Holding Together a Quantum Computer with Scotch Tape

Have you sometimes found that when you’re facing a really tough problem, an old kindergarten trick can sometimes work quite perfectly? Well apparently that can extend to quantum computers as well. At the University of Toronto, researchers have combined superconducting materials and semiconducting materials using good, wholesome two-sided Scotch tape. Quantum computing is a highly […]

Tablets make computer users happy

American consumers have never been so happy with their computers according to the latest in a series of annual surveys. The trend appears to be the result of including tablets alongside traditional desktop and portable computers. The figures come from the American Customer Satisfaction Index, an organization that runs regular surveys of how happy people […]

CruxSKUNK iPad Keyboard-Case vs. Logitech Ultrathin

Awhile ago I was looking to get a keyboard for my iPad, and I was pointed in the direction of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. Case and keyboard all in one, plus it’s really thin. I was a bit dubious about dishing out on such a keyboard, and I’m glad I didn’t get it because I’m actually […]

Valve hardware recruitment could mean Steam console

The evergreen rumors of Valve moving from software to hardware are looking more credible than ever with the company outright saying it’s “jumping in” to the hardware market. Valve has just listed a vacancy for an industrial designer who is required to have at least six years experience in producing “world-class, high-tech hardware products.” It […]

This Guy Wants to Get Chipped?!

I chanced upon this article where the author is spouting the benefits of getting ‘chipped’. And that’s exactly as Skynet-like as it sounds. He says that to avoid a Wall-E existence for the human race, we must all get chipped and start monitoring our health using accurate data from within our bodies themselves. He himself admits […]

HD of the future offers 16 times as many pixels

The United Nations has approved a standard for an ultra-high definition TV format described as like looking through a window. But don’t expect to see it in your living room any time soon. The International Telecommunication Union, a UN agency, has now confirmed there were no objections to its proposal to formally confirm the standard. […]

NASA Puts Smartphones in Space

NASA needs to make satellites cheaper and faster. There’s an app for that. NASA’s PhoneSat project creates nanosatellites from unmodified smartphones – specifically, the HTC Nexus One and Samsung’s Nexus S. That means it’s Android that gets to leap into outer space, not iOS. The prototype satellites only cost $3,500, a figure kept low by […]

Remote Controlled iPads on Segways

This seems like one of those things that could be really useful, or could make us ever so fatter. Startup company in California, Double Robotics has decided that they want to revolutionise video conferencing with their product they’ve simply named “Double”. They’ve created this little mobile iPad stand that can be remote-controlled via an iPhone, iPad, […]