Ubuntu Smartphone Confirmed for 2014

Canonical has confirmed a currently unnamed manufacturer will release an Ubuntu smartphone in 2014. It follows failed attempts to Canonical to produce the device itself. Canonical, which develops Ubuntu and operates commercially by charging for support and related services, first showed off the “Ubuntu Touch” system for smartphones at the start of this year. At […]

XBOX ONE BUYERS BEWARE: 4chan Prank Has Users Bricking Their Consoles!

Gamer Guys and Gals, please be aware: 4chan’s /b/ forum — the same one that convinced lots of people to dunk their phones in water — has now promised new Xbox One users a way to “hack” their new gaming units so they will be backwards compatible. INSTEAD, IT BRICKS THE CONSOLE, RENDERING IT INOPERABLE. […]

Praise USB: Reversible Plugs Are Coming

Next year will bring a solution to arguably the greatest annoyance in modern technology hardware. Yes, it’s true: the next generation of USB plugs will work either way up. The news comes from the USB 3.0 Promoter Group, made up of major computing firms such as HP, Intel and Microsoft. It’s announced that work has […]

Android Boss Making Robots For Google

The man who oversaw the growth of Android to become one of the most used operating systems is now helping Google work towards filling the manufacturing and retail world with robots. Former Android CEO and Google vice president Andy Rubin has been heading the project for at least six months. It appears he’s gone public […]

Xbox One Exclusive: The Disc Drive Of Doom

If anyone at Microsoft was feeling smug about initial problems with the PS4, they may need to rethink their stance. A small number of Xbox Ones appear to be more interested in trying to eat discs rather than read them. Last week Sony noted that around 0.4 percent of PS4s appeared to have a problem […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 63% Off Select Logitech PC Accessories

For today’s edition of Deal of the Day, Amazon offers up to 63% off on select logitech PC acccessories such as mice, (regular and gaming), computer keyboards, speaker systems, and more! [Up to 63% Off Select Logitech PC Accessories]

Teardown of the Microsoft Xbox One [Pics]

The folks over at iFixit have torn down an Xbox One, and found that the console was fairly easy to disassemble and repair. Microsoft Xbox One Repairability Score: 8 out of 10 (10 is easiest to repair): Only a few tools are required to take the whole console apart. The opening procedure is similar to, […]

Amazon Deal of the Day: Up to 40% Off Select DIY PC Components

Today only, take advantage of GREAT savings (Up to 40% Off!) on select DIY PC components to upgrade or start building a new computer, and if you order over $1000, you’ll get a $75 Amazon.com Gift Card free in addition to your order! [Up to 40% Off Select DIY PC Components]