HOW TO: Build a Cheap Burning Laser

Youtube user Styropyro built this cool burning laser out of parts he salvaged from an old computers. Total cost of the project: $3.55. Oh, and if you decide to build one for yourself, be sure to act responsibly and don’t go pointing this thing into people’s eyes. [Via]

The Dirty Little Secret Of Inkjet Printers

This video was originally uploaded to youtube about 2 years ago, so I was wondering, does current inkjet printers still functionning like that? I’ve stopped using inkjet technology in 2005, and even if ink cartridges dropped price in recent years, toner cartridges for laser printers are still much more cost efficient.

HD copy protection may have been busted

What’s purported to be the “master key” that protects Blu-ray and other HD content has been published online. But even if it is genuine, it’s debatable how much practical difference there will be. A poster on the Pastebin site, designed for easy sharing of text and code, has published what’s billed as the HDCP master […]

Wayback Machine: It’s all about the Pentium!

A parody of “It’s All About The Benjamins” by Puff Daddy – from “Weird Al” Yankovic’s 1999 album “Running With Scissors”. Enjoy! Even with all the outdated technology references, It’s hard to believe that this song came out 11 years ago. Weird Al, you rule!

$35 Tablet PC Prototype Video

Remember that $35 tablet computer we told you about a few weeks back? Well, it turns out that this thing isn’t only hot air: Here’s a video showing a fully operational prototype. Now let’s see if they can keep their promise and put it on the market for under $35.

Keyboard Throwing Contest FAIL

The whole video only lasts 19 seconds, so be sure to watch until the end. [Via [H]]

A $35 Tablet PC?

And we thought the iPad was cheap(ish) at $499! Well, the Guardian and the Associated Press are both reporting that India has produced a prototype of a $35 tablet laptop which, the country hopes, could eventually go as low as $10. They plan to get the device on the market by 2011. Of course, it […]

Apple Evolution: 30 Years in 2 Minutes

I personally am ambivalent about Macintosh as a brand, so I’ll skip the PC vs Mac part and focus on the amazing evolution of computer technology and the impact of design awareness that has become part of Mac’s identity. Here is an awesome video that shows Mac computers and laptops morphing through their various incarnations. […]

Up Close and Personal with One of Google’s Street View Cars

My pal Korben (who runs the most awesome French blog on the web, seriously) recently got his hands on a few close-up shots of a Google Street View vehicle, and when he sent me his link to the shots, I knew some of you guys would be interested in seeing them. Unfortunately, the 360° objective […]

Farewell to the Floppy

If you’re a geek of a certain age, the chances are you’ve at some point sniggered at the mention of a 3.5″ floppy. Those days are over with Sony effectively announcing the death of the floppy disk drive. Created in the early 1980s as a smaller, higher-capacity successor to larger formats, the 3.5″ initially had […]

Butterfly Rampage- Qualcomm Marketing

It has been revealed that that a number of videos that popped up recently of Butterfly attacks are the responsibility of Qualcomm and their new IMOD display that uses biomimetrics to bend light like in butterfly wings. This shocking revelation of responsibility came from  an “Emergency Press Conference”. During the conference, it was revealed that […]