFi 802.11g/b Standard Connectivity 32 MB Memory and 384 MHz Processor […]

Conan O’Brien Interviews USB Co-Inventor Ajay Bhatt

Ok folks, for those who’ve been with us for a while, you surely remember that Intel Rock Star ad featuring Ajay Bhatt, the co-creator of the USB technology, we posted a while ago, right? Well, apparently, the dude featured in the ad was not Ajay, but an actor looking somewhat like him. So when Conan […]

Kindle Goes International, Launches in Over 100 Countries

I’ve yet to jump on the Kindle bandwagon, mostly because I can’t afford it. But I’m not one of those naysayers, really. Granted, if I ever do get my hands on an e-reader I’m not going to pack up my books and give them away; I actually collect old books, and would never think to […]

Reader Geeky Pics: Show Us Your Desk!

Well folks, as promised, here are the pictures that were sent to us after we asked you to send in a view from inside your geek den. Congratulation to Matthew A. Cruley, who won the prize for the coolest (and tidiest!) setup, and to Chance Gearhart, who won the messiest one (although this could be […]