Apple Evolution: 30 Years in 2 Minutes

I personally am ambivalent about Macintosh as a brand, so I’ll skip the PC vs Mac part and focus on the amazing evolution of computer technology and the impact of design awareness that has become part of Mac’s identity. Here is an awesome video that shows Mac computers and laptops morphing through their various incarnations. […]

Up Close and Personal with One of Google’s Street View Cars

My pal Korben (who runs the most awesome French blog on the web, seriously) recently got his hands on a few close-up shots of a Google Street View vehicle, and when he sent me his link to the shots, I knew some of you guys would be interested in seeing them. Unfortunately, the 360° objective […]

Farewell to the Floppy

If you’re a geek of a certain age, the chances are you’ve at some point sniggered at the mention of a 3.5″ floppy. Those days are over with Sony effectively announcing the death of the floppy disk drive. Created in the early 1980s as a smaller, higher-capacity successor to larger formats, the 3.5″ initially had […]

Butterfly Rampage- Qualcomm Marketing

It has been revealed that that a number of videos that popped up recently of Butterfly attacks are the responsibility of Qualcomm and their new IMOD display that uses biomimetrics to bend light like in butterfly wings. This shocking revelation of responsibility came from  an “Emergency Press Conference”. During the conference, it was revealed that […]

World’s First Inflatable Laptop

Introducing the world’s first inflatable laptop — the Toshiba TubeTop. Want to experience true mobility? Answer your emails while relaxing in the bath, share photos and videos while taking a dip in the hotel pool, or update your status on your favorite social media sites while in the jacuzzi? Now you can thanks to the […]

Gaming Goes to the Clouds

I would use the phrase the BBC did, but I’m sick of hearing of ___ killers in general. ( I’ll believe it when I see it, y’know?) But regardless of terminology, BBC News had a very interesting little piece in their technology section this morning about OnLive, an internet-based gaming company that essentially kicks the […]

Forget Linux for Dummies: now it’s Linux for Grannies

Two separate projects in the United Kingdom aim to use Linux to make computing simpler for older users who are skeptical about technology. But in both cases the benefits come at a price. The first machine, known as SimplicITy, comes with a welcome screen with just six buttons: Email, Web, Profile, Chat, Files, and Video […]

Sony working on a universal console controller

Sony has applied for a patent on a games console controller which could work on any console, including older machines and those produced by rival firms. The patent was filed in August 2008 but has only just been published by the US Patent Office. The design appears to be based on the housing of existing […]

Game news latest: DS best selling console ever, 250GB Xbox drive, Zelda for Wii

The Wii is now the best selling Nintendo home console, while the DS is the firm’s top selling device of all time. The news comes in an event-filled week for the games industry, with Microsoft confirming a super-sized external drive for the Xbox 360 and a Zelda game for Wii now appearing a cert for […]

Name That Cable

Here’s a little quiz that should be right up your alley. Can you identify all ten cable connections in the Cable Connector Quiz? I’m almost ashamed to admit that my score was 80%, considering I’ve heard from so many others today who were proud to score 100%. Mind you, some of these are pretty old […]

Google Nexus One Officially Unveiled

By Jimmy Rogers (@me) Contributing Writer, [GAS] While news of this device leaked quite a while ago (and Google openly distributed it to their employees), the Google Nexus One still drew a crowd today, both online and at Google’s official launch event.  The new phone is similar to other Android devices, such as the popular Droid, but […]

(Unofficial) Apple repair manuals now copyright-free

Apple may never open-source their technology, but has announced that they’re releasing their entire collection of guides and illustrative images for Apple computer repair under a Crative Commons licence. The specific license they have opted for means anyone can copy, publish and adapt the guides as long as they acknowledge the original source and […]