This Guy Wants to Get Chipped?!

I chanced upon this article where the author is spouting the benefits of getting ‘chipped’. And that’s exactly as Skynet-like as it sounds. He says that to avoid a Wall-E existence for the human race, we must all get chipped and start monitoring our health using accurate data from within our bodies themselves. He himself admits this is a “drastic” monitoring system, but says it’s “imperative that we get a little mad scientist” for tech to have a long-term positive effect.

He points to Misfit Wearables, as an example of how technology companies are starting to create devices that become more necessity than luxury. However, I think it’s a far cry from saying that wearable computing is becoming something everyone needs to saying that we all need to have subcutaneous chips embedded inside us.

Don’t get me wrong, I totally see the benefits of having a device embedded inside of you, able to measure your body temperature, weight, movement and heart rate far more accurately than external devices ever could. But doesn’t that creep you out, at least a little bit? The fact that there is something inside you that is digitally rendering everything about your body. And if you recall the TED talk “All Your Devices Can be Hacked” where a security team managed to fully hack various technology – one of them was a pacemaker. Imagine if someone hacked the chip that this guy is proposing we all get installed into our bodies? Imagine a terrorist threatening to kill everyone with the flick of a switch.

To go down a more conspiratorial route, there’s the whole 1984 Big Brother aspect – who’s to say that the government (or, at least, the company that makes the chips) aren’t secretly storing all that information about your body. Imagine if someone unauthorized then got into their database.

The whole concept of technology being actually inside my body just seems like a step too far for me. But then again, there was a time when people said that transferring their money electronically was a step too far for them. Now that’s everyday practice. So who knows?

What do you think? Should we all get chipped or is this the beginning of submitting ourselves to Skynet?

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13 Responses to This Guy Wants to Get Chipped?!

  1. What we need to do is get off the couch more and eat less. Are these little chips going to beep at us telling us to get up and move like that pesky little noise my car makes before I can fasten my seatbelt?

    Better still, why stop at a chip? Why not just cybernetically enhance our bodies; a computerized thyroid to regulate our weight, an augmented pump to maintain our blood pressure, a neural inhibitor to keep us from consuming more calories than we need… a central computer processing all the data to insure that we all comply.

    Welcome our borg overlords.

  2. It creeps me out to imagine computer chips or nano computers inside of me, but in a not sooo distant future, it might get mandatory for work.
    The movie "Ghost in the Shell" pretty much hit the nail on the head by visioning the future. Like every new technology there are great opportunities and of course great risks.
    In fact it doesn't matter if we fear the change, history proofs that there is no coming back from biological or technological evolution.
    I wont be one of the first to get in implant, but i wasn't one of the first smartphone users either. ;-)
    Let's try to make the best out of it and keep the risks to a minimum along the way.

  3. Until I can ditch my middle-aged body for a cybernetic one with easily-replaceable parts, I will not be getting chipped. My DOG is chipped. Some parents have taken extreme measures of doing the same with mentally handicapped children, for similar reasons. No chip for me.

  4. I'd never want any shit like that. It's our lives and if this does exist it should definitely be voluntary. Some people are fine with their health problems, some aren't.

  5. noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. read fanfiction i dont wan to be transformed in to a girl

  6. Pfft! Wont be needing tech like this once we are all in Cylon bodies. Heart attack? Download right into a new bod. Problem solved.

  7. Imagine having us all chipped, and everything was available to browse about our health with one quick inquiry.

    The health insurance companies would have a field day.

  8. I'm all for this, as long as it's A) read only and B) protected under the same privacy laws that Doctor patient confidentiality has.
    IF that's the case, whichever doctor I go to has my medical history, because it's on me. I can get _accurate_ advice, for people who have cancer, AIDS or other severely debilitating diseases/infections, a second device could be hooked up to allow for emergency services response.
    I would be worried about insurance companies, but only if they were allowed to look at the data.

  9. Electronic tagging in people is, imo inevitable. Doesn't really scare me, will ofcourse offer far more plusses than minuses. People will resist, its in our nature. People didn't like the idea of Street view, now, no one cares.

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