CruxSKUNK iPad Keyboard-Case vs. Logitech Ultrathin

Awhile ago I was looking to get a keyboard for my iPad, and I was pointed in the direction of the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard. Case and keyboard all in one, plus it’s really thin. I was a bit dubious about dishing out on such a keyboard, and I’m glad I didn’t get it because I’m actually really enjoying the on-screen keyboard.

However, were I to suddenly decide that I needed a physical keyboard, the Logitech would no longer be the one I’d go for. I have now seen the CruxSKUNK and I’m actually tempted to get one.

Firstly there’s the design – which is probably one of the main reasons anyone buys an Apple product in the first place: they “look good”. The (ridiculously named) CruxSKUNK is designed to fit with the Apple aesthetic, giving your iPad the look & feel of a Mac Air apparently.

Then there’s the thickness. Now it boasts about being “the thinnest keyboard for your iPad on the planet”. I thought, hey, well the Logitech says it’s Ultrathin – lets go find out how thin that is. I had to go find a review because apparently “specifications” on the Logitech website doesn’t seem to have any actual specifications of the product. The Ultrathin + iPad combination sits at 0.68 inches/17mm (according to this review). The CruxSKUNK + iPad combination is 0.75 inches/19mm. This doesn’t mean the CruxSKUNK is lying about being the thinnest iPad keyboard though: the CruxSKUNK base section (where the keyboard is) is only 0.24 inches/6mm thick, while the Ultrathin keyboard is actually 0.31 inches/8mm thick. This must mean that the bit around the iPad on the CruxSKUNK is quite a bit thicker…

But that’s actually a good thing, if you ask me. Those are the bits that protect your iPad itself – the ‘case’ part of keyboard case. The parts that touch the iPad contain a foam padding so that the aluminium casings don’t scratch each other and your iPad is protected. I like that and would gladly give up an extra 2mm for that protection.

Other important features are as follows:

  • The CruxSKUNK has a full-size QWERTY keyboard (many iPad keyboard cases are miniaturised keyboards, though I believe the Ultrathin does also have full-sized and properly spaced keys).
  • The CruxSKUNK has a 360 degree hinge so you can adjust the position of the screen itself – something that cannot be adjusted with the Ultrathin.
  • Smart Cover capability (but I mean, if you didn’t have this you’re not even in the game really).

But now comes the price point: the Ultrathin is yours for $99 from Logitech (+ shipping) (or $94.73 plus free shipping from Amazon). The CruxSKUNK, while pretty and ultra cool, is still up on Kickstarter (you’ve got 30 days before it’s done) – they needed to make sure they had the funds to go through the final stages of production. They’ve achieved their goal, so backing the project now is pretty much assurance of getting the product, though that also means that the earliest you can get it is December 2012. However, you’ll have to contribute at least $155 to get the CruxSKUNK (+ shipping – which is a whopping $55 for international). You could grab a friend who wants it too and do a “Double-Up Saver Special” and get two for $310 (+ shipping). Those are limited, however, and at the time of writing there are only 67 of 100 left so you might want to get in quick.

Which would you choose? Anyone know a better, thinner, more awesome iPad keyboard case and care to share?