British museum aims to revive 1951 computer

It’s probably a safe bet that many GeeksAreSexy readers have brought an old computer back from the dead at some point. But a museum in Britain is trying to do it with a 58-year-old machine. If the plan comes off, the Harwell computer will become the oldest working electronic computer in the world. Staff at […]

Red ring of death: Almost one in four XBox 360’s fail

It’s fair to say the “red ring of death” is the most notorious hardware failure in the console industry of recent years. But a new study concludes that even if you throw out that specific problem, the Xbox 360 is still the most unreliable of today’s generation of consoles. According to SquareTrade (PDF), a whopping […]

Deal of the Day: 50% Off Logitech G9 Laser Mouse ($49.99 – Shipped)

For the gamers among you who are looking for a great gaming mouse at an affordable price, has the Logitech G9 laser mouse for $49.99 today. That’s 50% off its regular retail price. The G9 Laser Mouse is built with advanced customization technology so you can tune your mouse for your playing style. It […]

Deal of the Day: Dell S2209W 1080p 22-Inch LCD Widescreen Monitor – $149, Shipped

Looking for a new monitor for your system? currently has an amazing deal on the stylish Dell S2209W 22-inch 1080p (1920 x 1080) widescreen monitor. Now priced at $149, the display was originally going for $199. Enjoy cinema-quality full 1080p HD resolution from your PC with the stylishly designed 22-inch Dell S2209W LCD widescreen […]

Deal of the Day: Toshiba 15.6-Inch Widescreen LCD TV with Built-in DVD Player – $199.99 – Shipped

Petite and packed with features, the 15LV505 LCD TV/DVD combo is a great addition to kitchen counters, spare rooms, or dorm rooms. The portable size makes it easy to enjoy movies anywhere, and at that price, it’s a steal. Features: 1366 X 768 Pixel resolution Built-in slot loading DVD player that plays DVD/DVD-R/DVD-RW/CD/CD-R/CD-RW/VCD Built-in ATSC/NTSC/QAM […]

Printer Choreography

Who knows how much is paper and how much is special effects in this ad made in response to a challenge from Hewlett-Packard. The finished product, named “Invent” is impressive! Created by Matt Robinson and Tom Wrigglesworth. Music by Round Table Knights. [via I Am Bored]

How I Use My Mobile Internet Device

By Xavier Lanier Guest Blogger I’ve been using a mobile internet device for the past couple of months and have enjoyed the experience so far. My MID of choice is the Viliv S5 and I’ve used it much more than I expected to. I’m a Web publisher and spend most of time online, so it’s […]

Ice-T Smashes PowerBook Like a Caveman

…and his efforts aren’t very effective. Check it out. Unfortunately, as he was planning to do in the video, Ice-T didn’t film his trip to the Mac store to get his PowerBook fixed. I would really have liked seeing this.

Webcycle: the faster you pedal, the faster your internet goes!

Now, geeks stay fit and healthy and never even have to leave the basement! Introducing the Webcycle, from Matt Gray and Tom Scott. It’s an exercise bike, with sensors on the pedals, connected to an Arduino and a laptop running Ubuntu with wondershaper. Cheetos not included. [via b3ta]

PC Repairmen Cannot be Trusted!

Well, I’m not saying ALL PC Repairmen are evil bastards, but after looking at the following video, it certainly looks so! Fortunately, I know of several computer technicians who are very honest, so if you need your computer fixed, don’t lose hope! I, for instance, have been doing computer service for the past 10 years […]

Disney Taps Kiddie Laptop Market

Not long ago I read the results of a study about litte girls and Disney Princess dolls, which pointed out the massive amount of branding involved – i.e., you can wake up in your Disney Princess sheets, brush your teeth with a Disney Princess toothbrush, eat breakfast out of your Disney Princess cereal bowl… and […]

Microsoft Unveils Awesome New Wireless Controller: The Human Body

Yesterday, as part of Microsoft’s E3 presentation, the company unveiled Project Natal, the much rumored motion controller we’ve told you about a few weeks ago. If you think the Wii and its Wiimote were the next best thing since sliced bread, boy will you be in for a shock when you see how this thing […]